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i adore the chester 写真 あなた added in my club! thank あなた so much. i'll try to add stuff to yours when i can babe 投稿されました ·9 時間前
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with the コンサート and post traumatic ep and stuff i know that must have been hard for him.
haha i 愛 all the characters in lucifer! i 愛 lucifer, amenadiel and mazakeen and i 愛 城 and kate in 城 and i ship them so much! i miss those shows lol it feels like i haven't watched them in ages.
who are your お気に入り characters in death note?
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jennie x
i'm doing well, thanks. thank あなた babe that means a lot. that's so sweet! where do あなた work? i hope i get to see them again too but i'm happy i got to see them at all. chester's voice and personality and his work ethic always inspired me and him and mike were my role モデル ever since i was little. it was really sad to hear about what happened to him but i hope he's in a better place even though that sounds so cliche haha. i'm so inspired によって mike's continual dedication to chester 投稿されました ·9 時間前