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posted by Swanpride
DISCLAIMER: This 記事 solely consists of my opinions. I don’t think that it’s the only one which matters. I also don’t think that everyone has to agree. Just take it as a different perspective and feel free to share your perspective here. I don’t think that we’ll come to a consent about the matter I intend to address, but this might help all of us to understand where the other is coming from.

In the last week, there has been もっと見る than one discussion about the use of the pick page here. I try to summarize some of them up: There are too many countdowns, this または that pick is stupid,...
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This 記事 was written collectively by: Cromulanfav, DreamyGal, & Princesslullaby

To explain: This one is the toughest to write, によって far. First of all, Pocahontas wouldn't care about the princesses, certainly not enough to make a list, and she wouldn’t be judgmental of any of them; she'd like them all and would probably be against making a list. Pocahontas really would be neutral to all of them. So it's not in her nature to make a list. But, it's just who we think she'd 愛 the most, if she would. We believe at least to Pocahontas, the most important things are a princess following...
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posted by princesslullaby
This 記事 was collectively written by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, & Princesslullaby

Tiana would see Ariel as a totally spoiled, selfish brat who is used to getting her way, and who gave up her dreams for a man, who just foolishly believes her dreams will come true because she has the confidence, and isn't logical at all. Tiana would find her very stupid and spoiled.

Tiana would see Aurora as a one-note girl with no ambition または drive, who only cares about finding a man. Tiana would admire nothing about Aurora and wouldn't care about her dreaminess または romanticisim.
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This 一覧 was collectively made by: Cromulanfav, JonnaSe, Princesslullaby, & PpgBelle4

Pocahontas isn't gentle, classy, girly, または romantic. シンデレラ prefers a sophisticated, calm princess, and Pocahontas leaps off of cliffs and climbs trees. She's not refined または subtle in her personality. シンデレラ would appreciate her strength but other than that view her as too wild. She wouldn't understand Pocahontas at all.

There's no reason why she would 愛 Ariel; she would probably feel neutral about her. Again like Pocahontas, she would find her too reckless and...
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So a few days 前 I created two 記事 about the ディズニー Princes and Princesses Dreamcast chosen によって the ファンポップ users.

Now in this article, I'm going to make one for the ディズニー Villains. :)

As of August 26, 2011, here's what the ファン picked:

1. link
The ファン picked: Sacha Baron Cohen

2. link
The ファン picked: Michelle Pfeiffer

3. link
The ファン picked: Uma Thurman

4. link
The ファン picked: Shirley McLaine

5. link
The ファン picked: Prince

These are all for now. I'll continue part two as soon as possible.

What do あなた think about these actors/actresses?
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posted by LavenderLily
So first of all thank あなた for start 読書 my article. I really wanted to share my opinion with DP fanpoppers.I don`t know about your opinion about 塔の上のラプンツェル but in my opinion i like it. It shows the real magic of talent etc. I am so happy that ディズニー brought one of my most favourite fairytales to alive.
Some people thinks Rapunzel is childish young short selfish but in my opinion she is strong, and talented.
Back to my opinion it is absolutely amazing!!! The 音楽 which was done によって the talented Alan Menken and it was so beautiful. The movie is so cute. Nothing short of the best ディズニー princess...
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I wanted to do something creative for ムーラン month, and here it is. I though of making countdown for this, but I realized I would be very unhappy if the results don't turn out the way I want. If you, however, are interested in countdown, leave a comment.

I had really had time deciding which princess would be Mulan's お気に入り so thank あなた princeslullaby billion times for helping me sort things up. I tried to think the way ムーラン would, and to rank the princesses based on her values, I hope I did it good, if not, well, I'm sorry.

Aurora and ムーラン are almost exact opposites. Aurora...
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We wrote a combined 記事 and you're ALL jealous.
Tell us who's 一覧 あなた agree with more!

9.PL: Sleeping Beauty/PPG: Sleeping Beauty

bor·ing (bôrng, br-)

Uninteresting and tiresome; dull.
boring·ly adv.
boring·ness n.
Synonyms: boring, monotonous, tedious, irksome, tiresome, humdrum
These adjectives refer to what is so uninteresting as to cause mental weariness. Boring implies feelings of listlessness and discontent: I had never read such a boring book.
Tedious suggests dull slowness または long-windedness.

The only Sleeping Beauty during this film is me.

It first starts off at a...
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My other articles:

ONE THING あなた SHOULD KNOW: Unlike the princesses, I actually like every single prince. So don't think that because your お気に入り prince is low I don't like him, I actually do. Also, before 書く this list, I watched almost all the princess 映画 so I could formulate my decision. The only ones I didnt watch are シンデレラ & Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, and in this case, I don't think it's necessary.

I'm aware this is a LONG article. If you're going to skim it, PLEASE at least read the paragraph below Shang's picture.

 "I didn't say it was Aurora....I 発言しました I met the girl I was going to marry."
"I didn't say it was Aurora....I...
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Users have been picking their least お気に入り character for each round. Thank あなた to all of あなた who took part in this countdown! So here are the results:

19. The Matchmaker
 Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
Too skinny ... not good for bearing sons.
I was so surprised this stern lady または man left first... yeah not really. Nobody liked her because she is the most loathsome character in the movie and she isn't truly important to the plot to begin with.

''I could see the movie doing very well without even exposing the audience to the matchmaker, let alone her snobbish, inconsiderate tendencies. Mulan...
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I've already written an 記事 about why I think the classic princesses are great role models, but now I wanted to write about their intelligence. The アンケート about who the most intelligent classic princess was inspired me to write this, and I've just been in a 書く mood in general. I won't be ranking them, just giving the reasons as to why I believe they're intelligent. So I hope あなた all enjoy this article!! Let's get started!

Snow White

Snow White is often painted as the dumbest of the three, namely because of her eating of the apple. First off, being naive doesn't necessarily mean not...
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In this 記事 we wrote about Megara's opinion on the princesses with her personality at the END of the movie.
This 記事 was written collectively by: princesslullaby, diluka96, DreamyGal, cromulanfav, JonnaSe, & Doggy

Megara would think Aurora is the typical air-headed 愛 obsessed blonde girl that she's trying to avoid. I t would bother her that Aurora is so sensitive, that she just started crying when 妖精 told her she has to marry prince. Aurora might remind Megara of the girl who ストール, 盗んだ her boyfriend away.

9.Snow White
Megara would find Snow White too perky-positive,...
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posted by zikkiforever
This is why I LOVE Ariel and this is an 記事 to protect her. I know some others done this a few months back, but this MY one. I will be doing the exact same with Merida, but why I prefer Ariel over her will be included. That will be 投稿されました soon.

First of all let's start with the most common argument against Ariel

Statement-Ariel is selfish

Now let see some definitions of words relating to the word selfish and the defintion of the word selfish.

Selfish-(of a person, action, または motive) lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit または pleasure.

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posted by Alantlm
Specialization: Marine
Specialization: Marine
Stereotype: collector

Specialization: Marine

Already, as we have seen in her movie, Ariel has single-handedly made the mermaid equivalent to an humanology museum. The vast trove shows her deep intellectual passion for anything humanity; intellectual because she wonders about the objects and she tries to learn what they are about. She has always shown herself to be the eager studier of humans, i.e. anthropology.

Because this is such a broad category, Ariel will be able to choose whatever she feels...
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posted by princesslullaby
Collectively written by: Princesslullaby, Cromulanfav, PpgBelle4, CuteDiana, JonnaSe.

Aurora would be an uninteresting, unrelatable, totally foolish, useless princess to Mulan. There is nothing about Aurora that ムーラン would appreciate.

Mulan would be annoyed at a lot of the foolish things Rapunzel does. There would be, to Mulan, a lot もっと見る bad things than good. She would dislike the choices Rapunzel makes and just find her too childish.

7.Snow White
Mulan would find her cute and funny, but there would be no admiration for her, even though she would understand...
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So here is an 記事 about my お気に入り DP movie titles, if あなた don't know what that is that's those that are usually featured in the beginning of the movie. I think all of them are beautiful so it was hard to place them at a perfect place and sorry if I'm a bit biased here, but I hope that あなた will have a wonderful 読書 time and don't forget to comment! Here we go!

10. Pocahontas

The main reason to why it's last on my 一覧 is because the letters are so weird looking to me, but I like that it's two colored, in fact the タイトル is one of the reasons to why I can still enjoy the movie despite...
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posted by TheFabulousFAN
Well I've been on ファンポップ (particularly ディズニー Princess) for a couple months now but out of all the 記事 I've written i haven't told あなた a lot about me so with out further ado let me tell あなた about myself

My full name is Olivia Annabelle Fontaine または O.A.F
My birthday is August 28, 1998

What I look like...i guess
I wear glasses but try to wear contacts when ever I can, I'm a blonde または dirty blonde (depending on the light and season) I have brown eyes and I'm 15 I have a roundish face so people 発言しました I looked like Lottie when I had my hair short now that it has grown back people say I look like...
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 All the beautimous DPs we know and adore!
All the beautimous DPs we know and adore!
Now that there are 13 ディズニー Princesses(which is my lucky number btw) I will make a お気に入り LIST!!! I know, it's the moment you've all been waiting for (no it's not), so lets get this shindig started!

13. Merida

I 愛 every single ディズニー Princess, but someone has to be last, sorry Mer! I think what makes her last is that her movie was the least interesting for me, and her selfish actions at the beginning of the movie slightly bugged me--although she did overcome that, but also (I might sound shallow here) because she doesn't sing. I'm sorry! I'm just a huuuge ファン of the DP voices, and I sing...
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posted by hisblueeyes
The question, "Which princess do あなた think is the smartest?" is asked very often and every time it is asked, there are those people who pick Belle. There are the people who not only pick Belle, but comment, "Because she reads." Then, there are the people who think that is a dumb thing to say, and begin immediately saying stuff like, "She only reads fairy-tales." Every time this process has been repeated I have wanted to say something like what I am about to say, but never got the chance. So now I'm going to say it.

I think many people forget that Beauty and the Beast is not set in 2011. It isn't...
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星, つ星 バタフライ, 蝶 is the 星, つ星 of a ディズニー animated 表示する called 星, つ星 vs. the Forces of Evil. 星, つ星 is my お気に入り ディズニー princess despite not being a part of the official ディズニー princess lineup.

1. ディズニー princesses have been accused of not being able to fight for herself, but no princess kicks もっと見る butt than Star. She has defeated Ludo and his henchmen several times. Marco often helps her, but he's もっと見る of a sidekick to her than her knight in shining armor.

2. 星, つ星 is easily the funniest ディズニー princess. Her and the 表示する have a unique style of humor that makes it stand out. The only ディズニー princess...
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