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posted by Princess-Flora
Happy ハロウィン Winxies!
So I decided to write a one shot for today and it is a modified version of a story I have been working on called Haunted house, so hope あなた like it.
-------someone’s p.o.v
One 年 前 was ハロウィン 2012 and it was the 日 a group of フレンズ went into the haunted house on Mulberry Lane, but only twelve of the thirteen came out when a blood curdling scream sent them running out of the shabby old house on the corner. They were so scared when a week later the police investigated the house only to find...
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posted by FloraorStella
Hi guys, here's part two, "At Alfea".

Stella smiled at Bloom. "Like it?"

Bloom grinned. "Love it, Stephen!"

Stella frowned. "It's Stella, girl. Besides, Stephen is a boy's name!"

"Sorry." Bloom said.

Stella took Bloom's arm and lead her to the school, then nodded her head towards Griselda. "That's Miss G. あなた don't wanna meet her, girl, trust me."

Bloom nodded. "Yeah, okay. Just let me get in and see the school from inside. Wait. How are we going to get in?"

Stella giggled. "Simple, girl. I know exactly what to do!"

"Stella?" Bloom asked slowly.

"What is it now, girl?"

"My name's Bloom, FYI." Bloom said....
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posted by allicyn123
"Oh my god." Icy gasped and dropped her 本 on the floor. Cloudtower was THE BIGGEST School she had ever been to. Freshmen 年 and Darcey and Stormy Had only one class with her. At least the sisters were roomies. Stormy stormed in looking at the class scheduele carefully and Darcey followed and eyed every witch in the room. Out of nowhere stormy trew her notebook at the wall. "Agggh... LIGHTNING!!!!" a streak of lightning seared the 本 and left them in ruins. "STORMY! あなた lit them on FIRE! Nice first inpressions on the school!" Stormy clenched her fist and growled,"they gave me potion...
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posted by nugget14
What is your favourite colour? a) Pink
b) Red
c) Black
d) Blue
e) Other 2.What type of parties do あなた like? a) I'd like to go to a ball rather than a party
b) Rocking Parties with all my friends
c) I'd like to party with all によって myself
d) I like to go to my friends' parties and 表示する them my moves
e) Kitty Parties with my best フレンズ 3.What type of dress do あなた like to wear? a) A cute small frock
b) A nice シャツ and skirt
c) I don't really care about clothing
d) Umm.... シャツ and pant?
e) Anything that makes me comfortable 4.What animal do あなた consider as your ideal pet? a) I don't think I need a pet
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posted by Princess-Flora
-----------------------------------------------------------Krystal’s p.o.v-------------------------------------------------------------
I look around to see everyone react the same way because we are not going to lose her twice; I step and say I know a healing spell that just might return her heartbeat back to being steady if we all do it together. They all nod as my parents and our old teachers say they will help out with the spell too. I smile and tell them that they all cannot lose focus because it could make things worse; everyone nods in acknowledgement as we old hands close our eyes...
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I'd hate to sound like a 6 year-old squealing for a new doll they just got, but in 16 days the 次 Winx club episode will air. September 1st will be the air 日付 of the 25th episode and the grand finale with be aired on the 8th September.

OMG I'm super excited, again don't want to be the squealer but this is something worth squealing for!!!

I've blacked out the blurb for each of the episodes, I don't want to be a spoiler but the dates are outlined. Not that I don't think あなた would've found them yourself!

Now without further ado the proof!!
posted by florasedge31

"What do あなた want witches?!" Tecna yelled.
"We want to know how goody goody over here broke our spell." Icy said.
"Not gonna happen." Tecna said.
"Okay have it your way." Stormy 発言しました while pushing them over to Darcy who was now in front of the door and grabbed them the same way Stormy had. Icy walked in front of them.
"Icicle barrage!" Icy yelled. The spell hit them and they couldn't 移動する their legs. Darcy and Stormy walked in front of them.
"PSYCHIC BLAST!!" Darcy yelled.
"VOLTAGE SLAP!!!!" Stormy yelled both of their attacks hit Flora and Tecna at the same time....
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So guys here are final names of particular Winx/Trix's fans.

✿ Bloom's ファン : Bloomers

✿ Stella's ファン : Stellinators

✿ Flora's ファン : Florists

✿ Tecna's ファン : Techies

✿ Musa's ファン : Musatics

✿ Aisha's ファン : Aishians

✿ Roxy's ファン : Roxers

Trixs ファン

✴ Icy's ファン : Iceies

✴ Stormy's ファン : Stormers

✴ Darcy's ファン : Darcs

Winx Club ファン : Winxies
Trix ファン : Trixies

Note : あなた can suggest names for characters who are not included in this 一覧 below.
So guys here are final names of particular Winx/Trix's fans.
I got the idea to make this from SummerThunder.

info about this

When one round ends, if あなた want あなた can post a picture of the winx that won that round on this article. but there is a few rules

1. The picture must be a picture of the person who won that round.
2. The picture can't be really big
3. Have fun!


1st place 10 props
2nd place 8 props
3rd place 5 props
participant 3 props


Round 1 open

1st place
2nd place
3rd place

round 2 (not available)

1st place
2nd place
3rd place

round 3 (not available)

1st place
2nd place
3rd place

round 4 (not available)

1st place
2nd place
3rd place

round 5 (not available)

1st place
2nd place
posted by florasedge31
Helia had ran to Alfea and was at the winx's door. He knocked hard and fast until Stella opened the door.
"What is it?" Stella asked annoyed.
"Flora and Lily need your help, she told me to come get あなた guys." Helia 発言しました fast. Then Helia's phone beeped. He took it out of his pocket. He immediately groaned.
"What's wrong?" Stella asked.
"They got caught. They're on Lillip." Helia answered.
"Uh oh." Aisha said.
"We gotta go, Stella transportation please." Bloom said.
"On it." Stella said. She waved her hand and they left.

Lily and Flora were still being held によって the guards they were going down...
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posted by Princess-Flora
 the white dress
the white dress
Helia’s p.o.v
Today was the 日 I was going home. To my empty little home, I am still not used to her not being there によって my side. Normally when I came back from a trip she would call my name and then we would run to each other, I would pick her up and twirl her around before setting her down to キッス her lips that were soft like velvet and tasted like strawberries. I missed her so much and I guess that tradition would be broken starting today. As I grabbed my bags an advisor told me and Aaron that we were going to the palace. The two of us went back to our rooms to change into something nicer...
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-------------------------------------------------------------Charlotte’s p.o.v------------------------------------------------------
What if I’m not good enough? This thought pondered through my head as I stared at my reflection in the mirror as tears streamed down my face. It was going to be my first 日 at a new school in the middle of the first semester, I was completely nervous after leaving my best フレンズ and majority of my family back ホーム after the move. I was always on the self-conscience side; but I was able to hide it with being the most 人気 girl at my old school and the head...
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posted by Alifya
In the Magical Dimension, there is a very dense wood with lush, evergreen trees, bathed in a slight mist and full of hidden passages and disguised paths.

It’s Dark Forest wood where a fantastic, inaccessible miniature village lies. There is a very strange, flower-shaped 噴水 in the middle of the village. It’s the 情報源 of life!

The houses are really tiny and are all different; some have goblin’s roofs, and others are very richly decorated. Some are even very colorful and hang from trees.
posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Julien POV

I looked over Autumn as she lay still on the ground. I felt dizzy as the whole world went black.


What... What just happened? I lean on the ウォール as I try to collect myself before I try to collect myself before i explode. Autumn can't be dead. She can't die! I won't let it happen. Helia was shaking as he picked up Autumn, and I could tell that he was trying to withstand all of his emotions as well. As I walked over to Julien and hoisted him up, putting his arm around my shoulder and dragging him to the ship, I felt numb. I guess it hadn't yet sank in that the 愛 of my life was...
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posted by tecna535
 Gem Of Mind
Gem Of Mind

Gem of Mind is Tecna's special Believix power which she can use to make people believe in magic または overcome their weaknesses. She can use this to make people think correctly and put themselves on the first place. It is used twice in Season 4.

Times When Used

Season 4 Episode 10 - Used it to stop the fighting girls about a dress and put them in 秒 place.

Season 4 Episode 11 - Used it to make some thieves realize that what they are doing, is wrong.


Bright ハート, 心 is Musa's Believix power that can make people believe in magic. She can also make a person believe that they can indeed change....
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"Well, then, I guess that's the best we can do for now without addressing Faragonda's assistance," Tecna sighed as she closed the spell book that she had found on the shelves of the Iris library. So far, they, well, she, had spent extensive time trying to break the Echo's curse, that had been successfully bestowed upon Caelestis.
Stella groaned. "Tecna," she whined. "English, please!"
Tecna scowled back at her. "That's all I can do for now without getting help from Faragonda," she 発言しました through gritted teeth.
Caelestis had gone from creepy smiling to blank silence. Her eyes were empty, like she...
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Ugh, not again. Not today, I can't be late today! I have a job interview and coming late doesn't look good. I didn't think life on Earth would be so challenging. My name is Stella and I'm a Princess of the Kingdom Solaria. I'm a fairy and I came to Earth to discover what it would be like to live without magic. あなた know a 一覧 of things before I become Queen. Yeah, well, a while 前 that was one of them. My father, King Radius warned me about the difficulties of living on Earth but I clearly didn't listen. I should have shouldn't I? Anyway, my job interview is just for a boring old office-job....
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
 The Mythix picture I'm basing this Take on.
The Mythix picture I'm basing this Take on.
Sorry it's been so long guys. I moved, and I'm working on all these upcoming stories, schoolwork, so...yea. Anyway! Welcome back to Meeka's Take And if あなた don't know または don't remember, yes, my nickname is Meeka.

So we were shown a 12 秒 clip of Bloom's Mythix a while 前 and everyone else's Mythix was seen in 3D in a picture (boo) A couple weeks ago. I will of course do my take on it. It will be just like how I reviewed the Bloomix Transformation With a scale of 1-10 at the very bottom of each individual winx's review. So here it is.


*Ignores the color clashing red and blue.* It...
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Ho, ho, ho! It's Farhah Claus here to greet all of my フレンズ a very merry Christmas! If you're in the list, you're gonna be treated like a family to me this Christmas! I mayn't do pictures for あなた guys, but I'll do the better -- an 記事 dedicated to ALL of you!

link - A very merry クリスマス to my Icy, Gina, Azula, Asami, Bellatrix and Within Temptation fan! You're one of the best people here, and if あなた weren't here I bet people would be lonely. You're seriously amazin', and I 愛 how あなた deal with those rude Bloom ファン on ファンポップ and YouTube! And good luck on on your studies, Merry Christmas!...
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my favourite winx is flora she rules i 愛 her shes amazing shes sweet kind loving amazing gentle pretty and very graceful i 愛 her power and her voice in the 4kids version and i 愛 ピンク so does she
my favourite season season 1 i 愛 season 1 i 愛 the trix in season one they where soooooo evil icy was soooo mean as well and her voice was amazing it sounded just like her i 愛 the part when darcy steals riven from musa its brings drama to it season one was soooo funny i 愛 season 1 26 i just 愛 the party when saladin says bloom is kicking icys bootie that part was sooooo funny lol

my fave villians its the trix there soooo evil and mean they are extra mean to the winx trying to everthing to destroy them and i like the trix because they are mean to the winx i 愛 the winx but if nothing bad happen to them it be boring