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Geez, i will keep my fingers crossed for you. Stay safe! Things here just took a turn for the worse again.... it’s pretty damn scary as no one, as あなた say, can predict what will happen. I really hope this situation changes for the better soon
In the meantime, stay healthy dear! 投稿されました ·8 時間前
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Oh あなた have a brother! Sweet :) i have one older sister
Sadly idk much about india and the culture, regions etc. only the first impressions, but i would 愛 to find out もっと見る about it, and not just what あなた can see in documentaries and tourist attractions. The real deal, if uk what i mean.
I think it’s nice to visit a country where あなた can experience the real place. Some towns and cities out here a purely for tourism only, but then how real is it?
Haha yes, I’ve had カレー 😃 投稿されました ·9 時間前
namelessbastard コメントしました…
Tho i am a terrible cook myself. XD ·9 時間前
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Ikr? Jinkook is a brilliant duo, but i think they all have good chemistry with each other, like vmin, sujin etc. such cutiepies <3
Geez I’d give anything to see them live. Have あなた been to one of their shows before? 投稿されました ·9 時間前
namelessbastard コメントしました…
And i couldn’t agree more, Jin has such a wonderful voice. Like his singles... amazing! Tonight, epiphany etc. they’re wonderful pieces of art 💜 ·9 時間前