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Does antone know any good survialist kind of 本 with some romance in them? And I mean like end of the world scenario.

4 answers | my answer: [i]Well, if あなた like 本 to do with romance, あなた...

Any good 音楽 suggestions?

3 answers | my answer: あなた should, no must try One Direction. Trust me, yo...

✰ ѕмιℓєя CONTEST 1 ღ

23 answers | my answer: [i]Mine <3 Hope yhuu like[/i]

Have あなた ever had a crush on one of your teachers?

23 answers | my answer: [i]hell yess!! .. And i still do (: xx He is my hea...

What's Your お気に入り TV Show?

30 answers | my answer: [b][i]Wolfblood always <33 .. its such an awesome s...

What does your name mean? (Warning!: It's a quiz. So all あなた haters don't try this >:( )

34 answers | my answer: Mines , Shyness Your name means Shyness. When it...

How many ファン do あなた have?

33 answers | my answer: [b][i]373 :D[/i][/b]

Click here to know about the 質問

14 answers | my answer: [i]i would be very upset, and would request for it...

How long does it take あなた on average to wake up?

21 answers | my answer: [i]for me it takes on average 10 分 at most[/i...

post a large pic of your アイコン

34 answers | my answer: [i]Jamie Campbell Bower :* <3[/i]