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posted by Princess-Flora
So here is the 一覧 of categories for the Winx Awards that will be held 次 month. So if there is any awards not listed that あなた want please 一覧 them in the comments.
Best ファン Fiction
Best ファン Fiction Series
Best Writer
Best 愛 Story
Best Action Story
Best Mystery
Best One Shot
Best Horror
Best Kept あなた On The Edge Of Your シート, 座席 Story
Best Sob Story
Best Song ファン Fiction (fan fiction based on a song)
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Previous Chapters:


"Ugh," I 発言しました as I rolled on my side to answer my phone, "why?" I let out a sigh and answered it rather sleepily. "Hello? Really, oh thank あなた won't regret it." My mood suddenly changed and I jumped out of ベッド which never happened and started skipping around. The interviewees 発言しました I had very good 回答 and got the job! I start tomorrow which means two things:
1.    I have to wake up early (ughh)
2.    I might be able to see him (yay)
I spent a few hours on makeup to make sure I looked good. Within a few hours my mood had also...
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posted by dragonwinxbloom
i dont own anything
It's a brand new day
The sun is high up in the sky
One もっと見る adventure
We must be ready for the fight
Together we're stronger
And that's why we will always win
We'll face the danger
This time we're gonna save the world
And just like last time
We're gonna wipe away the dark
We gotta make it
No time to hesitate
But still...
Sometimes I look at myself
I wonder
Will I be strong enough?
And will I make it to the end?
My フレンズ keep tellin' me

You're the one
Who can do the incredible things あなた do?
You're the best
And baby あなた deserve the gift あなた have
(Can't あなた see)
あなた are strong
あなた fight against the demons every day
You're a star
Remember where あなた come from, who あなた are
Come 登録する us!
posted by Winxclubgirl202
A crossover of Winx Club and Final ファンタジー VII Advent Children.

Plot- After the death of Prince Sky, Bloom is depressed and returns back to Earth. There she meets young 雲, クラウド Strife, an 18 年 old guy. She finds comfort and 愛 in 雲, クラウド not knowing about his troubled past. He doesn't know that she is a fairy but Marlene and Denzel know and some how so do the bad guys. The Winx soon 登録する Bloom and set out to find a cure for the mysterious disease known as Geostigma. Can Bloom and 雲, クラウド stop Kadaj and his gang from recreating Sephiroth?
posted by Princess-Flora
Past Chapters
Prologue: link
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-----Helia’s p.o.v
I woke up earlier than normal. I got and kissed my wife’s forehead as she continued to sleep. I decided to get ready since my parents were coming over today along with my grandfather and Ms. Faragonda. My parent already knew but our two past school leaders did...
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Hi guyes florajames here
And I would like to say a big thank あなた to everyone who like my storys I truly and deeply greatfull for everything ive only been on ファンポップ for a few months and ive already got my first medal this truly means alot because I know that あなた all 愛 my stories and i know あなた all look after me so thanx again in don't know how to repay あなた all for everything u all have done for me so as u see on the タイトル a great opportunity for あなた so let me explain u all know that I have a YouTube channel and we'll im starting a アニメーション based on the comic epilogue and I need voices actors...
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posted by maxsteel
こんにちは i have taken the idea of interview from dragonwinxbloom so i am taking one with famous shine stella

me; tell us about your family
stella; please dont ask about them あなた all know when i wished my sirinix wish to get them along but still there are some problem
me; tell us about your best friend ?
stela ; well my best friend is bloom あなた all know she is sweet but she really need to get her mind off sky and need to focus on her looks
me ; ohhh lets hear about your fashion magizine あなた started
stella; oh about that i issue my lattest disngne every one is loving it
me ; what あなた feel about techna
stella ; techna to technical cant say もっと見る
me ; tell about brandon
stella ; he is sweetest person i know i like him
me ; thank あなた for your time
stella ; its ok and maxsteel あなた dont own winx club
me ; i know

-----------------------------------------------------------------------PLEASE コメント AND I DONT OWN IDEA I TOOK HELP FROM MY COUSIN DRAGONWINXBLOOM
Hey everyone! I've finally decided that it's time to get to work on a fan-fiction I started a few months ago. I remember really being diligent on updating it, but then life got in the way. But, I am here today to 表示する that I am going to continue with it. If あなた haven't read any of the 前 chapters, link so あなた can start from the beginning, and catch up. I hope あなた like this chapter.

The sky was dark, and a light rain patted against the windows of Bloom's apartment. But, she didn't care. Bloom was searching through...
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posted by zanhar1
And finally as promised, Stormy's story. This one has content of a more...questionable nature. Mature themes and such. Just a warning, incase you're on もっと見る of the sensitive side.

Stormy’s brother meant everything to her. He was her role model; he was the one who inspired her most. She looked up to the boy and followed him every which way. At first glance this was just the most precious thing, but the people of the town knew better. The boy was an awful role model, horrendous in fact. He roamed the streets at night, slinging guns, and waving knives in people’s faces. And if the child wanted...
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posted by zanhar1
By request I decided to make a one shot like the Icy one for Darcy and Stormy. Here's one of them.

Another piece of gum found its way into the child’s hair. She assumed it was Meredith’s doing. The girl seemed to take a conserving pleasure in tormenting her. ‘Nerd’, ‘four eyes’, and ‘ugly’ were at the 上, ページのトップへ of her ‘most-used-words’ list. Sunday nights were usually spent begging her mom not to make her go to school, only to have her mom remind her that “an education is important” and that “Meredith was only being so unkind because she is afraid of being treated unkindly...
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posted by zanhar1
His hand found its way to her face, the blow stinging, sure to 表示する in black and blue the 次 day.
“Useless. Helpless. Troublesome child.” The man snarled as he looked down at his daughter trembling in the corner. Her head buried in her hands—in an ineffective attempt to child herself from the man’s hard fists. Of course when he couldn’t strike her face he settled for a 迅速, スウィフト kick to her ribs cage. A kick just hard enough to lay her face down on the floor. She wouldn’t cry this time.
Another kick, this time to the head. “Weak, pathetic, waste of space.” He bellowed words slurred...
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こんにちは everyone,
So I decided to make an 記事 including my お気に入り people on the spot. I was actually planning this from a long time and decided to make it today. I also want to thank all the people on the spot for being there... And for being all together in good または bad times! The people below are the reason why this is the best spot on Fanpop.

lovebaltor (Aurie)
She's one of the first people I met here on the spot. She's always nice to everyone and I just 愛 読書 her arctiles so much, lol! But anyways, Aurie is definitely one of my お気に入り people here on the spot. Always helpful and I...
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So this is my very first romantic one-shot! Well, honestly, I don't know how romantic this one is going to be, considering the theme, but I'm pretty sure I can squeeze something in. This story was requested によって BlueColor, so, the couple(s) in this story will be: Layla/Roy, Layla/Nabu. This will be written in first person point-of-view (Layla's). I hope あなた like it!

"Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction,
Whatever happens in my dreams,
I know it can't be worse than this,
So I prefer to sleep." -Epica


"I don't know about...
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Previous Chapter:


The interview went okay, I was asked a bunch of 質問 and the interviewers 発言しました they would 'analyse' my answers. Whatever that means? So that means I'm stuck in my flat just watching, waiting not for anything in particular though. Well, except the call of course, ha-ha, yeah. I needed entertaining so I Googled "love at first sight" and a whole bunch of things came up (I've gotten to grips with this 'Google' not that hard to comprehend.) People believing and not believing in it so I guess that didn't do much. Not like I like this guy または anything, I saw him once and he...
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1. Tecna

My reasons for loving Tecna? I'm really not in the mood to type this, so link =]]! Well it wouldn't be a problem to 一覧 some here. Tecna's smart and logic, wise and always help the Winx Club 妖精 using her technology. People say technology is annoying for a fairy, especially Stella—but technology is actually one of the most needed things in a situation. Tecna has technology enough to browse the Internet to do re-searches, and results appear in 3 seconds. Tecna has emotions as well, she's not lack of it as some of あなた may say. If she doesn't have emotion she wouldn't smile and...
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posted by BlueColor
Hello there, I'm BlueColor! This is my first opinion 記事 and ordinary 記事 on Fanpop, sorry if my bolding(s) get out of control because I just learned how to do it today. If あなた don't like Tecna, it's okay. I respect your opinion—just no rude comments, please. All rude コメント will be reported to the staff.

Ah, was it a long speech? I think not. Now let's just scroll down and read!

For me, Tecna has always been my お気に入り character. When she first appeared in season 1's Welcome to Magix! I have already fell in 愛 with her. She was always the smart one of the Winx Club, and she has...
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"I know I have 投稿されました it after a long break but I didn't got time to continue it. I promise あなた guys I will be もっと見る active in 書く it from now. Thanks for appreciating my older chapters. hope you'll like this one too."

HEARTBROKEN's special quote :

“ It easy to break a relationship but it’s not easy to forget a relationship”

Now we are goin’ to start our 表示する with the most beautiful song I have ever heard that is “Love Will Remember” によって Selena Marie Gomez. Enjoy guys!
Now's all we got,
And time can't be bought,
I know it inside my heart
Forever will forever be ours,
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For those Tecna ファン out there, enjoy this chapter because it's her point of view! Well blah blah scroll down!

A New Friend/Tecna's POV~

Silver ring? Disappeared for centuries and then suddenly it appeared at Flora? That's illogical! This must have リンク to someone else. This mission is for Flora and Bloom; but that doesn't mean I can't help them. I can help them, and I will. But if revenge is at the latest generation, one of them must be alive. Flora's great great great great great great great great great great grandfather または maybe Bloom's might be alive for the revenge, または maybe someone connected...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 I'm a proud florist
I'm a proud florist
So I have been on ファンポップ for sometime and decided it's time for me to say why Flora is my お気に入り character along with doing my 上, ページのトップへ ten 一覧 which I am currently working on. So here it is.
When I first watched this 表示する almost ten years 前 I fell in 愛 with Flora from the start. The six 年 old me loved her because she looked like me the tan skin, brown hair with blond highlights and I realize now that I am older there is もっと見る than just looks I like about Flora. Sure some people don't like her because she is too nice, too sweet, too caring, talks...
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Hello I'm the Winx-Critic, I remember it so あなた don't have to! So here's the 次 episode which was aired the same day. I've heard some people say it was decent, so, I'll just have to see myself.

The episode starts off in Faragonda's office, where she has called Roxy down to see if she can help the crow. (It looks so sad ;w; don't worry little birdie, Roxy will take care of you)

We're then taken to...uh...I don't really know. Rainbow-boy-land. Yeah. That. Where we see the Specialists in their weird uniforms. This old dude (Idk if it's Saladin または not) says that they will have to perform combat...
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