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posted by HaleyDewit
Damon raced inside the hospital, Elena tightly in his arms. A female doctor walked their way while she signed at a nurse. The nurse pushed a stretcher in their direction. While Damon lay her down, the doctor started asking some question.
“What happened?” was her most urgent question.
“She…she’s sick” Damon 発言しました trembling. “She has cancer. I took her home, but I shouldn’t have. She should’ve stayed here”
The doctor shone with a small flash light in Elena’s eyes. “Don’t worry, sir. She’s just sleeping” She looked up. “Who’s treating her?”
“I don’t know” Damon 発言しました a little sheepish.
“No problem, I’ll look it up” the doctor said. “What’s her name? Sure あなた know that?” she added with faint smile.
Damon nodded. “Elena” he said. “Elena Gilbert”
The doctor frowned her eyebrows. “As in Jeremy Gilbert?”
“Yeah, why?”
“No, nothing” the doctor said. “Just that it’s a small world…Okay, あなた can bring her back to her room and I will find her doctor. It’s probably doctor Gorden”
The nurse pushed the stretcher while Damon pointed her in the right direction. At the room Damon turned at the nurse. “You can go now”
She turned around and left. Damon lifted Elena off the stretcher and opened the door. Jeremy was sitting on the bed, but he got up to make room. As Damon carried Elena to the ベッド Jeremy tried to make the distance between him and Damon as big as possible.
“I’m really sorry” he started. Damon rotated his head to him and Jeremy saw his eyes turning red. He wanted to open the door, but Damon flashed to him and slammed the door. “What did あなた do?” he growled.
“Nothing! I didn’t do anything, I swear!” Jeremy exclaimed.
“Don’t give me that” Damon 発言しました soft, but threatening. “Everyone knows how messed up あなた are. What was it this time? XTC? Coke? Heroin?”
“I didn’t do anything” Jeremy repeated.
Damon grabbed his 襟, 首輪 and threw him against the floor.
“Damon, stop!” Elena yelled terrified. She had woken up によって all the noise. Damon ignored her, but kicked Jeremy in his stomach. Jeremy gasped and tried to crawl away, but Damon grabbed his leg and dragged him back. He pulled him up and wanted to パンチ him, but Elena climbed out of ベッド and forced herself between them.
“Get out of my way” Damon 発言しました trembling.
“Are あなた out of your mind?” Elena asked upset. “That’s my brother you’re beating up”
“You don’t understand, Elena” Damon said. “He’s the reason why あなた won’t get better”
“Okay, first of all, it’s not Jeremy’s fault” Elena 発言しました mad. “And 秒 of all, who’s to say he was my only option?”
Damon lowered his arm and his face turned human again.
“How am I supposed to see the bright side of things when you’re going to throw punches each time things don’t look very good?” Elena said.
Damon looked at Jeremy. “I’m sorry”
“You should get a doctor” Elena said. “Damon will take you” It wasn’t a question.
She shot her boyfriend a furious look and he quickly brought Jeremy away.
Someone tweeted this. apparently a bamon ファン emailed her saying why BD belong together. I dont know what the Eメール 発言しました exactly. but her response solidifies that she truely ships Bamon. So if she ships Bamon how can DE even really have a shot at Endgame. she says she doesnt know endgame but if she is pro bamon why wouldnt she make them endgame.

after 読書 your email, I feel like sending for a priest and getting those two married right away: Bonnie and Damon, あなた certainly make a compelling case, and I think あなた will enjoy Midnight, in which Bonnie and Damon travel alone together to the Dark...
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1. あなた think about them everyday.
2. Seeing hate against them makes あなた mad and protective of them.
3. The thought of Bamon happening makes あなた want to vomit.
4. The thought of Bamon/Stelena fanfiction gives あなた a headache.
5. あなた are really confident they will be end game.
6. The most fanfiction あなた have read has been Delena related.
7. Delena are あなた favourite TVD ship; books/show.
8. You've sent a Eメール to LJ Smith telling her about your 愛 for Delena and so she knows Delena is the dominating fanbase.
9. You're loving their build up in the show.
10. When JP 発言しました that they would be focusing a lot...
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posted by Delenafan2
Here is chapter 4 of my Delena fanfic. Hope あなた all enjoy it.

Breaking Point

Chapter 4
Later that night after Elena went to sleep Damon came down to the study and was surprised to find Elijah sitting in a chair によって the fire.
“Please, have a seat, Damon. Don’t mind me,” he told Damon.
Damon hesitated at first but soon joined him in an evening nightcap.
“Would あなた believe that I was once in a similar situation to yours?”
“What situation do あなた mean?” Damon asked as he took a sip of his bourbon.
“You’re in 愛 with the same girl as your brother. Believe me, I know something of that,”...
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Well, I wanted to just write this cuz we have 4 grueling months until TVD comes back.

10) The last scene in 2X5 *Kill または Be Killed*:
This scene was small, but IMO, very signicant. It shows that, even after what Damon did to Jeremy 4 episodes before, that Elena does still wanna/does see redeemable qualities in Damon. It's basically a sort of 線, レイ of hope for them to regain their friendship (which they did, of course).

9) The hand-squeeze scene in 1X21 *Isobel*:
I personally loved this scene cuz it demonstrates just how much Damon had grown to trust Elena によって then. They share glimpses in that scene...
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**********I figured some of あなた would enjoy these. I will only put the ones from Shadow Souls. For now. I included the page numbers but I am not sure if they will work for the actual 本 and not just the e-books, which is what I have and what I got them from.***********

*******PAGE 20********
"Semi-consciously, Elena let her aura expand, and met a mind almost at once. To her surprise, it recoiled from her. That wasn’t right. She managed
to snag it before it could retreat behind a great hard stone, like a boulder. The only things left outside the boulder—which reminded her of a picture of...
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When I had seen the プレビュー for The ディナー Guest, I couldn't resist playing on it, but instead of Katherine always mimicking Elena I decided that Elena would try to pass herself off as Katherine for a change. And passing herself off as Katherine she would give in to getting together with Damon.
Given the content of some of this I would have to rate it MA. Hope あなた enjoy :)

Elena Gives in to Her Naughty Side

Elena came into the study to catch Katherine doing her best impression of her. As Katherine, Damon and Stefan caught sight of her the all fell silent.
“Wow. I’m getting really good at...
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Yes I know I've published loads about this here, but I just thought あなた should be able to see my コメント from The Vampire Diaries 本 spot about whether または not Bonnie should be with Damon.

I actually don't think he is falling for Bonnie, but is caring for her. I think he is in 愛 with Elena, and I thought that was pretty obvious. There was nothing to suggest to me in the 本 that Damon had deeper feelings for Bonnie and vice versa.

What Bonnie felt for Damon was just a crush, just like she crushed on most of the guys in the books. I think that if there really had been deeper feelings...
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