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posted by Choalord331
Creature : Gruah!

*Something lands down in front of the creature*

??? : Did あなた get it done yet?

Smaller unknown creatures : *Nod*

??? : Good. Now GO!

Creature : Grrr! *Leaves*

Smaller Creatures : *Nod and leave*

??? : What the hell?!

Rouge : Are あなた the one who did this?!


Rouge : Who are you?!

??? : あなた and everyone else in this town may not know...*LEAVES*

Rouge : HEY!!! *Starts after them but hears something behind her like a groan*

posted by SilverFanGirl
Accidentally In Love
Shadouge Story

Chapter One

'I wonder where that little bat went,' Shadow thought to himself. He was standing at the edge of a corner of an alley. He sighed. He held his pistol in his hands. The Sonic gang was still there. He and Rouge needed to destroy them NOW. Where was she? Shadow perked his ears. What the hell?

He saw white figure appear out of no where. The white figure was Rouge! Shadow leaped in the battle. Rouge had kicked Amy Rose in the face. Shadow tackled Sonic. The two hedgehogs rolled on the alley's ground. Water puddles splashed on their faces. Shadow had accidentally...
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posted by --Rouge--
Shadow: (go 2 rouge house) srry im late
Rouge: is ok..>//////<
Shadow: .....:/...O_o
Rouge: (looking down blushing)
Shadow: (whats worng w/ her is she gonna fart または something?)
Rouge: I....LOVE U!!! >>/////<
Shadow: O/////////O
Rouge: (kisses shadow)
Shadow: O/////O
(shadouge keeps kissing)
Rouge: do u 愛 me 2 >////O
Shadow: thts it? can u at least do tht in a phone または something? O_o
Rouge: I JUST SPIT MY ハート, 心 OUT N THTS WHAT U SAY!?!?! >:U
Shadow: (trps)
(shadow falls on 上, ページのトップへ of rouge)
Shadow: U know....ur rlly dammed cute when ur mad ;//)
Rouge: o///o (about 2kiss him)
Shadow: (kiss...
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posted by Choalord331
Shadow is going to a High-School at the moment. He is still thinking about his old partner Rouge who had moved to california for Middle-School.

Shadow : *Looks at pic of Rouge (Pervert)*Hmm...

Cosmo : *Comes over with Chip and Tikal* Hi there Shadow!

Shadow : Hi...

Chip : Is something wrong?

Cosmo : あなた miss her don't you?

Tikal : It's okay. We do to.

Shadow : *Puts on sad look then blushes*

Amy : *Hiding in a locker evestrophing* God dammit Shadow why is Rouge your crush?

Cosmo : Can I have a momment alone with him guys?

Tikal and Chip : sure...*leave*

Cosmo : I know あなた don't know how あなた feel but...
*Sigh* just remember that if あなた look in front of you...
You'll know what 愛 is. I'll see あなた in class okay Shadow? Bye. *Leaves*

Amy : *Falls out of locker after dozing*

Shadow : What the hell?

Amy : SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow : HE put あなた in there?

Amy : HELL YEAH!!!! I'M GONNA KICK HIS ASS!!!! *Leaves*

Shadow : *Starts to leave but BUMP-KISSES someone*
posted by Choalord331
Shadow, Tikal, Cosmo, Chip, AND their イヌ (Except for shadow and chip they don't have one) are walking some where and Shadow is going nuts trying to get Cosmo to tell him where their going.

Shadow : Where the hell are we going again?

Cosmo : You'll know when we get there...

*Tiny howl*

Chip : I heard something!

Tikal : I do too!

Cosmo : I hear it as well...

*Tiny howl*

Cosmo : The park!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(In the park)

Shadow : Hmm...

Cosmo : Huh? *Spots box with 2 black points sticking out of it*

Cosmo's dog Sunflower : BARK!!!

Cosmo : Over there!!!

(At the box)

Cosmo : *Looks in box*

Sunflower : ?

Cosmo : It looks...
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It's prom night and Rouge and Shadow are there. But before we get to the story let me announce the couples : Tails and Cream, Sonic and Amy, Knuckles and Tikal, Shadow and Rouge, and Cosmo and Chip!

Cosmo : I 愛 this music!

Chip : Evanesance rules!!!

Sonic : Amy please stop humping me!!!(LOL)

Amy : It's your fault for being so dreamy...

Knuckles : I feel weird...

Tikal : (She drank and is now being all sexy like) Maybe it's because あなた so sexy または あなた 愛 me...

Tails : Uhh...

Cream : *Stays away from Tikal*

(Anyways back to the story's main approach)

Shadow : Rouge?

Rouge : Yes?

Shadow : あなた look beautiful......
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posted by Choalord331
Rouge saw something that escaped from her grasp. Rouge starts after the unknown being but she hears a groan and stops. Could it be?

Rouge : *Turns around*

Shadow : *Having something simmaler to a spaz attack*

Rouge : SHADOW!!!

Shadow : (Who the hell?)

Rouge : Are あなた okay? I thought--

Shadow : Who-Who are you?

Rouge : Oh no.

Shadow : *Passes out (Rings are currently not on him)*

Rouge : *picks him up and flys over the city*

Spike : *Follows them on ground*

Lippy : *Follows Spike*

45 分 later...

Rouge : *Lands*

Spike : *Sniffs Shadow then whines*

Rouge : *Puts Shadow down then knocks on door*

??? : G.U.N HQ.

Rouge : *Points to Shadow* He has been injured and is now suffering once for from ammnisiea.

??? : Understood *G.U.N agents take Shadow in*

Rouge : *Looks at him sadly*

*Door closes*

Spike : *Whines*

Lippy : *Whines

Rouge : *Sobs*

posted by Shadow5772
*Rouge spots Shadow in the forest*
Rouge: こんにちは Shadow! Long time, no see!
Shadow: こんにちは Rouge. How's it going?
Rouge: Fine, thanks! あなた feeling alright?
Shadow: Its nothing.
Rouge: あなた can tell me! I won't tell anyone else.
Shadow: Well, would あなた like to go ice skating with me?
Rouge: *smiles* I would 愛 to!
Shadow: Great! Let's go!
*Shadow and Rouge arrive at the ice rink*
Shadow: Looks like the place is empty.
Rouge: Great! Now its just the 2 of us together.
*Shadow and Rouge then start skating*
Rouge: *holds Shadow's hand*
Shadow & Rouge: *smiles at each other*
Rouge: *almost falls*
Shadow: *catches Rouge*
Rouge: *winks at Shadow* Thanks for catching me! *smiles*
Shadow: こんにちは Rouge, there's something I want to give you.
Rouge: What is it?
Shadow: *holds out diamond ring and gives it to Rouge*
Rouge: Thank you!
*Shadow & Rouge キッス each other on the lips*
Rouge: あなた do care for me, right?
Shadow: Yes, and I always will.
Rouge: *smiles* I 愛 you!
Shadow: I 愛 you, too!

The End
I decided to skip the rest of my 前 記事 and just get on with it already! So we are currently at Jet's cell in jail. WHERE HE BELONGS!!!!



Jet : GRRR!!!!

*At Rouge's house*

Shadow : I 愛 あなた Rouge...

Rouge : *kisses him*

Shadow : *Blushes*

Rouge : I 愛 あなた too!

Shadow : I'm just glad your safe...

Rouge : I'll always feel 安全, 安全です in YOUR arms Shadow...


*At Sonic's house*

Amy : Do あなた 愛 me?

Sonic : Yes I do...

Amy : I 愛 あなた too! *kisses him*


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posted by SilverFanGirl
Shadouge Story
Chapter Four
Rouge started flying home. She fell asleep on her bed.
Waking up the 次 morning, she saw it was 9:00 a.m.! Crap… Rouge thought. She was going to be late for work! Although she did have a half hour. She walked to her closet. She opened it. She saw her work clothes. A short tank 上, ページのトップへ with short shorts. She saw her gun hanging there. She never put it there. She walked up to it, she saw a note there. She opened it.
Help your friend, Rouge. He's at home, tied up. Come on scaredy cat.
Rouge closed the note back up. She glared at it. She threw it across the room, mad. Dang...
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Cosmo : ROUGE!!! GET UP!!!

Wave : Were gonna get breakfeast now!

Cream : pancake!

Rouge : *Wakes up* Okay! Lemme get dressed so we can go!

Cosmo : We'll wait outside for ya!

Cream : pancake!

Wave : あなた can have one when we get there!

Cream : YAY!


Rouge : *Gets dressed* There wego! Better not keep em' waitin' any longer!*starts to get out but stops and checks shadow out (LOL)*

Shadow : Look Jet I don't have time for your foolishness.

Jet : Wadda ya talkin' about? あなた do so like her!

Shadow : I told あなた I don't!

Jet : Whatever...*Leaves on gear*

Shadow : *Sigh* He almost got me...*Leaves*

Rouge : (What...
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posted by CreamRabbit123
Rouge : Shadow?

Shadow : ...

Rouge : Shad--

Shadow : *Hears a scream and wakes up* Rouge?

Rouge : HELP I'M BEING--

Shadow : Rouge!

Rouge : *Kicking and screaming inside something*

Shadow : *Calling helplessly behind bars*

Rouge : *In muffled voice* HEY! WHO THE HELL?!

Shadow : *Hides in shade*

Rouge : *Gets dumped out into cell* HEY!!

??? : *Leaves*

Rouge : *Crys*

Shadow : R-Rouge?

Rouge : *Looks up* Shadow...

Shadow : Why are あなた crying?*Kneels down to her*

Rouge : I can't...

Shadow : *Puts hand on her cheek*

Rouge : Shadow...

Shadow : ...

Rouge : ...

Shadow : *Kisses her*

Rouge : *Looks at Shadow*

Shadow : *Looks...
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*In Shadow's room*

Shadow : *On computer* Hmm?

*On the screen*

White_Bat_Jewel has logged in

Shadow : Hmm...

Im_ur_Shadow has logged in

*In Rouge's room*

Rouge : Is that Shadow? *Type Type Type*

Computer : White_Bat_Jewel 発言しました : Shadow?

Shadow : *Type Type Type*

Computer : Im_ur_Shadow 発言しました : I have to tell あなた something Rouge...

Rouge : (It must be Sadow if he doesn't answer my question)*Type Type Type*

Computer : White_Bat_Jewel 発言しました : What is it Shadow?

Shadow : (I must...I can't live in this sorrow anymore!) *Type Type Type*

Computer ; Im_ur_Shadow 発言しました : Acctually I'll tell at ur room...

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Rouge and Shadow are at prom and are dancing to Evanesacnce 音楽 currently while the others are dealing with their MAJOR problems.

Rouge : *Winks (With a that ding sound)*

Shadow : *Gives her a kiss*

Sonic : (Eww!!)

Amy : I 愛 humping you!

Sonic : Will あなた get away from me!?

Cosmo : *On phone* Hello? yes. I have a crazy b**ch here who's humping someone. and a drunk physco. what does it matter what sex they are?!


Cosmo : *Stares at screen with look that says she is not listening*...
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*In the hall*

Shadow : *Walks around corner but ducks back when he sees Rouge*

Rouge : *Puts on sad face*

Shadow : (I wonder why Rouge looks so sad...)

Rouge : Hmm. I just wish I could tell Shadow that 愛 him...

Shadow : (She loves me?)

Rouge : I just can't do it! What if he doesn't like me?!

Shadow : *Gets behind wall*

Rouge : *Walks past wall*

Shadow : *Acts like he JUST came down* Rouge?

Rouge : *GASPS*

Shadow : Sorry.

Rouge : D-Did あなた just get here?

Shadow : umm...Yes.

Rouge : Well I have to get back to my room sorry...*Leaves*

Shadow : (Rouge...)

*With Jet*

Jet : STORM!!!

Storm : *RUNS IN* Y-Y-YES SIR!!!...
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*At i-hop*

Rouge : *blushes*

Wave : Something wrong?

Rouge : It's just that well...

Cosmo : I'm gonna go ask what's takin' the food.*Leaves*

Wave : What did あなた say? I didn't hear ya.

Rouge : On my way out I ovr heard Shadow and Jet talking about who SHADOW has a crush on...

Wave : *Looks around guilty like SHE knows something*

Rouge : Did I say something?

Cream : Wave sneaky!

Rouge : *Looks at her like shes trying ot make her crack*

Wave : What?

Rouge : Do あなた happen to know something about that?

Wave : No. Wh-Why would I know anything?

Rouge : あなた sound GUILTY and NERVOUS...

Wave : *Gulps and starts shaking*...
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Shadow was walking down the school hallway when he passes a poster that reads:A night in the stars.The silence then breaks when Amy stops and says:"Who are あなた going with?"Then Shadow responds"Who 発言しました I was going?"Then Amy says"Well..if you're not going then why are あなた 読書 this poster?"Then Shadow yells"WHAT?IS IT AGAINST THE RULES TO JUST READ A STUPID POSTER OF PROM BUT YOU"RE NOT GOING?!"Then Amy decides to just walk away.Three days later Shadow starts to here rumors about a new girl in school,but he does'nt believe it.That day,after school Shadow decides to go to the としょうかん, ライブラリ when he bumps into the new girl.Surprisingly he remembers the new girl.An old friend of his..
Then Shadow speaks"Rouge?Is that you?"Then Rouge starts to talk to Shadow about the incedint that happened which made her 移動する schools.A few days pass and then Rouge started to see that prom was a week away.Then she takes Shadow outside and she starts to talk"Umm...Shadow"Then Shadow says"yes?"Rouge then asks "have あなた noticed that prom's only a week away?"Then Shadow remembers something that he was going to ask Rouge"Rouge...I...uh..wanted to ask あなた something."Then Rouge responds"Yes?"Then Shadow kneels down and asks"Will あなた go to prom with me?"Then Rouge screams with excitement"YES OF COURSE I WOULD 愛 TO!!!!"Then the 日 prom comes and shadow brings to Rouge a beautifull rose.Then Shadow sees Rouge with her amazing fuschia, フスキア, フクシア ガウン when he says with a vibarating voice"!!"Then when they arrive Amy sees Shadow and says"I thought あなた 発言しました あなた were'nt coming?"Then Shadow responds"Shut up and dance with Sonic."
posted by Choalord331
Rouge and Cosmo just fought a spirit that was haunting Tikal. Who in rough terms is the creature. Chaos left carrying Tikal. What will Rouge get next?

*Door opens*

Rouge : *GASPS* Shadow! *Runs towards him*

Shadow : Rouge! *Takes her in his arms and closes eyes*

Cosmo : *Looks at Shadow*

Shadow : *Opens eyes and signals Cosmo to go home*

Cosmo : *Nods and leaves with Spike and Lippy*

Rouge :Sh-Shadow?

Shadow : Yes Rouge?

Rouge : Did あなた really mean it when あなた 発言しました あなた loved me?

Shadow : *Blushes*

Rouge : Hmm...

Shadow : *Crys (Baby)*

Rouge : *Notices*

Shadow : *Gets kissed bye Rouge*

Rouge : *Ears shoot...
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posted by Choalord331
Cosmo appears out of no-where and breaks the news to Rouge that Shadow has feelings for her so bad he's forgetting what 愛 even means! Rouge understands this and wants to help Shadow. But a crack has sounded. Is it the creature?

Rouge : Hmm...

*BEING emerges*

Rouge : IT-IT'S YOU!!!

??? : SHUT-UP!!!

Rouge : あなた got some nerve 表示中 you're face HERE!

??? : Oh really?*steps into light*

Cosmo : T-Tikal?


Cosmo : *GASP* MERLINA!!!!

Tikal : W-Who?

Cosmo : Something's...
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