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After Izzy had 発言しました the immature thing she 発言しました and after Noah and Cody blushed and all that
Izzy said: “Anyway’s! あなた guy’s need to come see this! I caught a squirrle! “
Noah was pissed now: “Get out Izzy!!!”
Izzy: “Bu-“
Noah and Cody yelled: “Get out!!!”
Izzy: “Fine! You’re loss!” Izzy then closed the door and ran out.
Noah sighed and kept looking at the ground: “Well…you want some music?”
Cody: “Noah. Answer my question, who was the person that あなた were in 愛 with?”
Noah paused: “…Like あなた care…” He stood up but Cody grabbed his wrist making Noah look...
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