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xoxinkheartxox posted on Jun 14, 2009 at 01:31AM
ok so i suck at writing stories but this idea just came to me. Its only like a paragraph but i wanted to see what you thought. To see if i should try to turn it into a story. I DONT OWN TWILIGHT. This is rated T for mentions of rape.

Bellas Pov

I wanted to stand up to Mike.To tell him to shut up and that i was still a virgin, that all the rumors being spread wern't true.
That they were lies.
But i couldn't because they were true. I wasn't a virgin. I may not of had sex with Mike and it may of being forced on me, but that doesn't change the fact that i was no longer pure.
I was tainted.
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1年以上前 xoxinkheartxox said…
idk? what do you think? i just thought id post it, to see what you thought?
1年以上前 ctaim2 said…
Well you spelt virgin wrong....but it is intriguing. You might consider changing the rating to mature if you are including rape in this story.
1年以上前 xoxinkheartxox said…
oops so i did,ill fix that lol. im not planning to go into to much detail about the actual rape, if i did continue
1年以上前 brakingdawn said…
Yea continue it sounds good