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posted by DXCLOVER97
Here's my first chapter!!
It was 1 年 since TDWT ended. Everybody was free of Total Drama,
Chris, and the life-threating challenges. Until today, that is, when a letter
for a reunion went out to everybody's mailbox.

Dear TDWT castmate,

It's time for the reunion of TDWT!! We'll meet at the Playa Des Losers, for
you to reunite with your フレンズ for 1 week! あなた can bring 1 friend または family
member with you. We hope to see あなた there! If we don't, well...we can
take あなた personally to the reunion.


Chris & Chef Hatchet

Of course, everybody went to the reunion....
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They were walking around, looking at the pieces of art when an obnoxious voice was heard.

"Don't touch anything!"

"Jeez, sorry"

Duncan stormed away, leaving a gobsmacked Courtney standing there like a lemon.

"Gosh, what is UP with him?!" she seethed.

"He's just bored" Geoff, Duncans best friend, tried to reason with the feisty brunette.

"Yeah, so am I, but that doesn't give him the right to touch the statues!" she raised her voice, getting もっと見る annoyed.

"Just... go find him. Look, he likes you... alot, just find him and talk" Geoff smiled to himself, thinking: There ya go, Dunk. She's all yours......
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posted by james55
Im bored so im going to start a 記事 and im not very good at making 記事 but here it goes.................

Courtneys Pove................

I cant beleive im stuck on this plane with these wierd people well except for duncan.dont tell him i 発言しました that

hey princess (he says)

uh what do あなた want

courtney i know あなた like me

duncan あなた think your all that but your just a soft hearted fake bad wanna be.

Omg duncan was going to sit 次 to me (duncan goes behind courtney and 次 to gwen)

I new he likes her

izzy what do あなた want (izzy say あなた know who likes who) nothing izzy

Dunacan pov.......................
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“Morning sunshine.”

“Hmmm? Duncan? Did I fall asleep in the carriage last night? No wonder my back hurt so much.”

“Sleeping in a carriage is better than sleeping on the floor.” Duncan pointed out.

Courtney lifted her head up from Duncan’s lap and rubbed her eyes. Sunlight poured in through the windshield and side windows, blinding her. Duncan rolled his wrists and ankles, still sore from the rope that was tied so tight to him the 前 night. He leaned over her and kissed her softly on her forehead.

“Well, let’s get moving. I have some—ugh—wedding details to tend to. And...
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they all start running like crazy as if evil pirate nerds are chasing them (lol inside joke :D)

They all make it to the tent

Chris: CRAP!!! I WANTED SOME1 TO LOSE!!!! well fine your challenge today is The Almost Wedding Crashers

???: WIPPEE!!

Chris: WTH> What The Heck where did that come from?? Anyway the challenge today is called The Almost Wedding Crashers

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Later that 日 everyone was very nervous waiting for the challenge of there whole life.

Lindsay was doing her nails

Beth was watching Lindsay

Heather was on her bunk geting her "beuty sleep"

Justin was hiding and secretly staring at Courtney

Courtney was laying back on a 木, ツリー staring at the skull that Duncan gave her thinking about Duncan deaply in her mind...

Duncan was carving D+C on a 木, ツリー and then he got sad and put a X on it noticing that it only made it DXC as if it couldnt get destoyed when he saw that he looked and saw Courtney looking at the skull then he smiled which was suprising since...
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In the middle of the night,no no,at two A.M,I awoke to Courtney in my t-shirt(Oh yeah,) watching My Super Ex-Girlfriend starring Uma Thompson and Luke Wilson,her loud munching of the unfinshed cake and pie,and her even louder bawling."Baby what's the matter?"I asked sleepily."I'M THIS FAT AND I'M STILL EATING!!IT'S SO MNFDUIL BLDFB!"Her last words were muffled によって the food."For the-"I pulled out a peice of paper from my pants and read it."For the....thirty-first time Courtney,you're not fat you're mildly-well,not so midly anymore,pregnant.If あなた were fat,you're face,hands,legs and feet would...
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"today in TDA we have a gift for Duncan but no one knows well i do."said chris 芝居 all good."hi bridgette"said gwen sleepy.when bridgette turned and looked at the window she saw some one...
it was COURTNEY!!!bridgette was really happy and so was gwen for a reason.they both ran out to hug her."we missed u"they 発言しました like 10 times."but how u get in?"asked gwen."well,being with a bad boy is really cachy".said courtney with her pink'n'black bag so as they were sitting waiting for duncan to get up,gwen looked a little not happy."hey girls!"said duncan as he kisses the picture of courtney.the 3...
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Rated M

He was going to kill her, right after he killed Justin. Justin was obviously crushing on Courtney and she was encouraging it! "Sir Justin, I want あなた to know that I hope あなた rescue me!"

He tried to make up for his earlier fault at not paying her a compliment. "C'mon I was just kidding about the compliment. You're cute OK! I like your face, it's nice!"

She didn't even look back. They were supposed to be keeping their relationship secret but as far as everyone knew there was still potential for reconcile. Justin had no say when it came to him and Courtney.

He was still mesmerized によって her amazing...
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I don't believe in love. It is just couples (literally) eating their faces off, または couples calling each other pet names. Gross. I know I'm in the same ホーム room with Bridgette and Geoff and their lovey dovey is sickening.

I just 日付 girls for one week and break their fragile hearts the next. I mean high school is about dating not "I 愛 あなた so much" crap.

Anyway to keep my reputation I have got to be the biggest player in school and everything. Not some 愛 sick 子犬 who will follow the girl anywhere like Trent. I mean seriously that guy needs to man up.

Until last summer. The summer that changed everything. Never did I know that one girl can take my breath away. Literally, she beat the breath out of me. She was so annoying, yet so intriguing.
posted by reyfan01
"Nice to know you're still not 苦い over what happened 11 YEARS ago."he 発言しました emphasizing how long its been. I just scoFf and turn my head the other direction. I assume he's done the same. 3 分 past によって and then Duncan breaks the awkward silence.

"so how've あなた been?"he asked with a sigh sounding uninterested. I turn my head to him surprised he even asked. Why does he care? I look to see his eyes turn to me now.

"Why do あなた wanna know?"I asked annoyed still glaring at him. He just shrugs his shoulders and slouches back in his chair. "Just making small talk."he 発言しました then looking the other...
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Courtneys POV
I do!!!!!!!!
Narrators POV:
All most every thing was set Courtney was with Bridget picking out a dress and Duncan was picking out a tux with Geoff.
Courtneys POV:
Bridget Im so nervis.
Bridgets POV:
Courtney just relax あなた look fine.
Courtneys POV:
Do あなた really think so.
I do really so how about we get something to eat Im sarving.
Courtneys POV:
Me to lets go eat at buger king.
Narrators POV:
Wale Courtney and Bridget were eating they heard a huge crash.Then they heard this is an armmed robbery give me all your money that mean あなた to also. Then a 秒 man came in and poined a gun at them.

Will Courtney and Bridget be all right why am I asking あなた these questions? Find out 次 time until then good bye.
Heather's pov............

It was time for the challenge and i was ready to start some もっと見る daram JUST あなた WAIT.

Trust me they won't see what happens next. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Duncan's pov............

I was so happy i just found out that mama one the lotto she one 1 million dollars i was so happy i was crying. So i was running to go and tell Courtney until Heather stuck her foot out and i feel over but i didn't just fall over i feel on 上, ページのトップへ of Gwen and it looked like we were キス but we weren't and when we were about to get of each other and then courtney walked in and she saw...
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"Why did あなた say that?" I asked Courtney sternly once the others went back inside.

"Im sorry" she mumbled.

"Awah, its ok" I smirked, キス her again.

"I really like you, Duncan" she suddenly blurted out, a chagrin ピンク covering her cheeks.

"I like あなた a lot too" I kissed her and she pushed her tongue in my mouth.

"Nice tonsil hockey war" I heard Alejandro mutter.

"Get lost!" me and Courtney yelled at him furiously, and he stalked off, muttering inaudible things.


We walked through a forest and sat down on a picnic blanket.

"I 愛 my surprise Dunky!" I hugged him, looking at the...
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"Hey beautiful" one of the boys smirked at me... the green haired punk.

"Ugh, im new here. あなた dont even know me and your hitting on me!" I shouted before racing up to the room.

"Nice work Duncan" I heard Ashley mumble.

"Yeah, great! Now she thinks your only gonna hit on her!" Kayla exclaimed, following after Ashley.

I slammed the door, but Ashley pushed it open and flopped down on the bed. Kayla copied her.

"Im sorry" I mumbled.

"Its ok. Duncan always acts like a complete douche" Ashley smirked.

"Its weird though" Kayla looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Whats weird?" I asked.

"While, I admit Duncan...
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posted by Lollipop97
Courtney's POV

I've allways wanted to be i a famous moviecomercial producer in Los Angeles, and i became one. Now i live with my boyfriend Justin in a beautiful white house in L.A. Well, i did, until for a couple of days ago. . .


"Honey, where are you?" i asked into my cellphone.

"Just at work honey, nothing to worry about" he said, when i heard somthing say weird noises from behind him, and heard a voice say: "Come here babe, are we ganna continue または what?"

"Who the hell are that?!?" i yelled, as my voice turned a little higher.

"No one honey, oh, i gotta go!"

As he hung up, i was allready...
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posted by dXcFan14

"A hug fest? あなた want ME to go to a hug fest?!" I exclaimed at my best friend, Bridgette.

"Yeah, c'mon, it'll be fun! And besides, Geoff is there!" she exclaimed

I looked at her funny.

"What?" she asked.

"Are あなた for real?" I laughed.

"Duncan might be there" she gave me a knowing smile.

"So?" I said, trying to hide my blush.

"So?! あなた liiiiiike him!" she dragged out the word 'like'.

"No, I don't" I 発言しました sternly.

"Suuure あなた dont," she shook her head, not believing me, "You'll come with me then?"

"Ugh... fine"

To be honest, I did like Duncan. He was fun to hang around with and besides, he was...
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"Im gonna look for Burn Out" Sarah said, as she quickly ran away to the left side of Big Ben.

Courtney ran at super speed, becoming invisible, to the right side of Big Ben.

"Hello...?" Courtney said, as she started to become visible again after stopping.

"Hey hot stuff. Ah, the hottest super hero around. あなた got a name?" a figure emerged from behind the clock tower.

"Yes, Vanish, yours?" Courtney said.

"Burn Out. Your new enemy. And have あなた got a 日付 for 次 saturday night?" Burn Out, aka Duncan, asked, smirking.

Courtney stood there, mouth agape, "You're hitting on me?!"

"Never mind, I...
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