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bloom: diana!!! stop it we only came here to help 時 friend!
layla: they do no harm diana!
diana: why don't あなた guys say that to your friends!
[diana's guards bring the boys and throw them on the ground the girls yell no]
layla: diana don't あなた see あなた are hurting them あなた need to stop! this
[musa come's out of no where and attack's diana]
musa: diana!!! あなた don't hurt know one!!
[she use's sonic wave]
diana: attack her!!!!!
[diana's people attack's musa]
bloom: musa no stop あなた may kill them!
[the girls and the boys say stop]
musa: diana あなた don't hurt my friend's または riven!
[musa eye's turn red wile...
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bloom: layla? is that you!
flora: oh layla we missed あなた so much!
layla: me to
stella: girls look out!!
bloom: what?
[ shy jumps in front of bloom ]
bloom: shy!!!
shy: bloom go find the 花 of life we will hold them off!
stella: bloom come on the boy's will hold them off

layla: girls why are guys even here
bloom: musa has power's but her new powers can kill people!
tecna: girls we need to hurry musa can cause the earth to grumble!!!
bloom: your right, girls we need to get going layla your in?

stella: girls hurry up my shoe's are getting dirty!!
flora: stella アサリ, クラム, ハマグリ down after this e will do a little shopping...
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musa: girls i feel もっと見る powerful
bloom: girls we need to get musa to ms.fairergonethe!!

ms.fairergonethe: girls seem's like musa has some power there
flora:how can we turn musa back to her own powers?
ms.fairergonethe: well the spell has to be broken によって 花 of life....if she say's like this she can cause people to die with one hit! it a very rare power!
[ all the girls were in shock]
ms.fairergonethe: also girls how did she get this kind of power?
tecna: she touched an power lone bug
ms fairergonethe: oh my, that bug only comes around about every 1,000 years!
[ the girls were in shock! and thinking...
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Over the 次 few days for the Winx gang, preparations were made, goodbyes were recited, kisses were brushed on the cheeks of relatives. The Winx were extremely busy. Their bonded pixies and their close フレンズ from Red 噴水 would be coming along.
Both pairs of Bloom's parents wished her luck on her quest and buried her in huge hugs. She would miss them. She would hope and pray to see Domino and her royal parents and her Earth parents again soon.
Stella 発言しました goodbye to her mother and father. She was fearful of being separated from them once more. But she had to do this.
Flora cried with...
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In the meantime, at the actual center of the universe...

Ember was not happy.
The weather around the realms of the universe was starting to become really strange. Summer brought tons of rain. The sun shone in winter. The harvest was not even close to abundant in autumn. お花 wilted and died in spring.
Ember was not happy.
She and her sisters, the Amazons, who were the fierce female force of the island, had tried many times to hunt down whoever was trying to destroy their island, which was, yes, in the extreme center of the universe.
The Amazons and their warrior sisters, another group of...
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"You wanted to see me, Faragonda?"
Bloom stepped nervously into the headmistress' office. Absentmindedly, her finger went up to a lock of fiery red hair and began to twist. There was a tense, unpleasant feeling in the normally cheerful room today.
"Yes, Princess Bloom." Faragonda's voice was hoarser than usual.
"Uh..." Bloom had no clue what to say. "Did あなた want to ask me something?"
"Of the sort." Faragonda turned around in her chair. Her hair was much whiter than it used to be, and the deep wrinkles in her face were もっと見る prominent than ever.
"Bloom, I must ask of あなた something of great importance,"...
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posted by RoseYale
Chapter 2: Taking It In

Flora's Point of View

I blinked repeatedly until I was able to clearly see the scene in front of me. My フレンズ were standing to the left of me. They were dirty and bloody but they were alright for the most part. I could feel a warm liquid on 上, ページのトップへ of my head. I reached my hand up and pulled it away to find a dark red substance covering my hand. I gasped quietly and everyone's attention turned to me. I smiled sheepishly and Musa dropped to the ground at my side, hugging me tightly. When she pulled away I smiled tightly at her then looked at the others. "Where are...
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posted by FloraBoricua
Previous chapter: Finally the 狼, オオカミ came to Flora like her plan was planned. She realize she was the one who the werewolf was looking for. Her father comes to the rescue but the 狼, オオカミ mysteriously disappears. The 次 morning Rose was captured によって him and after several hours of searching, his father gets capture によって him too.

The girls where at the spaceship were あなた could see Flora all sad about what was happening. She was scared of not seeing again her sister and father. The feeling frightened her. Layla on the other side was very positive of...
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 Tecna Lovebalotor's お気に入り
Tecna Lovebalotor's favorite
So here's an Interview of our first FOTM March!

Q1.How do あなた feel that you're the March fotm?

~ I feel happy. (I guess あなた could say that) I really didn't think that I would win, since I have already won so many of these already. But, I guess the ファン really think I deserve it.

Q2.What do あなた think about FOTM nomination?

~ I think it's a good idea. I like to see people vote for others on reasons that are not selfish, または self-centered. It shows that we actually care about what people post/say on that spot. That we actually take into account what あなた do there. We don't just choose you...
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If あなた desire,
あなた can become
One of our bunch

If your hand is warm in mine
It will give us greater power
With a feeling we'll be sure-fire winners

With a smile あなた can enchant,
You'll lighten up our world
With a feeling we can take flight, watch us!

If あなた desire
あなた can become
One of our bunch

With a magic ray
the sky keeps on blazing
An adventure
is certain to start
In the stars

When I'm 雲, クラウド born
I fly through time and space
I color my existence with my imagination
With my flight in heaven

If your hand is warm in mine
It will give us greater power
With a feeling we'll be sure 火災, 火 winners

We're the new kids on the block
We're each other's dearest friends
With a feeling we can take flight, watch us!

Winx your magical
Winx and あなた roam through the stars

A powerful light 線, レイ under the sign of the Winx
Chapter 13- Remembering

    “What?!!” Yelled everyone but Luna.
    “That can’t be true right Viva?” Asked Eric.
    “Yes it’s finally happened!” Yelled Luna with joy.
    “It’s not true!” 発言しました Rick.
    “How dare あなた 質問 are rights and in are Kingdom! Bow down to the rightful Princess’s of Nova for they have returned to save are home!” Yelled Luna proudly.
    “This is all happening to fast!” 発言しました Eclipse.
    “I’m not...
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posted by anniewannie
A/N: I'm sooo sorry guys for not publishing Chapter Four of 'Broken Hearts and Promises' but there's other stories that I have to finish and I'm in school now so that's on 上, ページのトップへ of my 一覧 here. I hope that you'll forgive me U_U.
~ anniewannie ~

Chapter Four: Back To School

I stared outside my side window of the Magix hoverbus, thinking about going back to school and seeing all my フレンズ and the specialists again. In the magical universe, summer only lasts for a 日 unless あなた go on a holiday to Earth, または any other non-magical planet, will あなた ever get some days off school. ‘I wonder how...
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posted by Horsegirl202
 Amber as a fairy
Amber as a fairy
A ファン fiction story!

Prologue- Amber walked down the 通り, ストリート at night with her hands in her pocket she was bored a crashing sound made her look up and turn her head she went behind a 木, ツリー and stared in surprise. It was a girl with brown hair and green eyes fighting. Amber runs over to help her she found her name was Flora member of the Winx club and the fairy of nature. Flora was in battle with the Trix によって herself. Just then Icy sneered '' Will look what we have here.'' Amber stared and braced herself from power, her sister Bloom had told her about the Trix three evil witches and sisters.
posted by Zmidy313
 Jurmey in Magic Winx
Jurmey in Magic Winx
This is my newest fanfiction. I hope あなた all enjoy it, and I got もっと見る characters than I expected! I will try and introduce them in this part, but if I don't, please don't be alarmed I will introduce them in the 次 part. Hope あなた enjoy, and please no trolled または mean comments, I'm not as good as the other fanfic writers like Lovebaltor, または Rainflowers, but I do try my best! Thanx!


Jurmey walks around Alfea campus wondering where a teacher is to 表示する her to where she's supposed to go. "I'm ロスト aren't I ?" She moans to herself. "I can help!" Said...
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こんにちは Guys! So I didn’t アップロード yesterday but I was kind of busy and I got like for new 回答 to my request! That would make a totally of twelve characters! There’s NO way I could squash all of those into one team, so I’m going to make two teams. I know あなた don’t really know the new characters, but I can’t continue until あなた choose, I will write a belief story that has nothing to do with Secrets of the Past and Horrors of the Future. NOTE: I’m going to make the two teams rivals; however, I will not choose one to be better than the other one. That would cause a fight and I’m not...
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posted by lovebaltor
AN: I'm so sorry readers for making this come out later than I expected. Since ハロウィン came up and all, I was really busy those days before and after. And of course, school got in the way of 書く this, so again I'm sorry for making it come out so late. I was very happy to see how 人気 the first chapter was, I was very pleased with the amount of feedback I received. I also appreciated this feedback where I could improve, I also very much like those. And--if あなた don't like that way I have written something, feel free to imply this in your comments. I need all the reviews/feedback I can...
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posted by nevenkastar

In the United States, 虹 has revoked the distribution rights for the entire series from 4Kids, and was seeking for a new partner.

On September 2, 2010, Nickelodeon announced through a press release that they will be co-producing seasons 5 and 6 of Winx Club.

In early January 2011, it was announced that Keke Palmer will be playing the voice of Aisha (Layla). In late March 2011, Molly C. Quinn announced she will be voicing Bloom. Josh Keaton announced that he will voice Valtor in season 3.Ariana Grande announced on May 22 via Twitter that she will be voicing Princess Diaspro, a minor...
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posted by rania1234
Some days after the Last Battle with Lord Darkar (possibly the 日 after the Battle with Darkar since the last episode of Season 2 supposedly takes place on the last 日 of the Alfea school year, while the first episode of Season 2 takes place on the first 日 of holidays), vacation is about to start, but is much shorter than usual. The girls are packing to leave, except Musa and Layla who were going to go to the ビーチ together. Bloom and
Sky recently had an arguement.

When Stella is about to leave for vacation, a Solaria messenger arrives and announces that there will be a princess ball for...
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posted by Rainflowers
This is my THIRD time tring to write this, for some reason ファンポップ keeps deleting my drafts!!! Urgggggg!!!!!!! Soooo Frusterating!!!!

*Specialist Ship lands*

Helia: Hurry! Get on!

Sky: Timmy has the ship all ready for take off!

Bloom: Perfect!

*On the specilist ship*

Musa: So do we even have a plan?

Layla: Do we ever have a plan?

Stella: We usually don't but since this is Flora . . .

Bloom: Stella's right, we can't mess up this is Flora we're talking about.

Riven: So what is this plan?

Tecna: I say we find Flora, break her out, and sneak out of the forest without drawing any attention to ourselves.

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Julie:*looking outside at the battlefield* *sees this girl transforms to an エンジェル like fairy form*

*on the battlefield*

The Girl:Dimentix!! *transforms*

*Back at the dorm*

Julie:Girls look at this!

Lilly and the others: *run towards the window*

Ursala:Whoa! Its like some kind of dark エンジェル fairy form!


Julie:So then that means that girl must be a dark fairy!

Aqua:She's probably working with that Mangrin fiend!

Lilly:Come on guys, just becuz the transformation looks dark, doenst mean its a dark transformation. U guys r exaggerating.

Ursala:No we're not! U dont know what Mangrin could've planned....
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