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posted by HoldsteinSingh
 Heather ranks all since she is the first female winner. She is also the only season winner that didn't return after being recently eliminated.
Heather ranks all since she is the first female winner. She is also the only season winner that didn't return after being recently eliminated.
3. TDA Winner- Duncan- I didn't have much interest in him winning TDA. When Duncan won in Norway, it was fine with me. It was a-okay, since he was one of the two season winners to return after being eliminated (the other was Owen).
2. TDI Winner- Owen- Owen is a great guy winner. I knew he would win TDI since it was broadcast on Cartoon Network.
1. TDWT Winner- Heather- She was the first ever female to win a season. She is the last contestant to be eliminated, since she was not because she won. As a matter of fact, she is the only season winner that did not return to the game after being previously eliminated. She, along with first winner Owen, were the only winners to be in the Final Three もっと見る than once.
 I didn't have much interest when Duncan won TDA. He was an okay winner in America.
I didn't have much interest when Duncan won TDA. He was an okay winner in America.
In this fanfic, Duncan is making a video to 表示する to all of the スラッシュ ファン explaining why he doesn't like Harold...

WARNING: This contains slash, as in a boy/boy pairing. DuncanxHarold. Don't like it, don't read it.

Genre: Humor/Romance

The video flashes on, revealing Duncan sitting at a chair in a room that's painted mostly black and green. He's glaring at the camera when he begins to speak.

Okay, so I've been going on fansites recently. Yeah, that's right-- fanfiction.com または fanpop.net または whatever the hell it's called. DevilArt and all that crap. I was grounded...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Courtney and Duncan:
Nathan:Oldest of the three and twin of Cheyann. He is a little mama's boy and already has 発言しました his first word "Mama" Born: December 30, 2009 9:45 PM

Cheyann:Middle of the three and twin of Nathan. She loves her daddy a lot. She also loves her mama a lot. She is really close of saying her first word, so far she is at "Da..." Born December 30, 2009 9:47

Spencer:Youngest of the three and is the oddest of the three and is different from the other two. When he first got ホーム he saw a クモ, スパイダー and crawled so fast over to it. Courtney ran after him and Duncan was confused. Born May...
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(I'm danyzzz)Last time on Total Drama Survival,All 20 campers came to this huge rainforest then came the challenge,Vine Swinging!3 people from each team had to スイング and it turned out the killer snakes won and the screaming 魚 sent ホーム Rikki!Find out what will happen 次 on Total Drama Survival!*Emily wakes up to find that she is naked*Emily:AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!Heather:What?*Heather finds that she is naked*Heather:Oh crap!Rochelle and Bridgette,u guys are nude!!!Rochelle and bridgette:AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!*Everyone else wakes up and sees their naked*Everyone else:AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!Chris:Hello campers!You guys look bare,hahahahah!Heather:What did u do!!!Chris:Made あなた guys nude!Avan:You jerk!A mysteriouse voice:Ya JERK!*Looks at Avan's new 6-pack*Jumps on him and trys making out with him*Avan:Who are u,your hot!Chris:Everyone,here is a camper we left on the bus,heres Rayven!Rayven:Hi!Chris:zbecause あなた are nude the challenge is...Part 2 coming soon!
It had been a week since Total Drama World Tour began. All the ファン were turning in to the nonstop drama, thrills, and laughs. But everyone, including the contestants themselves, would discover something about two teens that would change it all.

For about a few days, everyone was suspicious about the newcomers, Sierra and Alejandro. They had been 芝居 especially weird; Sierra was less perky, and Alejandro was もっと見る nicer. They were both quiet and timid, and there had been four accounts when Sierra burst into tears, and Alejandro...well, let's just say those holes in the ウォール didn't come from...
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*In the Green room*

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Video Game Highschool...

Sgt. Calhoun: we saw Isaac get the boot...

Chris: yeah thats what あなた get for messing with me...

Sgt. Calhoun: now we are down to 8 contestants...

Chris: but not for long....

Sgt. Calhoun: this is gonna be one of the most epic challenges to date...

Chris: Because they're no もっと見る TEAMS!

Sgt. Calhoun: its the merge episode and its next!

*Theme 音楽 plays*
*In the cafeteria*

Jasper: *eating breakfast*

Sayu: so whats the plan next...

Jasper: Eliminate Draven at all costs...

Jimmy: good...
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-The wedding-

"This is it!" Ally says as she carries her wedding dress until the maids chamber.

The bride-to-be lightly opens the door and sees all of the her girlfriends waiting anxiously, some with their hair rolled up または with their nails painted an polished. Anne Maria also had her baby boy, Carter, sitting on her lap.

The girls help Ally put on her wedding dress. They start to reminisce and talked about how excited they were.

"I can't believe your getting married!" Courtney 発言しました as she helped Ally tightly zip up the back of her dress.

"I know!" Ally replies.

"A few years ago, none of us...
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Chris:Ok for our 次 challenge we will play Ring around the rosy
Chris:you didn't let me finish,,,you will be on this big wooden o shaped thing that is 20 feet in the air and if あなた fall you'll fall in to this pond of sharks last one standing wins
Scott:oh crap
Cameron:Is this legal ?
Chris:your just now asking that?(hits him with a toxic rat)
(Cameron and Jo and Scott fall)
Chris;love that
Jo:nice going Cameron...
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posted by potterandtdi
Allison: Hello! And welcome to 2010! Me, two cohosts, and 16 contestants will go back in time, and the contestants will fight to win... 1,000,000 DOLLARS!

*boat comes up and storm walks off the boat*

Storm: こんにちは Allison, Mizzie, Lulu!

Mizzie: Storm, what's in the bag?

*Mizzie points to a bag full of unusual stuff*

Storm: It's none of your business!

*Storm waits for other contestants*

Lulu: Okay then.

*boat comes back with Annie*


*Annie jumps off boat*

Lulu: Welcome Annie!

*Annie hugs hosts*

Annie: Thank あなた so much for letting me come
here! THANK あなた THANK YOU...
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(AT キャビン #3)
Mack: Anybody have any nachos?
Lucy: Goodness, shut up, Mack!
Fay: That's mean, Lucy.
Lucy: Well that's the tenth time he asked that.
Zoey: Your point is...?
Lucy: Am I demonstrating a point here, Zoey? HUH?
(AT キャビン #1)
Lisa: こんにちは Jared
Jared: こんにちは Lisa ;D
Lisa: How are you?
Jared: Fine, thank you.
Rayven: Are あなた two going to flirt または something?
Both (Jared and Lisa): NO!
Rayven: Haha, I'm sure あなた won't...
(AT キャビン #2)
Rikki: Ashley, why are あなた even here?
Ashley: Well, my owner was desperate
for two もっと見る contestants, so he made me join.
Rikki: I'm betting that あなた will win because he
likes you!...
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Chris: welcome to the most fast paced and action packed 表示する on tv to 日付 TOTAL DRAMA EXTREME RULES!!!!

Chris: last time we saw trent booted out and he vowed revenge

Chris: so here is how the teams stand so far-

Team uno:


Team Dos:


Chris: it will be one of the toughest challanges to date.

Chris: Cause our newest guest host is the insane, crazy and totally destructive host of his own tv shows. its KENNY ROGERS!!!

Kenny: こんにちは its good to be back on the tv place

Chris: yeah

Duncan: oh no not あなた again

Kenny: shut up *throws bottle at harold*

Harold: ahh my...
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Ezekiel gasped. He ran to the plane, bumping into Owen. "Whoa, whoa, dude, what's wrong?!" Asked the overweight teen. The homeschooled boy began to cry. "A-A-Alejandro and S-S-Si-Sierra are..adopted!"
"I overheard Chris and Izzy talking to Esper...they're going to take them off the show!"
"I don't know! We have to do something!"
"I think I have an idea."

"Are あなた going to be okay, Alejandro?" Heather asked. "Y-yeah, I'm fine..but..there's something I want to tell you." Alejandro replied, suddenly growing nervous.
"You guys are like..the family I never had; But you're different....
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This camp is terrifyingly gay. Please be warned.
Thank you.
There will be a guest in every eppy, so beware of terrifying awesomness.

Britt: Hello and welcome!
Addrey: TO TOKYO!
Britt: Yes. We are in Tokyo.
Addrey: We were lucky enough to get a special guest who will come soo-hoon!
Britt: And welcome to...
Addrey: Now let's get out our victims-i mean-contestants!
Britt: Hiiii christy!
Chritsy: So like, where are we?
Christy: It is pretty here...
Natalie: It's Natalie. But anyways...hi!...
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posted by Courtney370
Hi! My Name Is Gwen And I'am 16 Years Old. I Just Moved To A New House. So It Took Me A While To Get Everything In My New Room And Paint My Room Dark Purple. Now I'm Putting Up Pictures In My Room. That Is Just A Bunch Of Pictures Of Me And My Boyfriend. Which Is Trent. Yeah.... Me And Trent Broke Up. Then Got Back Together Because I Told Him My True Feelings For Him. And My Friends.... XD.. Because They Are So Crazy. But Even Without My Father Being Without Me Is Okay.. I Mean My Dad Was Okay.. He Was Drunk All The Time And He Hit My Mom Sometimes... But Now He Got Back Together With My Mom.. Yep.. Now I Lived 次 To My Boyfriend And My フレンズ House. Four Blocks Away. But My Dad. He Don't Live With Me. He Stay Over Mostimes. And I Even 移動する To The Same High School That Trent Goes To. But My Young Brother He's In Middle School. Life Has Been Okay For Me NOW. Gewn. Okay How Was That For Chapter One. Tell Me Was It Good.
posted by djdog
max:LAST TIME ON TDS,LIA GOT VOTED OFF 4 TAKING VIOLETS STUFF,AND AND THE CROCS WON!WELCOME TO TDS! phil:*YAWNING*im tired! max:TODAYS CHALLENGE:HUNT 4 FOOD! phil:we brought our food! max:yeah,but a bunch of racoons ate it!HA! phil:yeah right!*CHECKS TENTS*OH MY GOD,YOUR RIGHT!DAMN NATURE!!! *LATER,WHILE EVERYONES HUNTING 4 FOOD* violet:hey guys,i found some berrys! squirrles:AWSOME,WAY 2 GO,VIOLET! phil:HEY GUYS,I SEE A WHOLE BUNCH OF FRUITS,IN THAT TREE! alex:whel,go get them! phil:im not a damn monkey!but i can use my rope to make a lasso,and get the friut! crocs:YEAH! *LATER* max:wow squirrles,you ロスト again,cuz crocs got a bunch of friut!crocs,you won! *LATER AT CEREMONY* MAX:LETS MAKE THIS QUICK,I GOT A DATE! TIFFANY,I REVIEWED THE JUNGLE CAMERAS,AND YOUR THE"RACOONS!" あなた GET OUT FOR EATING THE FOOD! tiffany:OH NO! violet:OH NO! max:OH NO! kool-aid man:*APPEARS OUT OF NO WHERE!*OH YEAH!!!!
posted by gwentrentever
*knocking on the door*
*opens the door*-Brittani
*knocks Brittani out*-some buff guy
wtf is going on oh no JACKI COME DOWN HERE!!!-Duncan
WHAT IM DYING MY HAIR!!! oh no whats this-Jacki
idk who he is but he is beating on your sister-Duncan
*beats the shit outa the reallt buff dude*-Jacki
oh ma god r u ok Brittani-Duncan
yeah and Veronica sent him thats her brother-Brittani
then im gonna go kick her 尻, お尻 again-Jacki
no あなた cant the cops might catch あなた and then あなた get sent to juvie again-Brittani
like i really fuckin care *leaves*-Jacki...
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I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good night
that tonight's gonna be a good good night (x4)

Tonight's the night night
Let's live it up
I got my money
Let's spend it up

Go out and smash it
Like Oh My God
Jump off that sofa
Let's get get OFF

I know that we'll have a ball
If we get down
And go out
And just loose it all

I feel stressed out
I wanna let it go
Lets go way out spaced out
and loosing all control

Fill up my cup
Look at her dancing
Just take it off

Let's paint the town
We'll shut it down
Let's burn the roof
And then we'll do it again...
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Name: unknown.
Nickname: JunerBee.
Possy: JG's possy.
Phrase: I'll bite you! I will! grrrrrr..

JunerBee Palmer, Trent and Juli's cousin, is a wierd phsyco type. She Is alot もっと見る normal then her cousins, she is just daring. She will do anything that some one dares her to, she's eaten dog treats, jumped on 上, ページのトップへ of trains, and even done alot of things while walkig ホーム from school. JG once dared her to yell at passing cars about them driving on earth day. JunerBee is into "peace" and staying "green", so she exsepted. "What are あなた doing! Driving a car! It's earth day, you're ruining our who eco-system!" she'd yell. JG and Vanita met her while walking ホーム from school, daring her to do ランダム things, everything they dared, she did. It was starting to get funny. JunerBee was nicknamed によって JG, then exsepted into the possy, so no one other tha JG and Vanita know her real name. JunerBee is and will always be weird, but she likes it that way!
posted by vamp_grl_123
This is a song fic. i did when i got board and was listening to music. My first one, so go easy on me!

Its school and I am waiting によって my locker to meet the hottest girl in school. My name is Cody and I have a huge crush on an extremely perfect girl.

8 o'clock, Monday night and I'm waitin'
To finally talk to a girl a little クーラー than me.

Her name is Gwen, she’s Goth, and tough, but I 愛 that about her.

Her name is Nona, she's a rocker with a nose ring,
She wears a two way, but I'm not quite sure what that means.

She is like an angel, and I 愛 to just watch her walk down the halls

And when she...
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"...And he told me that he'll see me later today, at the park! EEE!" Sierra, the uber-fan squealed, as she talked to Gwen on the phone. After Total Drama All Stars, a few years later, Sierra's hair was long again, and somehow, Gwen and Sierra became friends. Coincidentally, Sierra's new apartment was very near Cody's apartment. "Oh, that's great, Sierra." Gwen 発言しました sarcastically.

Later today, Sierra was on her phone, blogging and texting all of her フレンズ that she was going to see CODY!! She sat down on the bench, not looking up to see if Cody was coming by. Soon enough, he did. "Uh, hey,...
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