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posted by Courtneyfan6
(It all started after The Total Drama Series ended. Owen and Izzy, Harold and LeShawna got back together, Geoff plans to propose to Bridgette on a special day, Duncan broked up with Gwen when she was cheating on him with Trent but decided to stay フレンズ with her, Trent and Gwen got back together and Courtney decided that she wanted to change. She ended her friendship with Alejandro after she knew he is lying, evil, spanish guy, and she started being もっと見る nicer, she studies for her law career, she and Duncan got back together with no problems. Later, they are going steady and they started making...
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were're talking a break from dxc p.o.v's today

Heather's p.o.v

finally my p.o.v no もっと見る duncan and courtney shit

i woke up to find courtney kicking me,that bitch

me: what are あなた doing??

courtney: waking あなた up, duh.

we're in the first class room in the tdwt jet the boys aren't there.

courtney: we're here, now get up

me:was i the only one sleep???

courtney: no we all sorta woke up at different times, we left あなた alone 'cause we needed a brake from あなた and i was really kicking あなた for the fun of it.

*everyone walked out of the airplane*

gwen: iiiitttsss fffrrreezziinnggg

chris: thats cause we're in the...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Trent took me to red lostber and bought everything! It was amazing! When we were talking he grabbed my hand and kissed it.then he 発言しました he wanted to ask me something.He started によって saying

"I like あなた alot and i wanted to know if...." Then he got bothered によって duncan. Duncan sat down によって me and started eating our 食 and everything else.

Right now im on duncans motorcyle hes driving me ホーム because trent left mad.God i hate him!

"So princess what are あなた doing for the rest of the night?"

"Im going ホーム and im going to sleep!" i 発言しました hitting him in the head.

"Princess we need to talk.....about us"

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posted by reyfan01
Being a high school drop out and orphan, DUncan Jones usually had low opinions of rules. From his short black hair and green mohawk, ティール blue eyes, ear and nose pericing, small goatee, dog 襟, 首輪 and tight black t シャツ to his baggy green capri like pants and red コンバース shoes. He'd smooth his way to any store and was slcik enough to steal a フルーツ または in his case burger, fries, または cash. To get a thrill of adventure, he stowed away on a cruise to a new island. Living in the baggage area for the time being Duncan had no care in the world. And no girl in the world, he was always looked down upon...
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posted by crystalpotato
After my world got turned upside down Jason hitting me and Duncan being the good guy my mind kinda exploded. I been hanging around Duncan Alot mainly for protection and Duncan deserved to be with his babys mother. Unfourtunetly Jason dosen't know about that part. I'm starting to get a tummy. So I've been lying to Jason もっと見る freqeuntly saying I've been putting on weight and promisiesing him I'd get rid of it after または before our wedding. That's when my baby was due.
Poor Duncan after I got married and left the series he might never see his baby again. Stupid T.V. i wish i didnt meet that wonderful...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
 Duncan's iPod
Duncan's iPod
Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour never happened!

Duncan's POV:I sat in my room as I listened to my ipod.I played my お気に入り song,"You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison".I had the volume turned up all the way but to me it wasn't loud enough.Suddenly,my cellphone vibrated.I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it."Duncan?Is that あなた kiddo?It's Chris!You know,the one who tortured あなた on the island."a voice said."What do あなた want?And don't call me kiddo."I said."I'm having a little Total Drama reunion.And since あなた were on the show,I want あなた to come."Chris said."I ain't...
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~Easy come.Easy Go. That's just how あなた live ohh take take take it all but あなた never give~ I stood there in my room, me and Duncan got back together but it just doesn't feel right. He took a lot of my money but won't say thanks または give me something in return. ~Should've known. あなた was trouble from the first kiss.Had your eyes wide open.Why were they open?~ I remembered back on TDI when we had our first kiss.It just didn't feel right.Bridgette 発言しました she was watching and his eyes was open the whole time,well until the end of it.Everyone kept telling me he was trouble but i couldn't see through...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I threw the coffice cup on the floor and looked at duncan.

"I hate you! i never want to see あなた again!"

"Princess look!"I tried throwing his shoes at him but i stopped myself because i still 愛 him."Princess we were trying to throw you.." I threw a plate at him he jumped in fear.

"I dont want to hear it duncan あなた throw sh*t at me when hearther won tdwt your サンダル really then あなた been hanging out gwen for two months! what is she going to come to me saying im pregnant with.." He shut me up によって キス me.I pulled away.

"Princess look only reason ive been hanging out with gwen is because we were...
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Well, contest entry (or something about that. . .) for the 記事 day. . . (or what we ended up calling it xD)

This is dedicated to M169 for the great idea of the article-idea-stuff-thing. . . xD

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: TD series never happened, but i may use the charecters, maybe with different personaleties. I might also use swearing words. . . The story is also based a little on the game/movie Silent Hill, witch i haven't watched/played, i just researched a little bout it.

Disclaimer: I don't own TDI, TDA, TDWT または the coming seasons, but if i did, i'd make DxC get back tigether. But i DO own...
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
AN: I promise to undate on 愛 is Blind but first I gonna 表示する some of my latest stories I've written lately.

A secret Love

“Can I help you?” Courtney asked politely and he smirked, looking up and down her body, Courtney rolled her eyes at that action. She knew exactly what she looked like and also knew boys like him only wanted her for her looks and nothing else.

“I can think of a few things” he purred huskily looking up and down her body slowing and she scowled in response.

“If あなた think for one 秒 that I’m some dumb blonde fake boob bimbo then get the hell out of this library”...
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Hiya people outthere infront of your computers! Little info before i start! Even thought it was yesterday, i dedicate this story to TDItwin because of her birthday yesterday! Okay, i know, not the best place to post this, so i'll just start now.

Oh, and ONE もっと見る sentence of info! Actualy pretty important one. . . Oh, well, as i 発言しました a couple of days ago, the end would be soon, and actualy, sooner than i realized, cuz THIS is the finale!
Hope あなた guys like it!

9 months later. . . Wow, they went によって fast!


The last 9 months went によって fast. ....
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posted by duncylovescourt
when DJ gets attacked によって 動物 , duncan starts laughing then courtney glares at him.

. when they were deciding who on their team should jump off the cliff first duncan 発言しました " ladies first." while looking at courtney.
. he suggested that they vote courtney off.. btu in the end he proabably voted off ezekial.

. courtney was least afriad of duncans death threat before he lied on the bench.
. it was her idea to wake duncan up and when he got angry, courtney was the 1 who explained it 2 him.
. hes responded with soemthing along the line of " why...
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posted by dXcFan14
I was sitting in science class, a few 分 before the lesson started.

"Hey Courtney" the teacher, Miss Jackson, greeted me.

"Hey Miss Jackson" I replied happily.

I loved science, it was so fun when we did the practicals with chemicals. And I got my first A+ in this class, too.

The students started filing in and sat down at their assigned seats.

I was the only one who didn't have a partner, so I stuck my hand up and 発言しました "Miss Jackson? I don't have a partner"

"Oh, he'll be here-" she was interrupted によって the door opening and banging shut.

"I'm here. Where's my seat?" a punk, who I recognized as Duncan...
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posted by dxcfan
(Okay before I start I just want to warn you, this maybe sad, so don't cry.....well if あなた do cry maybe that means あなた like, huh? Okay on with the story., and also this may sound so corny but, i'm corny so,lol)

Dear Dairy,
It's been 3 years after the casket was moved,

Sometimes I forget what 愛 really means. Does it mean, to have strong feelings, to devote someone with a passion? Love, is not really a word, I should be using in this point, もっと見る than that like.....passionate devotion.

Once I could leave the same place I start, it will soon start over, but not in a way I wanted. I want to start...
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posted by Depressed671
Okay, あなた know about my series, 'DXC: My Neighbor', and, it won't be out 4 a while, so, I want to give あなた this little one-shot to feed ur thirst (lol) BE BACK, DEMONS!!!! TAKE THIS ONE-SHOT, AND SPARE ME!!! XD

Courtney put on her ハロウィン outfit, groaning, looking at herself in the mirror, she looked like a whore... She was a PLAYBOY(プレイボーイ) bunny, a 水着 with fishnet stockings attatched to it, she put on her bunny ears, wishing that she hadn't made the bet with Bridgette. Suddenly, she heard a car honk, Bridgette had came to pick her up, she ran downstairs,...
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posted by milorox18
Courtney sighed and shook her head, letting her dark hair spill over her shoulders. “No. No. No.”

The young man beside her smirked with undying confidence. “Yes.”


“Yes. The もっと見る あなた deny it, the もっと見る I don’t believe you.”

She frowned with slight annoyance. “I don’t, okay? I don’t like you.”

Duncan looked down at her, disbelieving every word. “Right.”

Courtney rolled her eyes and quickened her pace as they traveled down the dark city sidewalk. “Can we not discuss this anymore? Let’s just get to Geoff’s as soon as possible and get this stupid party over with.”...
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50 things あなた must know about Duncan

By Courtney

So as あなた know, apparently I am meant to be head over heels with Duncan.......I’m not!

I made a 一覧 for all あなた poor people who will have to interact with him in the future.

1. Duncan is that teen with the green Mohawk, lots of facial piercings, red converse, skull shirt.....and the hot body (actually, erase that from your memories! I did not say that about him!)

2. Nicknames for him include

a) The delinquent

b) Danger boy

c) Vandal

d) Criminal

e) Juvenile

f) Idiot

g) Neanderthal


i) ......Dunky (please note that was one time only......and several...
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I woke up 次 to Duncan."Wanna have a man off?I got a foot long cup?"Duncan said."Um,I guess."I replied."Loser has to do a surprise task chosen によって the winner.""Deal."I 発言しました walking into the kitchen.Duncan opened the cupboard and pulled out a huge foot long glass."Drink it non-stop."He 発言しました pouring in hot sauce,cream soda,and guacamole.He slid it over to me with a smirk.I drank the whole thing down,and Duncan looked frightened.I poured the same ingredients into the cup for him,and he spilled it all over himself.I laughed hysterically."Okay,best of three?""You're on."I replied."Let's fight."He...
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posted by DanixxDumb
Biggest Fan: Part 1. 

  I still couldn't believe it. 
I  had first met Duncan while; I  was working in a small little ダイナー, 食堂 in New York. He had became a regular at the ダイナー, 食堂 and always wanted Myself—Or, princess, as he nicknamed me.— to assist him to his every need. 
 Of course. Myself, knowing the young Punk's antics; I  stood proud and dependant. I  wasn't going to let some Teal-eyed, Nothing but trouble, boy get in the way of earning money for college.
 Well, as seeing from the past. I  was pleased. She was with Duncan. The only man to ever truly 愛 her.. For.. Her. 
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posted by DxCisCute
Courtney:Ha the last test and then summer! Duncan:Thats what I'm saying. Gwen:I agree with Duncan. Duncan:O...K? Courtney:What are あなた doing after school? Duncan:Nothing you. Courtney:I'm staying at my house would あなた like to come watch a movie または something. Duncan:Sure. Gwen:Me too I'll come too! Courtney:O...k? *At Courtneys house.* Courtney:What movie would あなた like to watch? Duncan:What kinda 映画 do あなた have? Courtney:Mostly scary ones I have The Stepfather. Duncan:Cool I always wanted to see that. Gwen:Me too! *An 時 into the movie and Gwen is sitting in the middle of them* Gwen:I...
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