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Arvid-H-Cooper posted on Jun 30, 2020 at 07:37AM
Mr.Hanks, I am not really a typical "Fan Club" person. I like your acting. I group into you as one who typicically takes the character on, not the Character takes the actor on. (Mr. Russle Crow, Mr. Johnny Depp type actor. But struggle with all 3- of your political beliefs. Oh well. But I do have a suggestion for at least a look at. My wife's uncle was killed in Korea, at the very beginning of the war, along with 300 of his brothers on July 27,1950. At Hadong, Korea.. The ages of these kits were 18-19-20. I would suggest a movie that would show an intensity as great, if not greater, as the invasion scene in Saving Private Ryan. I would also suggest the movie gain and lose characters fairly rapidly as the movie progressed. Because that is what happened during those early days. Also this would be easier to add characters without much extensive personal history available Finally I would also make this movie showing these young soldiers doing their humanly best under hellish conditions.

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