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Her お気に入り song.
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Well this took a while to finish
I forgot about it

Daniel: Soo..Whoever doesn’t receive a マシュマロ goes home. Simple, yes? Okay. Well.. Everyone but Marcus, Chip , Edward, Ellie and Kendall get a marshmallow

Marcus: What?! WHO VOTED FOR ME!?

Chip: YEAH! DITT-- oh... e-e *glares*

Marcus: *glares back* あなた littl--

Daniel: Oh my god! I feel like.. I don’t know.. 表示中 the confessionals...

Maddie: NO!

Daniel: Hehe. Yours was the best!

Maddie: …

Daniel: Okay, I wont.. I’ll only SAY who voted for who... this time

Teddy: Uh.. Dannyboy.. あなた gotta say who goes ホーム first..

Daniel: Oh right.....
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Scarlet: *looking down, scared*

Moose: *grabs her arm, pulls her up so she can have a better foothold*

Scarlet: Phew...thanks. *smiles up at Moose*

Moose: *smiles back*


Francis: We're winning, babe!

Kyra: That キャビン pick is so ours...

Francis: Better cabin, better time together.


*Nylee and Raymond are still far behind the others, they finally reach the cliff*

Nylee: *barely two feet out of the water, stops* arms hurt...

Raymond: So what? One million is not won によって being a wimp.

Nylee: *sighs, keeps going*


Vincent: *climbing the cliff pretty quickly, helping Crindola in the rough spots, all...
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m lame, so I'm making one of these. Let's all throw フルーツ at Rachel and tell her how much she sucks.

So. Choose ten OCs または whatever.

1. Kendall
2. Dylan
3. Gabe
4. Abigail
6. Ian
7. Ethan
8. Selena
9. Paige
10. Boxxy

1. 5 and 6 decided that skydiving is a wonderful idea. However, 5 accidentally takes a parachute bag thing that, for some reason または another, only has a carton of eggs in it. Does 6 even attempt to save them または do they let 5 fall to their eggy death?

Ian: *crying his little eyes out*

2. 1 and 10 get into a rather sexual wrestling match. With Jell-o....
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