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Shadow and his フレンズ were talking for a few minutes. When the others left Amy fell out of the locker and almost had to slip up. Shadow started to walk back to his locker but bump-kissed someone. Who could it be?

Shadow : *Bounces off*

??? : OW!!!

Shadow : Who...?

??? : *Looks up angry but then gasps*

Shadow : R-Rouge?

Rouge : I can't belive it.

Shadow : Me niether...*blushes*

Rouge : I haven't seen あなた since elementary school!

Shadow : *Puts on embarassed face and tries to smile*

Rouge : Ya seem a little crooked today.

Shadow : It's just that we just umm...

Rouge : *Blushes puts ears and wings down realizing...
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Shadow comes with sad news to Rouge.
Shadow:Rouge,I have to tell あなた something.
*Shadow looks into Rouge's eyes and starts to cry*
Rouge:Shadow what's wrong?
*Rouge then starts to cry*
Shadow:I have to leave for war.
*Rouge starts to cry very heavy*
*Shadow kisses Rouge*
*Shadow hugs Rouge tightly*
Shadow:Do not cry my love.I will always be here.
*Shadow touches where Rouges ハート, 心 is*
*Rouge starts to cry louder and louder*
Shadow:Look rouge,you are not the only one who's sad.
*Blaze,Amy,Cream,and Sonia cry into there lover's chest*...
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