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There are several reasons why I hate and will always hate season 8 but I’ll just stick to the main reasons here in this article. One of the main reasons why I hated this season is simply because there are two characters that I think ARE THE WORST CHARACTERS EVER and they are Christy and Billie Jenkins not to mention the fact that there was hardly Leo at all and he was one of my 5 main お気に入り チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 characters of all-time.
I hated and still hate Christy and Billie Jenkins mainly because I felt they were useless characters and just taking up valuable screen time away from the ones that...
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What I am about to say is ironic, considering that Phoebe Halliwell has become my least お気に入り of the チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 Ones from the テレビ series, ”CHARMED”.

Many ファン seemed to be of the opinion that Phoebe was to blame for the death of her oldest sister, Prue, in the Season Three episode, ”All Hell Breaks Loose”. It almost seems as if many wanted to use her as some kind of scapegoat. I am sorry, but I find this idea extremely hard to accept. I wonder if any ファン of ”CHARMED” has ever stopped to consider that Prue bore most of the responsibility...
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To Reverse the 愛 Spell

Eniw der Ni Liob,
Stun leteb puc,
riah fo kcol s'revol dda,
stoor ekardnam owt

To Reverse the Warlock Spell

Eerf su tes lliw,
eerht fo rewop eht,

To Reverse the Woogyman Spell

Llewd swodahs erehw krad ot nruter
thgif ot gnorts oot eno ma I

To 移動する Ahead In Time

To Another Place In Time
Alternate version of the pageHear these words
hear the rhyme
We send to あなた
this burning sign
Then our future selves
we'll find
In another place and time.

Return Spell

Take us back from
whence we came
To time and place
that are the same
Let past be present
That time regain

To Bind Powers...
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"CHARMED" RETROSPECT: (1.22) "Déjà Vu All Over Again"

When I first saw (1.22) "Déjà Vu All Over Again", the Season One finale for "CHARMED", I promised myself that I would never watch another episode of the series again. Never. Yet four months later, I broke my promise and resumed watching the series for another three-and-a-half seasons.

One would assume that I harbor some very negative feelings about "Déjà Vu All Over Again". And that person would be wrong. From an artistic point-of-view, the episode was first-rate. Not only do I consider "Déjà Vu All Over Again" to be one of the best...
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posted by triton
Here is my season 10... Then there's season 10 and it continues where season 9 left off where a major power outage sends the sisters trapped in the Demon Exile, while the remaining exiled demons take control over the defenseless San Francisco. When the sisters successfully escaped the banished world and stop the remaining exiles from taking over, they undoubtely discover the side effects from being in the Demon Exile: Since Leo's suspected death, Piper 質問 his death and soon 質問 her idenity; Paige doubts her true feelings for Henry and her whitelighter duties; Pheobe soon discovers...
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posted by IsidoraSmiley
Phoebe Halliwell: We're the protectors of the innocent, we're known as the チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 Ones.

Phoebe Halliwell: I never touched Roger.
Prue Halliwell: Whoa!
Phoebe Halliwell: I know あなた think otherwise, because that's what that Armani- wearing, Chardonnay-slugging trust-funder told you. But...

Piper Halliwell: It doesn't matter because nothing happened... Right, Phoebe?... when あなた did the incantation?
Phoebe Halliwell: Well, my head spun around, and I vomited スプリット, 分割 エンドウ, エンドウ豆 soup. How should I know?

Phoebe Halliwell: Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of gods...
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Best of テレビ WITHOUT PITY - Demian's "CHARMED" Recaps

I realize that some might find this difficult to believe, but I became a ファン of the 1998-2006 ファンタジー series, "CHARMED". During the series' first four seasons, I was a devoted viewer. Unfortunately . . . the series took a nosedive in quality - well, as far as I am concerned - after Season Five began and it never improved. Not even in the end. Despite the show's mediocrity, I managed to enjoy myself while 読書 Demian's hilarious recaps of the show's episodes on the TELEVISION WITHOUT PITY website. Below are excerpts from Demian's...
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"CHARMED" Retrospect: (1.12) "The Wendigo"

I really do not know what to say about the ”CHARMED” Season One episode, (1.12) “The Wendigo”. あなた know what? Of course I do. After all, it is one of my お気に入り episodes from that first season. In fact, it is one of my 上, ページのトップへ twenty (20) ”CHARMED” episodes of all time.

”The Wendigo” began with one Piper Halliwell stranded at a local San Francisco park, thanks to a flat tire. The episode immediately kicked into high gear when a スーパーナチュラル beast attacked her. The beast managed to inflict a deep scratch on her arm before a savior arrived...
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posted by DR76

Fans on several "CHARMED' フォーラム have stated that Phoebe’s relationship with Cole would have never worked out. That it was not meant to be. Frankly, I find such コメント to be a by-product of some very narrow-minded thinking. Apparently, Phoebe and Cole’s relationship was doomed, because of what they were – namely a witch and a human/demon hybrid. Again, もっと見る narrow-minded thinking. What finally broke up Phoebe and Cole’s relationship? In my opinion? I think that matters could have been different between Phoebe and Cole . . . if producer Brad Kern and his writers had...
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posted by sevendeadlysins
As あなた all may have noticed, based on my チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 Songs forum, I do enjoy making playlists. I have two saved right now, and a billion that I've made in the past.

I put my Rachel/Jesse in the glee/グリー spot, so I thought I would put my Piper/Leo here, because I 愛 sharing them. And あなた may have seen them on the forum, but I enjoy making lists, so here it is:

Just So あなた Know - Jesse McCartney: This song perfectly describes how Leo feels in the first season. He shouldn't 愛 Piper because it's against the rules, but he can't help himself. Every word just makes it so real.

1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T's:...
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Charmed's first season is marked によって a vast diversity of plot and series canon trial balloons as the series backplot and cast relationships evolved from expressing the impact of sudden witch powers on the lives of three nubile, attractive, young, twenties-something women just now trying to establish careers and began to jell around magic and its complications casting a shadow into those situations leading to 表示する plots that have a very different flavor from the seven following seasons. Series long 愛 interest Leo Wyatt was not yet a billed repeating co-star (not until 秒 half of the second...
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posted by Natalia94
Cole Turner was born on January 19, 1885 to Benjamin Coleridge Turner, a human member of the California State Assembly, and a demon mother named Elizabeth. Benjamin was murdered in 1888 によって Elizabeth, who then took Cole from Earth and raised him in a demon dimension. Cole's demonic side grew up despising his human side for its "weakness", and he became a powerful demon with a reputation as a killer under the name Belthazor. In reality, his human half is an incredibly caring and good person, which makes the suppression of his humanity によって his demonic half all the もっと見る horrible and evil, also later...
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Cole: あなた have no idea what you're getting yourself into.
Phoebe: Neither do you.

Phoebe: "I'm making スープ for Cole, he'll eat it in a bowl. I guess that's my new role, just making スープ for Cole."

Cole: Uh, Phoebe?
Phoebe: Cole! What are あなた doing here?
Cole: Well, I got a call from one of the tenants saying that, uh,
Wonder Woman was terrorising the landlord.

Cole: I'm a one woman demon.

Piper:"You were at Cole's all night?
Phoebe:"Uh huh."
Piper:"Did you?"
Phoebe:"Uh huh."
Piper:"Was he?"
Phoebe:"Uh huh."

(when cole and phoebe are fighting and he lands on 上, ページのトップへ of her)
Phoebe: If あなた wanted to be on 上, ページのトップへ you...
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"CHARMED" RETROSPECTIVE: The Death of Dr. Williamson

I just recently finished watching the Season Two episode from "CHARMED" called (2.20) "Astral Monkey" . There were some things that were 発言しました in this episode that really pissed me off. And all of my complaints centered upon the character, Dr. Curtis Williamson.

Curtis Williamson first appeared in an earlier episode, (2.12) "Awakened". In this episode, Piper became infected with a deadly disease called Arroyo Fever, after eating some South American フルーツ she had purchased to serve at her club, P3. After her sisters and later Leo had both cured...
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Chapter 1

1st of all: I’ve wrote a fanfic if Phoebe were to die instead of Prue.

‘I’m falling apart
I’m barely breathing
With a broken heart
That’s still beating
In the pain
There is healing
In your name
I find meaning
So I’m holding on
I’m holding on
I’m barely holding on to あなた ‘~ Broken - Lifehouse

A deal with the Source? How the fuck did he not expect for something to happen? But this? He let out a yell that came from his soul. He even felt Belthazor howling too inside his mind. He pushed through and before he knew it he’d changed.
“Cole, “a cold voice reached him. He inclined...
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Ready to get drunk? this is a really fun game and although I'm to young for the alcohol part there are numerous other ways to fill that in... for those of あなた who aren't of age to drink like me, use hot sauce または something that can some what replace alcohol in this situation.
How あなた simply play this game is take a shot of alcohol または whatever あなた would like to each time あなた see a trigger, a trigger would be for example whenever a character says demon または whenever あなた see a bra strap, then あなた will take a shot... as あなた read on in the 記事 I will give triggers and please feel free to comment...
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I loved and will always continue to 愛 season 5 because of the fact that it had my four お気に入り characters throughout the whole season: Piper, Phoebe, Phoebe, and Leo not to mention the fact that Leo and Piper finally became parents to their first born child and the first male Warren witch who happened to be half-Whitelighter as well Wyatt Matthew Halliwell.
The only complaint that I have and had was how bad Phoebe kept treating Cole after he returned from the Wasteland when all he was trying to do was prove his 愛 for her and get her to admit that she was still in 愛 with him, which...
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The main reason why I loved and will always 愛 season 2 is mainly because of the fact that Leo and Piper were able to have a real relationship and The チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 Ones grew into their powers not to mention were もっと見る experienced.
    I liked the introduction of Dan Gordon and Piper’s relationship with him because he was actual competition for Leo and a guy that he would have to fight to win Piper and her ハート, 心 back. What really helped him was when The Elders clipped his wings because he healed her without permission not to mention when he told her he would fight for her now...
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"CHARMED" RETROSPECT: (6.17) “Hyde School Reunion”

(6.17) ”Hyde School Reunion” is an episode from Season Six of the TV series, ”CHARMED” (1998-2006). It is viewed as controversial によって many ファン of the show. I wish I could say that its controversy revolved around any innovative storytelling. I wish I could say this . . . but I cannot. Because ”Hyde School Reunion” is without a doubt one of the worst ”CHARMED” episodes to air on television.

In this episode, Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) inadvertently cast a spell – written in her high school yearbook – that allowed her wild personality...
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posted by HaleyDewit
 It’s a great combination of everything I love, and it’s sort of girly but with action, so I just immediately fell in 愛 with that whole concept.
It’s a great combination of everything I love, and it’s sort of girly but with action, so I just immediately fell in love with that whole concept.
Here's the long expected interview with the awesome girl who won CFOTM August: Courtney.Questions are によって Sephora,answers are obviously によって Courtney aka sevendeadlysins.Intro's によって me.

1.Although we really know you, introduce yourself to the Charmies and tell us something もっと見る about yourself. Something we don’t know, maybe?

Hi, my name is Courtney. I’m in high school, I’m a major チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 fan, and I have just adjusted my life so I am now もっと見る optimistic and fun! (And I wear skirts a lot, which is weird for me.) Um, something あなた guys don’t know? Well, I have a lot of secrets. ;-) Well, there’s...
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