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Why アナと雪の女王 Is the 上, ページのトップへ Toy of the Year.


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The demand for frozen is so crazy...I can't repeat myself enough when I say this "Disney is not pushing frozen at us! Disney is just giving in to demand!"

Heres a real life example:
they released an animator doll set with Anna and elsa in it at the beginning of November..normally those sets sell for about 40$ but they began the price at 75$ I thought "ok that's reasonable, considering how well frozen is selling, it's still pretty high so I'll hold off before I buy it, I doubt that a pricey doll set will sell out" two weeks later "it's sold out online!!! Wat?? No!" Two weeks after that "yes it's back at the store! But it's 100$ now?? Holy shit!" Well no wonder! They raised the price again cuz demand is still so high they sell out! So I buy it at 100 dollars, then I check again a week after christmas and it's selling for 250$!!! Whooooooaaaaaa that means that people still bought and bought and bought at its inflated price of 100$!!

Disney is literally forced to inflate prices because the demand is higher than wat they can produce, we all remember the frozen merchandise crash last year, people started making home made's supply and demand, Disney isn't pushing anything, if anything their just trying to keep up and satisfy the demand, inflating prices is one way because it narrows down the people desperate enough to pay the high me...though 250 would have killed me...thank god I bought it at 100! Haha...
this is the same with theme park events and rides, wait times to meet anna and elsa r still ridiculous, so disney is trying to make the frozen experience easier for everyone, by giving people more chances to see them, whether at meet n greet or a new's amazing how much people still want frozen merchandise and experiences a full year after its release...I'll tell u one thing, Disney is making a lot of money right now! Which means more money for exciting expansions and better quality movies!
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