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Accidentally In Love
Shadouge Story

Chapter One

'I wonder where that little bat went,' Shadow thought to himself. He was standing at the edge of a corner of an alley. He sighed. He held his pistol in his hands. The Sonic gang was still there. He and Rouge needed to destroy them NOW. Where was she? Shadow perked his ears. What the hell?

He saw white figure appear out of no where. The white figure was Rouge! Shadow leaped in the battle. Rouge had kicked Amy Rose in the face. Shadow tackled Sonic. The two hedgehogs rolled on the alley's ground. Water puddles splashed on their faces. Shadow had accidentally...
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Shadow: (go 2 rouge house) srry im late
Rouge: is ok..>//////<
Shadow: .....:/...O_o
Rouge: (looking down blushing)
Shadow: (whats worng w/ her is she gonna fart または something?)
Rouge: I....LOVE U!!! >>/////<
Shadow: O/////////O
Rouge: (kisses shadow)
Shadow: O/////O
(shadouge keeps kissing)
Rouge: do u 愛 me 2 >////O
Shadow: thts it? can u at least do tht in a phone または something? O_o
Rouge: I JUST SPIT MY ハート, 心 OUT N THTS WHAT U SAY!?!?! >:U
Shadow: (trps)
(shadow falls on 上, ページのトップへ of rouge)
Shadow: U know....ur rlly dammed cute when ur mad ;//)
Rouge: o///o (about 2kiss him)
Shadow: (kiss...
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Made this video. If Rouge can't have Shadow, then she surely doesn't want Knuckles. :) Anyways, enjoy!!
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Shadow is going to a High-School at the moment. He is still thinking about his old partner Rouge who had moved to california for Middle-School.

Shadow : *Looks at pic of Rouge (Pervert)*Hmm...

Cosmo : *Comes over with Chip and Tikal* Hi there Shadow!

Shadow : Hi...

Chip : Is something wrong?

Cosmo : あなた miss her don't you?

Tikal : It's okay. We do to.

Shadow : *Puts on sad look then blushes*

Amy : *Hiding in a locker evestrophing* God dammit Shadow why is Rouge your crush?

Cosmo : Can I have a momment alone with him guys?

Tikal and Chip : sure...*leave*

Cosmo : I know あなた don't know how あなた feel but...
*Sigh* just remember that if あなた look in front of you...
You'll know what 愛 is. I'll see あなた in class okay Shadow? Bye. *Leaves*

Amy : *Falls out of locker after dozing*

Shadow : What the hell?

Amy : SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow : HE put あなた in there?

Amy : HELL YEAH!!!! I'M GONNA KICK HIS ASS!!!! *Leaves*

Shadow : *Starts to leave but BUMP-KISSES someone*
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Shadow, Tikal, Cosmo, Chip, AND their イヌ (Except for shadow and chip they don't have one) are walking some where and Shadow is going nuts trying to get Cosmo to tell him where their going.

Shadow : Where the hell are we going again?

Cosmo : You'll know when we get there...

*Tiny howl*

Chip : I heard something!

Tikal : I do too!

Cosmo : I hear it as well...

*Tiny howl*

Cosmo : The park!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(In the park)

Shadow : Hmm...

Cosmo : Huh? *Spots box with 2 black points sticking out of it*

Cosmo's dog Sunflower : BARK!!!

Cosmo : Over there!!!

(At the box)

Cosmo : *Looks in box*

Sunflower : ?

Cosmo : It looks...
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