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posted by vtech123
 The real Noddy Comet
The real Noddy Comet
Season 4, Episode 20, Mayhem On A Cross. A youthful Gordon Gordon alter ego Noddy Comet sings the 1979 hit "Better" from the Phoenix, Arizona band Blue Shoes.

Blue Shoes original recordings were recently uncovered によって Fervor Records and are available on iTunes etc.

Here's a little info about the band...

Blue Shoes: Post-Punk Power Pop Pioneers
There’s no denying Blue Shoes’ irresistible pop hooks and commercial sensibilities. Their records received heavy regional airplay and the vinyl flew off the shelves faster than some of the 上, ページのトップへ acts of the day, including Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin.
Their quirky stage persona, led によって their androgynous vocalist, Peggy “Murph” Murphy, packed クラブ and landed them on コンサート stages with such acts as The Talking Heads. The Best of Blue Shoes
chronicles this amazing band’s success.
With all the news leaking as to who will be returning in Season 7, we’ve found ourselves tirelessly reporting on quite a few family members of Bones’s main characters. And considering all the folks who are not returning (at least, not as far as we know!), we can’t blame あなた if your head is spinning regarding all these odds-and-ends relations.

And so, since our greatest joy is to make our readers’ lives easier, we’ve written up a compendium of the most important (and even a few of the less important) family members to have appeared on Bones.

Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel)

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Episode Directed によって David Boreanaz

The city anxiously anticipates the arrival of Heather Taffet, もっと見る notoriously known as “The Gravedigger,” for her final appeal after being sentenced to death for a kidnap-murder and a series of similar coldblooded crimes. But when a bullet targeted at The Gravedigger is fired from a distance and hits her, the Jeffersonian team is tasked to piece together the sniper’s precise location as well as identify the suspect and his motives. With the help of probing investigator Caroline Julian (guest 星, つ星 Belcher), Booth and Brennan put together a 一覧 of likely...
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Okay, this is the carry on from my last one. I think the story gets better as it goes on, but thats 4 u guys to decide. Hope you's like it. Please comment.

Chapter 5

Booth stood in the ring with the horse. At this, ムクドリ, スターリング started to buck even more. Booth turned and asked Sam, “Is this saddle special to anyone?”
“Nope. It’s a piece of junk.” Was his answer.
A smile cunning came across Booths face. “Perfect.”
Then he held it away from his body and dropped it. It landed with a thud. Instantly, ムクドリ, スターリング stoped and stood still. He watched like a hawk as Booth held his hands as if surrendering...
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こんにちは everyone, well heres my 秒 story of B&B, this one is a bit もっと見る hot than the first one, もっと見る unreal actually lol, but i guess thats what is fanfic about...enjoy the 読書 and commentin your opinion is appreciated:) sorry for mistakes.

Booth walked into the Brennans office while she wasnt there and sit on the chair.
Vrennan walked in without knowing about him. She sits on her chair with hands on her face.
„Whats wrong Bones?“ Booth ask her with soft voice.
„Oh, what are あなた doin here, Booth? Nothin is wrong im just tired too many sceletons this week.“
„Umh, im here...
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Ok I just been re-watching some BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- episodes of S4, and the episode where Jared (booth’s little brother) comes to the picture, made realize how much of their dynamic is the same as Damon’s & Stefan’s dynamic. See when Jared came on he was in military intelligence, he had a “better” job than booth, and he seemed “better” than booth.
Jared toke BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- (Breanne) on a 日付 and チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 her with his Military Intelligence stuff, and told her that “booth tends to sabotage himself, that he’s afraid of success” in other words he made booth look and sound bad (sound familiar) and...
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Ok so i found this artice in a newspaper! I was sooo shocked!
David Boreanaz has admitted that he often struggles to get along with his BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- co-star Emily Deschanel.

The actor, who plays F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth on the crime drama, revealed that Emily (Temperance Brennan) is sometimes too outspoken for his liking.

“We drive each other crazy and tell each other so. There are days when we 表示する up and don’t get on too well, but we use it in the scenes,” Boreanaz told Metro.

Asked why they sometimes annoy each other, David explained: “I’m constantly poking her shoulder and getting under her skin. I think it’s part of my job. She’s very opinionated. I could be talking to a director または producer and she’ll put her two cents in. It’s annoying and I’ve told her about it, but she keeps on doing it.”
I just thought I would put together some sites where あなた can watch and/or download the latest BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- episodes. If あなた don't live in the US then it is hard to find decent 動画 right after BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- has aired. And if あなた are like me あなた can't possibly wait another day! Especially after having waited three weeks like the last time round.

To Watch: (gets them up relatively fast) (has them literally 5 mins after airing) (courtesy of ORi_4EvEr_Y0ung) (courtesy of drunksheep)
To remove limitation of MegaVideo go link.

To Download:...
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FROM TWITTER: (these are seen as legitimate so I REALLY hope they are! ;alsdkfj;aslkdfj;adsf)

This ladies Bio: Entertainment Reporter for 狐, フォックス 5 New York

Scroll down!

in Re: #Bones spoiler alert! #DavidBoreanaz says #Booth will dump his gf in the new episodes, which kick off tonight at 9 on FOX.

@wellsbones #DavidBoreanaz flat out 発言しました #booth & hannah won't work out. Brennan prob back in the game!

These BETTER BE TRUE BECAUSE I JUST GOT SO EXCITED!!!! Mostly about the Booth leaving Hannah part! OH MY GOD. I HOPE THEY'RE TRUE!!!
posted by VampireGirl
I seem to write best when something in the 表示する is left hanging, so I'm 書く a fanfiction on the most 最近 episode, the season 4 finale. I haven't written in a while, so I'm a bit rusty. Leave コメント on anything and everything あなた think of while reading! I appreciate all feedback :)

The words echoed in her head, bouncing off all sides, just to reach a new wall. She just wanted to lock the worry and hurt she felt into a small box that she could open at her own leisure. She wanted to focus on skeletons and dead people, anomalies and birth defects. The facts, the things that were constant...
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posted by heeeresjoyce
A/N: こんにちは guys! This is my first fanfiction, well, ever. So I'm sorry if it sucks. It's a sort of an AU oneshot. Basically, Booth ends up dying in surgery, and this is about Brennan visiting his grave. The song I used was 'Bixby Canyon Bridge' によって Death Cab for Cutie. :)

She didn’t understand. It was supposed to be an easy surgery. The doctor she got was one of the best. Logic had failed her. Logically, the surgery should have been fine. Logically, the man coming through the doors of the または should’ve been there to tell her that everything went well, that Booth would be...
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Sorry about the title, I couldn't think of anything. Anyways, I finally got an idea for a new BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- ファン fiction (hence the title). Now, it may turn out completely terrible, and I am very sorry if it does. But hey, あなた never know unless あなた through it out there I guess, so here it is:

Where is she? She's late! She's never late. Never! Well, except for that one time when she slept with...Oh crap! She didn't even tell me she was seeing someone! Now what? My plans are completely ruined. She'll think I truly am a loser. And...
Booth's thoughts trailed off as he continued to think over the situation....
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 Bones, Season Three Cast.
Bones, Season Three Cast.
Ok,I know によって 書く this I may make enemies over this but really,It is just an opinion,nothing もっと見る または less..
Now just to right to it,what was that?,That was not a season final&If It was It was bad!I do have to say that season3 was my favourite so far though It would really be a close 秒 to season2, which was perfect. This season had it's highlights,for one being the long awaited kiss, BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- being wonder woman& booth being a nerd, but the best episode on season 3 would have to be "The Wannabe In The Weeds" Singing/Stalkers/ Killers/Insane People/Someone getting shot! All the things...
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What is it about this 表示する that causes people to be hooked? Glued to the screen for hours on end. Compulsively following the adventures and mishaps of the charismatic duo BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- and Booth.
I would just like to include myself as one of those people.

My obsession began with episode one so I have been a follower since the beginning. However as I live in Ireland we have to wait longer than others to see the 次 episodes/series. I am delighted now though to have found ファンポップ where i can feed my addiction on a daily basis.

Things that made me keep watching religiously were things that i saw from the...
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Ok so, I used to watch BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- on TV a few years ago, but あなた know that TB usually doesn’t air episodes sequentially so, in this quarantine I started to watch it from the start, the thing is I vividly remember watching an episode on TV around the time Hodgins was paralyzed and one time Hodgins was depressed about not walking again because he had 10% chances of walking and Angela told him that she brought the umbrella to work because the weather channel 発言しました that there were 10% chamces of raining that 日 and that 10% was enough to her, at the end of the episode Angela and Hodgins at differents parts of the lab they look through the window and it’s raining and they both smile, I just want to know if anybody remembers seeing that episode または if it’s just me because I certainly didn’t see it this time I was watching the 表示する for the 秒 time.
posted by tvfan5
So I needed an outlet. Super badly. I'm warning you, if あなた don't read spoilers...stop 読書 this right now.


Let me just start this off によって stating the obvious: What the HELL are they doing to Booth's character?! I really valued his character and admired him because despite Brennan's hyper-rational tendencies, he rarely showed frustration toward her and that was part of what I really loved about Booth and Booth/Brennan together. I loved the fact that he was so protective of her and careful with her and he was really sensitive toward all of...
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“Bones the certificate appears in order.”
“Booth, never mind about that now. I just figured out what has killed at least four of the wives. We need to 質問 the suspect again.”
“Bones are あなた sure.”
“Booth trust me remember I’m your wife now.” BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- 発言しました with a smirk on her face. As soon as she 発言しました it, she felt a strange feeling come over her. She could not describe it but it did feel good.
They both left the Jeffersonian and headed for the FBI office to interrogate the suspect one もっと見る time but Booth needed to stop at his apartment on the way.
“Booth why was it necessary...
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I was so glad to hear that Stephen Fry is back as the wacky but lovable psychiatrist, Dr. Gordon Wyatt, または "Gordon Gordon" to Booth! I came acroos this 最近 magazine 記事 about Stephen talking about his comeback to 'Bones' and although its not my article, I decided to add it!

What prompted あなた to go back and do another episode of Bones?

It's always been a pleasure to work with David
Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, who play Booth
and Bones. The producers have been very kind and
asked me back many times, but I have always been
unable to do it. This time, it worked out.

It sounds like a fun storyline....
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posted by girly_girl
 BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- is an awesome singer!
Bones is an awesome singer!
I know that when あなた sit down to watch another great episode of Bones, the last thing that goes thought your mind is what kind of 音楽 will be on the show! Well, if I'm honest, its not my first thought either but I have to admit, the 音楽 on BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- is really good and I don't think the 表示する would be the same without it! So, I've made a 一覧 of my 上, ページのトップへ ten songs ever featured on Bones! Hope あなた enjoy! :)

10: This song, played as Angela walked down the aisle in the last episode of season two, is one of my faves! Its "Gimme all your lovin'" によって ZZ Top. I thought it was really "Angela" to play that...
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posted by girly_girl
Just though I'd add this part of the dialogue from one of my fave episodes in Season One,
" A man on death row".

'Bones' Season One
Episode: 107
“A man on Death Row”

(Booth and BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- are sitting at a 表, テーブル in the FBI offices and Booth is filling out a form)

Booth - Name?

Bones - あなた know my name?

Booth - Bones, you're making an offical request to the FBI to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I have to follow protocol.

Bones - Its ridiculous. (Mutters to self)

Booth - Fine. We're done. あなた wanna get some coffee?( Booth pushes the application sheet away from him.)

Bones - My name is Dr. Temperence...
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