Wolf's Rain Favourite Wolf's Rain Quote?

Pick one:
That hot dog must've fried your brain!
A voice calls to me... It says, "Search for Paradise"
It would have been nice if everybody could have gone to Paradise together.
[Tsume to Toboe] I wanted to take あなた to paradise.
[Hige to Blue]I'm not going anywhere.We can stay together like this forever.
I was confident after having met you..that I wasn't the one who would openParadis
The thing about fairy tales is . . . there's always some truth in 'em.
Rules? Is running around with a pack of idiots one of the rules?
You've got a big mouth for someone's that half-dead.
Oh, sorry. I was looking for cleaning supplies, and I, um, got lost.
But having pride doesn't count for much if you're dead, あなた know?
[Kiba to Hige] Coming from you, that sounds kind of fishy.
We'll meet in Paradise. If we meet again, that is.
"From the great spirit was born the wolf, and man became it's messenger."
[Cheza to Kiba] And this time, the Paradise あなた hoped for will be...
No matter how far あなた go, the same path lies in front of you.
If I can be with あなた when the world ends, it'll be enough for me!
 Okami_Amaterasu posted 1年以上前
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