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mephiles97 posted on Apr 30, 2012 at 03:57PM
Please fill out this form for your fan character or fan characters:






Eye/fur color:



The dorms range from A-Z and 1-100.

I hope to see many students there.

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1年以上前 silveranime122 said…
Powers:Psychokinesis(advanced and the color is lavender)fire,and her personal chaos emerald(a clear one)
Skills:psychokinesis,fire,hand combat,flying combat,drawing,sports,chaos control,chaos spear,chaos blast,can fly at super-sonic speeds,psychic knife,fire ball,able to lift anything she wants to,psychic force-field,and flys for as long as she wants to.
Personality:Nice and caring,and somtimes shy,but when she gets mad or gets into a fight,she shows no mercey.
Grades from last school:All A+'s
Eye color:Yellow
Fur&hair color:Brown and peach, a short brown tail,brown arms,long brown hair,brown frillies above the eyes(like amy and tails),and brown ears.
Altire:A black head band,a black sweat-shirt,a purple shirt,blue pants(she keeps the emerald in her pocket),a gold belt,gloves with a gold braclet,shoes are purple with a white stripe in the middle,and her back-pack is a neon purple.
Other info:She can get mad by people lying to her,called weak,made fun of,people hurting inncont students,someone stealing her emerald and playing around with it,and so on.Also,she belives her powers are stronger than the others,is a verginterian,hates soda,and hates rude and bad people.She can levitate things or play with her powers from time-to-time.Loves art.Likes hanging out with her friends.She will support or protect her friends in any situation.Plays her MP3 with her headphones on in class,but can still hear.Loves outdoors.Very alethlic.And hates talking about her past.
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1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: Hello! My name is Kyle. I'm one of the only people in this school right now... But it's nice to see someone else here!
1年以上前 gyrothehedgehog said…
Name: Nitro the Fox
Age:believed to be 12 *is immortal*
Gender: Male
Powers: Can go out of his physical body and into peoples' heads
Weakness: When out of his body, he basically goes into a coma and cannot move his physical body at all, he can only speak
Personality: A tad sadistic, yet he is loyal to his closest friends. He may become giddy in the most terrifying of situations and oddly unhappy when he can't do something disturbing.
Eye/fur color: Nitro is a dark brown fox with one red eye, one green eye and two snakes to serve as tails
Outfit: none, he prefers to just wear a gold chain around his right wrist
Allergies: dog and cat dander
Roommates: If it is okay Kyle
Other info: Nitro loves to joke around, though people may not find his jokes that amusing. He is a bit to emotionless for his own good when people intend to hurt his feelings, make him feel good about himself or anything like that. He is not very picky when it comes to eating meat, yet with other foods he is. Nitro also has a bit of a daredevil streak and he never backs down from a fight. He loves it when people either
1. scratch his stomach
2. are nice to him
3. are not butt-kissers
and he hates it when people
1. intend to hurt one of his friends or him
2. take away his various explosives that he likes to use when the 'fighting gets good'
3. are butt-kissers
If Nitro is angry at someone, he grins and walks off like he doesn't have a care in the world. When they lower thier guard, he imidiently goes into thier heads and make them go nuts until they beg for him to stop. Usually he does not get angry that much. Nitro can also use Chaos Control, but cannot go Super. His weakness is his coma-state, in which he cannot move a muscle and his body is completely defenceless even with his snake-tails attached. Nitros' favorite foods include
1. any form of meat
2. popcorn
3. chocolate
His least favorite foods are
1. any form of vegitables
2. anything spicy
3. vanilla
1年以上前 gyrothehedgehog said…
Nitro: Hey, Kyle. The name's Nitro. I guess we share the same room. *unpacks his stuff and a matchbox falls from his bag* Pretend you saw nothing. *puts the matchbox away*
1年以上前 Scourge4EVA said…
Name- Brenden
Age- 12
Gender- Male
Powers- He sees parts of the near future through seizures.
Weakness- He's excited and provoked easily.
Personality- He's a great friend and a fun little buddy! As well as extremely smart for his age, he was on the honor role at his last school. He loves his mom very much and skypes to her 3 times a week.
Eye/Fur Color- Eye (striking purple) Fur (Red)
Outfit- He as headphones on all the time, a tan coat (sleeves rolled up to above the elbow), red and white knee-high boots, and black finger gloves.
Allergies- He's allergic to dust and peanuts.
Roomates- Nitro and Kyle
Other Info- His seizures occur if he has been the following-
1. Scared recently
2. Angry
3. Untrustworthy (He believes no one is listening to him)
4. Agitated
5. Hyper
6. In Contact with Peanuts
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1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: *To Nitro* A match box...?
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: *To Brenden* Hey! What's up?

Kagen the Demon Fox: Hello.
1年以上前 silveranime122 said…
Dominique: Hey!
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: Hello!

Nizove: *Sitting in the dark corner of the room* *Carving a mannequin with a knife* ..........................
1年以上前 Scourge4EVA said…
Brenden- Hello, fellow school-mates. (Waves) Nice to meet you. I am Brenden the Hedgehog, or Brenden Katt. Just call me Brenden. (Smiles)
1年以上前 silveranime122 said…
Dominique:Im Dominique.You call me Dom to if you like.
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: Nice to meet you, Brenden! And, nice to meet you too, Dominique.

Nizove: *Sitting in the corner of the room* *Still carving a mannequin with a sharp knife* *Talking to the mannequin* You'll look wondeful when I'm finished with you...
1年以上前 silveranime122 said…
Dominique:O_O Ok....
1年以上前 gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: *to Kyle* Yes, for my bombs, silly! Oopsies! Pretend I said nothing about that!
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: *To Gyro* Bombs?
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Nizove: *Still carving the mannequin*

Kyle: *To Dominique* Eh... Just ignore Nizove. He always talks to those creepy puppets of his.
1年以上前 gyrothehedgehog said…
Nitro: Yes, bombs
Gyro: *looking at Nizove* now that is one sexy hunkuva guy...*drools*
Nitro: I will not use them on you IF you are nice to me. You WILL be nice to me, RIGHT?!
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: I promise I'll be nice, Nitro. I'm not a bully.

Nizove: *Still carving his mannequinn* *Looks at Gyro* What are you looking at...?
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Nizove: *Looks at Gyro* What are you looking at? WHO are you looking at?
1年以上前 gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: hee hee I'm looking at you *winks and walks off*
Nitro: she has the hots for you..better check near your bed tonight to make sure she won't do...things to you. *runs after Gyro*
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Nizove: Hm... *Gets up and follows after Gyro* Do you like me or something?
1年以上前 silveranime122 said…
Dominique:Thanks for telling me Kyle.
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: You're welcome. Now, as to WHY he talks to those puppets, I have NO idea. It's just his creepy personality...
1年以上前 gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: *turns to him and her face turns a deep red* Well-uh-yes.
Nitro: Thank you Captain Obvious
Gyro: what was that?
Nitro: nothing
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Nizove: *His face turns red* .........................
1年以上前 TriTheHedgehog said…
Name: Trinity

Age: 16

Gender: Female <3

Powers: Depend on her gem

Personality: Dark moody but sometime nice and funny

Eye/fur color: Eyes: Emerald Greeb Fur: Royal Blue Hair: Black with Royal Blue tips

Outfit: White tight shirt, small black leather jacket, royal blue mini skirt and headband, Black high-heeled converses.

Allergies: None.
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: Nice to meet you, Trinity.
1年以上前 TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: Oh, hey. *smiles*
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: *Smiles*

Kagen: *Sitting against a nearby wall* *Drawing* ....................
1年以上前 TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: So what's it like here? *looks around curiously*
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: Not much. It's basically just a normal high school... Give or take a few creepy weirdos.
1年以上前 TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: Ah, I see. So like my other school. *giggles*
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Nizove: *Carving a mannequin with a sharp knife* *Talking to the mannequin as if it was alive*

Kyle: Did your old school have a freak that talks to puppets?
1年以上前 TriTheHedgehog said…
Trinity: Well no, but it did have a girl who was on fire all the time and didn't care. *giggles and smiles*
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: Cool. What else did your school have?
1年以上前 serperiorgrl6 said…
Name: Emma the Cat

Age: 13

Gender: Girl

Powers: Healer, controls light

Personality:Shy, Nice, Good artist

Eye/fur color: Eyes: Blue Fur:Brown hair, Pink fur

Outfit: Sky blue shirt with dark blue clouds and a white heart in the middle. Black pants with paint splashes all over the pants. Cat slippers. Blue gloves with thumb holes.


1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: Hello!
1年以上前 gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: Look guys I have a new pet. Tee hee. *sneaky grin*
Scourge: I.Am.NOT.A.Pet.
Gyro: *tugs on his leash* Heel.
Scourge: Screw off.
Gyro: I'll give you bewwy wubs if chu do.
Scourge: ...Fine. *walks alongside her*
Gyro: Good boy.*rubs his belly*
Scourge: *growls softly* You are SO lucky you have this collar on me or you'd be dead by now.
1年以上前 SonicKing said…
Name: Echo
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Powers: Fire and Earth
Personality: vary up beat but when it comes to something serious or something is wrong like some one is being raped he gets vary aggressive and will attack(it is wolf natter)
Eye color: red/Fur color: green with two tails (he is a wolf)
out fit: Spiky shoes, ripped jeans, and a trench coat
Allergies: Spiders
Dorm: A 16 with his friend Striker and his two bro's Scruffy and Cris
1年以上前 SonicKing said…
Echo: I cant fined a god damn place any ware haw am I supposed to get my coffee
Scruffy: *leaning against a wall smoking a cigaret* calm down bro
1年以上前 shadowluvgirl said…
powers:a lot
personality:sour:I can not tell u
eye color: light baby blue
Dorm:None (she works alone)
 name:sour age:14 gender:female powers:a lot personality:sour:I can not tell u eye color: light baby b
1年以上前 silveranime122 said…
Dominique:*sees sour*Hey,are you new here?
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: Hello to all you new people. How are you?
1年以上前 PastaChick said…
Name: Gardenia Flora

Age: 14

Gender: female

Power Type: earth, and healing
Skills: plant manipulation, mind healing, soothing aura

Personality: very shy and kind to others, but will not back down if
1. fighting
2. defending friends
3. being made fun of

Likes people who are kind to her.

1. being outside
2. flowers
3. harp music

1. rude people
2. fast food
3. people who litter

She has no allergies.

She has high intelligence, and has high grades in her old school. Her eyes tend to wander but is always listening what is said in class.

Her wardrobe includes one floral dress with real gardenias on it, two pairs of ice colored knee-high boots, and a variety of bracelets made by her mother who is now deceased.

Other info: do not mention her mother in front of her. She has had seizures in past reference to this information.
1年以上前 PastaChick said…
Gardenia: *walks into the room* hello.
1年以上前 gyrothehedgehog said…
Gyro: Hi. *tugs on Scourges' leash* Stay. No growling at me.
Scourge: Screw you.*growls*
Gyro: Bad doggy. Do you know what happens if you disobey?
Scourge: Humor me.
Gyro: *smirks* Oh, other-Gyro. I someone you can rant to.
Scourge: You wouldn't dare
Gyro: Try me
Scourge: Make him stop!
Gyro: I don't think so. *turns on a video camera*
Scourge: You're recording this?!
Gyro: No i'm holding this camera to my eye for fun yes I'm recording this!
1年以上前 mephiles97 said…
Kyle: ....................................
1年以上前 PastaChick said…
Gardenia: nice to meet you Gyro. my name is Gardenia, but my old friends called me by my last name, Flora. umm, why is he on a leash? *looks at Scourge*
1年以上前 PastaChick said…
Gardenia: *blushes while looking at Scourge* why are you on a leash? you don't look like a house pet. you look like a student here.
1年以上前 sakuraandsasuke said…



Powers:she has chaos control,can shoot fire out of her hands,can control metal , fly, she knows martial arts and she can pull any weapon out of her hand anytime

Personality:she is a tomboy , likes to hang out with her friends and has good temper but when she gets mad watch out because she has no mercey on anyone

Eye/fur color: eye( bright red ) fur( light brown)

Outfit:seen in the picture below

Allergies: nothing
dorm: Kyle's roommate
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 Name:Layla Age:17 Gender:female Powers:she has chaos control,can shoot 火災, 火 out of her hands,can c