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The living room was filled with the sound of quiet sobs from the Winx while their husbands tried to tell them that everything will be alright, but they all knew that was so far away from the truth. Who knew Linphea would be the first to declare war on Solaria and Domino. Would Flora, Stella and Bloom be able to stay フレンズ after this since their families would tear them apart and so would this war. After five 分 of the first announcement Andros and Melody joined alliances with Linphea while Zenith joined alliances with Solaria and Domino. Yet when the news broke out the group did not...
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Author's Note: I'm so happy that so many people reacted so positively to this story! I never knew there were so many Avengers ファン on here! I thought most wouldn't like this story idea, but was I wrong, haha. So, here's chapter two guys, I hope あなた like it.

The Winx looked around, trying hard not to flinch under the scrutinizing gazes of the soldiers who surrounded them. Bloom was at the vanguard of the group; her blue eyes blazing like the 火災, 火 inside her, as she watched this Nick Fury make his way towards them.

He had...
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posted by FloraorStella
Part 5 was requested so I decided to do it. I'm supposed to be studying but... fanfictions come first, lol. Enjoy and please コメント :)

"Ugh. The Trix." Bloom 発言しました angrily. "What did あなた do with my friends?"

"You shouldn't have come here, pixie." Darcy 発言しました smilling, with her hands on her hips.

Bloom raised an eyebrow. "I asked, 'WHAT THE HECK DID あなた DO TO MY FRIENDS!' Heard me, または should I say it again?"

Icy shook her head. "No need for that. You're done for." Icy reached out and...
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posted by nmdis
こんにちは everyone. I was thinking to ask some 質問 to all of you. I hope あなた all will enjoy this game. So here are some of the 質問 which あなた will have to answer:

1. Have あなた ever had crush on any Winx Club character?

2. Who is your favourite pet from The Winx Club series?

3. Have あなた ever felt about any character または sidekick that they should be protagonists?

4. Have あなた ever thought about any Winx that they shouldn't be Protagonist in the Series?

5. Have あなた ever had crush on any Villain from Winx Club series?

6. What is your favourite location from the series?

7. What is your favourite Season?...
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So here it is, hope あなた enjoy! ^_^

*The scene*
It was a nice, normal, Friday. Classes were over and the winx were in their dorm doing whatever. The sun was luminous, The birds were singing, and there was a nice breeze outside. One Flora couldn't resist to stand in. So she went on the balcony. Bloom was sitting on the ソファー, ソファ sorting mail. She came across a ピンク envelope with Flora's name on it, in big fancy fonted letters. She brought it to her. Flora was caught up in the beauty of the view and didn't notice Bloom come out.

Flora quickly turned and looked at Bloom.
"You startled me,...
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posted by WinxClub_Stella
I would have 投稿されました my drawing of Bloom much earlier but I'm scared that someone might steal my drawing. Therefore I ask あなた to please not take credit for my drawing. I've taken over an 時 on it so I hope あなた like it :) please excuse the left eye, I couldn't get it right :)

 My drawing of Bloom
My drawing of Bloom

I promise this hasn't been traced. If あなた don't believe me I can post evidence :p

Here's a little story for あなた guys, :) well...
I could never draw, my drawings always sucked, I am a person who needs every last detail to perfection. So when this drawing came out I was seriously ecstatic. I then tried doing the others and failed at every single one. I then tried the one with Bloom and Stella, also failing, I now just stick to other things :) I am, however, in complete awe that I was able to accomplish it. I may go back to it, maybe :)

I hope あなた liked it :) shout out to FloraorStella who specifically wanted me to post it ;) :) thanks.
posted by FloraorStella
Hi, guys. I'm sooo sorry I haven't updated my "New Girl". I'm seriously busy these days, but I found time to write one short chapter for you. Enjoy and comment!

The Winx watched the 雲, クラウド Tower headmistress, Griffin, as she walked out of her office.

Stella nodded at the girls. "Now!"

They sprinted inside the 雲, クラウド Tower としょうかん, ライブラリ and Tecna closed the door as softly as she could. With a swipe of her hand, Tecna got all the 本 of the としょうかん, ライブラリ piled up in front of the Winx.

Flora turned to Bloom. "One of these 本 hold the past, present, and the future. It's your job to find out which one."

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So 全体, 全体的です I thought this episode was cute, sweet, emotional and adventurous. I really think season 5 is starting to turn around in it's last few episodes and I hope that brings good news for season 6 and whats yet to come.
In the beginning all of the students and the Winx are in the dining hall for breakfast.The Winx are talking and all bubbly except for Flora who is obviously sad and has seemed to resort to her old self によって not speaking and being shy. I feel bad for her; but, it was so sweet of Krystal to talk to her. We find out that Krystal is sorry for what she did and never meant to...
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posted by Princess-Flora
------Outside p.o.v
They all sat around in the newlywed’s home. The newlyweds were Flora and Helia, everyone else had already been married for at least a year. It seemed like nothing could break the happiness of all eight couples but in a few 分 it would all break out into tears. As everyone sat around watching a movie it quickly switched to the news and all exchanged glances of concern because it must be something extremely important for the news to just randomly switch on. As soon as the news was finished there was not a single dry eye in the house. Riven squeezed Musa’s hand both...
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I wanted to know what あなた thought of my drawing. Basically it's the Winx's eyes, winking.

 Winking Winx eyes
Winking Winx eyes

Yes, I know it's not amazing but I did it on my iPad with a stylus so yeah. I also drew Bloom, would あなた want to see her as well? によって the way I actually drew Bloom, with a pencil, not my iPad. :)

I know and I'm sorry this hasn't got much to do with the Winx, I just wanted your opinion :) thanks.

I didn't really know where to put this 質問 so I hope あなた don't mind me putting it here :) once again thanks. :D
--outside p.o.v
Tears were streaming down a group of sixteen faces; but, もっと見る were fighting back the urge to cry, yet they know they must be strong for them. Everyone is crying because of the fairytale mission since the last group of people to take this challenge was their parents and their friends. They were all scared because they knew their parents were all フレンズ but the worst part is back then there were also sixteen individuals; but, the reason there is not that many of the last group to have done this challenge is they never got a happily ever after and remained trapped in a tale that...
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I know it's been a long time since I have 投稿されました new chapters to The War, We All Have Our Secrets and Will we ever get a happily ever after? The reason was I thought they weren't that good but after I did a アンケート to see if I should stop them and a start a new one. I found people actually loved them and that made me smile so I have decided to continue all three and I will try to update as much as I can.

---------Roxy’s p.o.v
I woke up to the sound of my roommate laughing; and, when I looked at her I realized she must be talking to Garrett since Savannah only laughs and blushes like that when...
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posted by florajames
I would like to make a announcement for my sweet boyfriend Christopher u with all my ハート, 心 and sole for the whole 8 年 going out with u has been the best i 愛 u.sweety u have treated a sister not a girlfriend witch is so sweet u took me out we have huge and kissed and today we have had a sunrise party for u all i have to say is Im so gratefull to have a boyfriend like u Christopher i 愛 u and i hope u read this message like i promise to u i would post it for u all
Lots of love
u one and only girlfriend
:-) :-) :-)
:-* :-* :-*
posted by FloraorStella
On the アンケート "Do あなた want a Fairy of the 月 アンケート too" a lot of ファン voted yes. I'm not sure if あなた know what it is, but I'll give あなた a little explanation of what Fairy of the 月 is. This is what is will be called so あなた don't confuse it with ファン of the 月 : WOTM( Winx of the Month).

Alright, WOTM is where あなた vote out your least お気に入り character. But if あなた want your opinion why あなた voted her out, あなた must leave a コメント so that I can add it on the 記事 that I will post every month.

A アンケート with all seven fairies(including Roxy) will be 投稿されました every two days. Make sure あなた vote...
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posted by winx_bloomtecna
Nickelodeon and Italian アニメーション studio Winx Club, officially announced the production of the Winx Club Season 6. They will be 26 new episodes that will air worldwide through Nickelodeon in 2014. The first trailer for the new season will be released in October.

The 次 年 will also be released feature film based on the series. The production of this film was already Nickelodeon plans when it acquired the Italian production with the franchise in 2010.

But the news does not end there. Addition of the sixth season, 虹 and began planning new seasons of Winx Club. If all goes according to plan, the idea is to launch new episodes 次 年 and further increase the number ファン worldwide.

Currently, Nickelodeon is working on a licensing plan to launch various products based on the series. New features include mobile applications and even game consoles.
In 2014, the 妖精 will be 10 years old and many new features are being planned for this commemoration.
posted by FloraorStella
I really want あなた to read this; NOT レポート it before あなた do. And if あなた レポート it, I'm making a complaint. I hope that one of あなた will be one of those reporters; I want to know why you're doing it. Which makes me start of my first question:

1. Are we insulting you?

I don't think so. I mean it isn't an 記事 to offend you. Do あなた think it is? Really? Well then here's the obvious answer to it: Write your own article! That way, あなた can express your own feelings. あなた don't have to レポート our opinions just because あなた don't agree with it!

2. Number of 記事 you've reported

THREE! Three articles...
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*Here is the prologue of my new story, The truth shall capture you.*

Flora is surprised one 日 when she recieves a letter from the king and クイーン of her realm, Lynphea. She and the winx go there, and Flora talks to them and her mom and dad. によって the end of their conversation, Flora becomes infuriated at her parents and her adoptive parents. After 20 years of lies, she and Miele are told they are princesses and told the whole story. She leaves, speechless, angry, and sad. But the winx provide her a shoulder to cry on.
About a week later Flora and the rest of the winx are sent invitations to go...
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posted by florajames
Hi guys Im here to tell u my YouTube channel well as u knowmy real name is flora James but when i sign up it cam as user name been taken so my user is one of my お気に入り names Natalie guest so if u want to see me in person subscribe to my YouTube channel and i will to urs i have doll video make up totrial 上, ページのトップへ 10 アップデート and me 歌う plz subscribe to me and i will mention u in my video
thanx flora James xxx

User : Natalie guest
ps: i have extended my companion
So good luck member all u have to do is tell me and i will do the rest
Thanx again
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TRAMA : A new witch named Selina joins Cloudtower. She owns an evil book called Legendarium and through it she is able to make legends come true. The Trix take over Cloudtower and make it fly, then order Selina to summon legendary creatures out of the Legendarium and unleash them against the magical schools.
Bloom leads the Winx against the witches, but the Winx accidentally lose their powers: will the Winx manage to get their fairy powers back and save the schools of the Magic Dimension, threatened によって legendary creatures? Comedy, action, friendship, romance, in a new exciting fairy adventure for all the Winx Club's fans..and everyone else!

A winx club ファン asked to Nick & もっと見る if Winx season 6 will be relased 29th September.Their answer was really unexpected! They confirmed "yes".Could that be true?
 Winx Club season 6 casual
Winx Club season 6 casual
 Winx Club season 6 witch Selina
Winx Club season 6 witch Selina
 Winx Club season 6 Bloom trans
Winx Club season 6 Bloom trans
posted by Winxclubgirl202
Once the Winx have defeated The Wizards Of The Black サークル, 円 and found Roxy, the last fairy on Earth. Each of the girls took time to relax and settle down. Bloom flew around Gardenia, she smilied as she flew over the pet ショップ 愛 and Pet. The rest of the girls joined her, Stella 発言しました "Hi Bloom!" Bloom grinned and replied "hey Stella and hi girls!" The girls 発言しました at the same time "Hi Bloom!" They loved flying together, it was one of the girl's お気に入り things to do. Musa asked "Is everyone ready for the コンサート tonight?" Bloom and the others nodded. Flora 発言しました excitedly "I can't wait to be back on stage." Aisha replied "I know, it'll be fun." The girls thought nothing could go wrong, but something BIG was about to happen.

Who will the Winx meet next- Loki, または even worse The Trix?
Find out in the 次 chapter.