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This is another sequel I haven't seen in forever. Longer than forever, actually. I would say I'm excited to watch this but after Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World I'm not looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to watching this one.

Tonight's rewatch: シンデレラ II: Dreams Come True
Last time watched: 2002

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
The beginning of this story is exactly the same as the one about Pocahontas 2; I wasn't into the original that much when I was a kid, but then this cartoon ディズニー movie with familiar faces came out, begged my dad to get me a copy, fin. But unlike Pocahontas 2 I actually did...
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posted by BB2010
Wow I am way late on this 記事 hahaha.

For this movie I'm going to compare it a little to the original Sleeping Beauty and treat it as a standalone film. So for this movie and for the other remakes I'm going to not only talk about what I've been talking about for the animated movies, I'm going to compare the remakes to the originals while trying not to judge it for being not as good as the original.

Tonight's rewatch: Maleficent
Last time watched: Summer of 2014

How much did I like this movie as a kid?
I kinda liked it when I saw it in theaters but when I watched it again on dvd a couple months...
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 ディズニー Heriones
Disney Heriones
The two most 人気 ディズニー women outside of the DP franchise. These two exotic beauties are definitely ファン お気に入り when it comes to Animated Heriones, so why aren't they apart of the official line-up? The main reason people complain about ムーラン being an official princess is that she gets recognized when these two ladies don't. Even though Megara is closer to royalty than her and Esmeralda is pretty much equal to Mulan. So basically I'm going to do the same thing I did with Merida. Look at the Pros and Cons of adding Esmeralda and Megara to the line-up. The only difference is, Merida still...
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Okay I'm trying to make a complete 一覧 of all ディズニー Princesses. To make this 一覧 the ディズニー girl must be either born royalty または she marries royalty. (So while ムーラン is awesome, she doesn't make the cut) This is to include all princesses not just leading ladies.
If あなた see one is not on the 一覧 please comment.

Born Royalty
-Adella (King Triton's Daughter)
-Alana (King Triton's Daughter)
-Andrina (King Triton's Daughter)
-Aquata (King Triton's Daughter)
-Arista (King Triton's Daughter)
-Atta (A Bug's Life)
-Attina (King Triton's Daughter)
-Dot (A Bug's Life)
-Eilonwy (The Black Cauldron...
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Aladdin: So here we were, early 1990's, and the ディズニー Renaissance was at its peek. The studios had produced two of the highest grossing animated films of all time and still were pushing on. However the team suffered a tragic loss with the death of lyricist Howard Ashman who surprisingly had had a large amount of creative input on the 前 two films. (He named Ariel) It was even his idea to make the 次 ディズニー animated feature, Aladdin released on November 25, 1992. However, much to the disappointment of many, this would be the last picture to showcase a royal fairytale princess for the...
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 The Redesigns
The Redesigns
Okay, so a lot of people have been doing these, and I wanted to write a new 記事 before I finished my countdown of the smartest ディズニー Princesses, so I'm going to be doing this. Anyways, keep in mind this is just my opinion. Enjoy the article! :)

11. Mulan

She may be my お気に入り ディズニー Princess, but I am definitely not a ファン of her design. In my opinion, her face is completely changed, it's made sort of chubby, with もっと見る rosy cheeks. Her hair looks different, and I do like the outfit, but I don't think it SUITS/スーツ her, I don't think her appearance is unappealing to look at または anything,...
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I think everyone on this site remembers having their first crush on a ディズニー character. I definitely remember mine, and to be honest, I still kind of have a crush on my お気に入り ディズニー guy. So let's get down to it. I won't make a Hottest princes list, I'll just roll their personalities and appearances together and see what comes out. Here are Phantomrose89's お気に入り (And Hottest!) ディズニー Princes.

10)John Smith
I know that many of あなた are surprised to find John Smith this low, because with most of you, he's in the middle. I, personally, dislike him もっと見る than I dislike the other princes,...
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Before あなた start to read あなた should now how totally awsome my english is (yeah right, there is gonna be some grammer that is wrong and misspelled words, but whatever, If あなた can´t see past that then あなた are not my friend!).

Ok, I 愛 the ディズニー Princess 映画 (Who Doesn´t?). I 愛 everything about them, the songs, the story even the villians. But the ディズニー Princesses are what really makes the movie. And I 愛 everyone of them. I bet that あなた can find something in every single one of the DP´s that あなた like. And as much as I 愛 everyone of them, I have made a 一覧 where I have ranked...
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 ディズニー Princesses
Disney Princesses
こんにちは ファンポップ fans!
It's me again with another 記事 about what we like most when we see couples, kisses. A キッス is the most, lovely thing that あなた can share with the person that あなた love. And the ディズニー Princess can left behind. This 記事 is about the kisses that the ディズニー Princess share with their 愛 ones. I know that there is もっと見る kisses in their 映画 that this 10, but this 記事 is about the main kisses- their only one kisses, または their first kisses. I hope that あなた like it and I am sorry if I made mistakes in spelling and grammar. Enjoy it!

10. ムーラン and Shang
 ムーラン and Shang
Mulan and Shang
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 "And away to his 城 we'll go...."
"And away to his 城 we'll go...."

10.Someday My Prince Will Come
Coming in last place, Snow White's song "Someday My Prince Will Come". (I know we're not used to Snow White coming in last place, so try to contain your shock.) It's a quick but sweet song about her wanting her prince and her to be reunited. It's really a lovely song but people complained it was a bit too short.

 "No matter how your ハート, 心 is greiving, if あなた keep on believing..."
"No matter how your ハート, 心 is greiving, if あなた keep on believing..."

9.A Dream is a Wish Your ハート, 心 Makes
This song is a mellow, charming, uplifting song about sticking to your dreams even...
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Okay, so I've been watching our ディズニー princess 映画 and I noticed some mistakes. あなた may または may not have noticed them, and I do not mean any offence to these films. It's just kind of fun to watch. Let's start with Aladdin... Enjoy!_________________________________________________________________________________________________

So, as I said, there are few mistakes I've noticed here. Let's start with Jasmine's golden arm band; the mistake here is that it switches places on her right arm, to her left arm. When ジャスミン has just kissed Jafar, it is on her right arm.

But when Jafar pushes...
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Yesterday I wrote an 記事 about my お気に入り song from each DP Movie, today I'm doing an 記事 about my お気に入り song scene from each DP Movie, the only requirement for this was that the song in the scene has to mainly be sung によって a character from the movie (this rule doesn't apply to Brave), also the song scene can of course have two songs in the scene

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - With A Smile And A Song

This movie has many great song scenes, it was actually a bit hard to pick a favorite, but this one is currently my favorite, first of all it has one my お気に入り songs from the...
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One of the 記事 on my to do 一覧 and I went with this one because I knew it wouldn't take me too long to make it. Anyway this is my personal opinion on the best ディズニー Princess 歌う voice and I have a feeling most will disagree with me but that's kind of something I'm used to.

 Peigi Barke
Peigi Barke
It turns out that Merida actually does sing in her movie, well sort of. Young Merida sings Noble Maiden Fair with her mother, which is a beautiful song. Now her voice is nice for a little kid but it can't compare to the other voices obviously. Also sorry to break it to あなた guys but we don't...
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posted by princesslullaby
This 記事 was written collectively by: JonnaSe, Cromulanfav, & Princesslullaby.

She would find Cindy boring and totally not connect to her. She has no sense of adventure または curiosity, her story isn't exciting to Kida, Kida's not a romantic so she would take zero interest in Cindy and forget about her instantly.

9.Snow White
Same as Cinderella- she would take a little もっと見る interest in her for her spunk, but find her too childish and boring as well.

Overall Kida would find the classic princessess' romantic stories & attitudes uninteresting & bland,...
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Everyone, please give disneyfan500 a round of applause for being voted as February's ファン of the month! She has contributed a lot and really deserves it. :)

1. How does it feel to be ディズニー Princess ファン of the month?

I was shocked to be honest because it was only my 秒 月 of being here and so many other people have been here longer that haven't been ファン of the 月 yet.

2. How did あなた discover Fanpop?

I was actually searching for ディズニー princess クラブ LOL. And I happened to come upon this one.

3. Who is your お気に入り princess and why? Your least favorite?

My お気に入り princess is ジャスミン because...
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 DreamyGal Productions
DreamyGal Productions
As the tradition goes, the winner from the 前 月 gets the interview the new winner! I sat down with our newest ファン of the Month, AllegroGiocoso, and asked her a few questions!

1. Who is your お気に入り Princess and why?

My お気に入り princess has always been Snow White. I 愛 her for a variety of reasons, including her adorableness, her sweetness, her perkiness, and her optimism. Every time she smiles, it’s so cute! I also 愛 her voice (I think it fits her perfectly as a character), her primary color dress (One reason why I loved her so much when I was little), and her looks (A look...
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I've been thinking of 書く a 記事 for awhile now, but I wanted to wait until after 塔の上のラプンツェル came out before I wrote it. This is my first article.

10. Tiana(The Princess and the Frog)
I don't dislike Tiana, but I don't care much for her either. She's a dreamer, but her dream is a realistic one, and a like the daydreamers more. She also quite bland compared to some of the other characters, such as シャルロット, シャーロット and Naveen. If she wasn't the main character, I'd probably wouldn't remember her as much.

9. Jasmine(Aladdin)
Now, I like Jasmine. She's smart, pretty, and knows how to stand up for...
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In the 90s, ディズニー was going for something different in their leading ladies. They wanted heroines who were COMPLEX, women who were INTERESTING, and they were determined to give (most of) the princesses realistic, believable, and unashamed flaws. These princesses were supposed to be relatable and a lady a normal girl could identify with. Perhaps this is why these princesses are generally preferred to the classics. These princesses had obvious dimensions to their personalities, and all were made to seem like a girl あなた could run in to on the street.

Ariel is well known as the most realistic...
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Note: アナと雪の女王 is owned によって Disney, not me.

Since the last 2 times Anna and Elsa went to a lake didn't work they decided to go an actual swimming pool this time.

Anna 発言しました "The lakes have pretty 閲覧数 of nature, but あなた suggesting to go to a swimming pool is a better idea."

Elsa 発言しました "Thank あなた Anna. I made sure to bring our swimsuits."

Anna replied "Thank goodness for that."

Anna and Elsa went to the female changing room and got on their swimsuits. Anna wore a green 水着 and Elsa wore a blue swimsuit.

Elsa gently went into the pool, but Anna jumped in. Anna 発言しました "That was wicked fun."

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Note: アナと雪の女王 is owned によって Disney, not me.

A week had gone によって since Anna and Elsa's accidental visit to the public lake. The 2 sisters wanted to actually swim. Thankfully Anna had a plan.

Anna walked into the living room of the kingdom and stated "We should go swimming today."

Elsa 発言しました "But I don't want us to make another embarrassing mistake."

Anna tried to calm Elsa down によって saying "I went to a nearby private lake yesterday so I know how to get there. Plus it's not that far away."

Elsa asked "Are あなた sure it's not a public lake?"

Anna replied "I hanged out there for hours yesterday. Nobody...
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