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posted by HaleyDewit
Damon raced inside the hospital, Elena tightly in his arms. A female doctor walked their way while she signed at a nurse. The nurse pushed a stretcher in their direction. While Damon lay her down, the doctor started asking some question.
“What happened?” was her most urgent question.
“She…she’s sick” Damon 発言しました trembling. “She has cancer. I took her home, but I shouldn’t have. She should’ve stayed here”
The doctor shone with a small flash light in Elena’s eyes. “Don’t worry, sir. She’s just sleeping” She looked up. “Who’s treating her?”
“I don’t know” Damon 発言しました a little sheepish.
“No problem, I’ll look it up” the doctor said. “What’s her name? Sure あなた know that?” she added with faint smile.
Damon nodded. “Elena” he said. “Elena Gilbert”
The doctor frowned her eyebrows. “As in Jeremy Gilbert?”
“Yeah, why?”
“No, nothing” the doctor said. “Just that it’s a small world…Okay, あなた can bring her back to her room and I will find her doctor. It’s probably doctor Gorden”
The nurse pushed the stretcher while Damon pointed her in the right direction. At the room Damon turned at the nurse. “You can go now”
She turned around and left. Damon lifted Elena off the stretcher and opened the door. Jeremy was sitting on the bed, but he got up to make room. As Damon carried Elena to the ベッド Jeremy tried to make the distance between him and Damon as big as possible.
“I’m really sorry” he started. Damon rotated his head to him and Jeremy saw his eyes turning red. He wanted to open the door, but Damon flashed to him and slammed the door. “What did あなた do?” he growled.
“Nothing! I didn’t do anything, I swear!” Jeremy exclaimed.
“Don’t give me that” Damon 発言しました soft, but threatening. “Everyone knows how messed up あなた are. What was it this time? XTC? Coke? Heroin?”
“I didn’t do anything” Jeremy repeated.
Damon grabbed his 襟, 首輪 and threw him against the floor.
“Damon, stop!” Elena yelled terrified. She had woken up によって all the noise. Damon ignored her, but kicked Jeremy in his stomach. Jeremy gasped and tried to crawl away, but Damon grabbed his leg and dragged him back. He pulled him up and wanted to パンチ him, but Elena climbed out of ベッド and forced herself between them.
“Get out of my way” Damon 発言しました trembling.
“Are あなた out of your mind?” Elena asked upset. “That’s my brother you’re beating up”
“You don’t understand, Elena” Damon said. “He’s the reason why あなた won’t get better”
“Okay, first of all, it’s not Jeremy’s fault” Elena 発言しました mad. “And 秒 of all, who’s to say he was my only option?”
Damon lowered his arm and his face turned human again.
“How am I supposed to see the bright side of things when you’re going to throw punches each time things don’t look very good?” Elena said.
Damon looked at Jeremy. “I’m sorry”
“You should get a doctor” Elena said. “Damon will take you” It wasn’t a question.
She shot her boyfriend a furious look and he quickly brought Jeremy away.
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At least that people believe (I’m not one of them) people are calling a horney 雌犬 I mean what the hell with the hate? Everyone now especially stelena ファン hate her because she gave up on Stefan so easily they hate her and they are so disappointed in her because she knew he was under “compellation”, she a selfish 雌犬 because she isn’t willing to spend her whole life saving Stefan really??

I mean just look back from S1 until now, look at what she had to endure and put up with Stefan, the guy comes to her life and from then lies to her about what he is, who he is, who he was. He lies...
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So I just read the tv Fanatic 記事 about DE, and I saw a lot of SE ファン saying otherwise, so I just gonna post this here.
Maybe it's my DE ハート, 心 but I do think Damon and Elena are the best couple ever.
I think the beautiful thing about DE is that Damon was this bad vampire that didn't care about anybody, but then Elena came to picture, and she started to challenge him, understand him, they started to have their bantering, their own way to talk with each other, a connection have been made. Damon never had anyone to care about him, just to be there for the bad and good times, he always hid his...
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BD’ers constantly say that Elena will be a whore if she hooks up with Damon. That can’t be anymore not true.

Elena will get over her 愛 for Stefan, just like everyone does. Sooner または later she will fall for Damon. That has been stated over and over again. This is a 愛 TRIANGLE. If Delena wasn’t supposed to happen then Damon would be lusting after someone else and not Elena! Fact: Delena will happen and あなた can scream “whore” until you’re blue in the face. It’s not gonna change the facts.

The Salvatore brotherhood will not be ruined! Seriously why does anyone think it will be?...
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posted by merzycullen
Chapter 1

Elena was running, running scared through the woods, the rain falling hard on her. Breathing hard, looking behind her every once in a while to check if someone was following her または if she ロスト them already. She didn't know why she was running または who she was running from, but it didn't matter. All she knew is that she had to keep running, she had to find him. Because if she didn't…she couldn't even think about that possibly. She shook her head in denial.. she had to find him now.

She kept running and running until she was sure she would collapse any 分 now, he legs about to give...
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Damon and Elena - I don't argue like this....with anyone but あなた
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