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posted by 101musastella
AN: My 秒 song-fic right after the song “The Way” によって Ariana Grande. I keep wondering to myself why I haven't done this three weeks ago, and save this as a draft for two weeks..right after I watched “Frozen” I just have to do this :P! Idina Menzel's “Let It Go”.

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen.

Layla was resting herself on the mountain. It was snowing cold, and Layla was crying. によって that day, it has been three years since Nabu died. She knew she couldn’t...
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posted by florasedge31
Okay read this so it'll make some sense.
Bloom is in Aisha's body
Aisha is in Flora's body
Tecna is in in Musa's body
Flora is in Tecna's body
Musa is in Bloom's body
Keep this in mind. Good luck!
"WHAT DID あなた DO!?" The winx yelled at Stella.
"I honestly don't know, what did I do?" Stella asked confused.
"We switched bodies and none of us 発言しました any spells." Bloom said.(In Aisha's body)
"Oh that's what it did?"
"YEAH!" The winx yelled.
"Wheres the book あなた had?" Flora asked. *In Tecna's body)
Stella walked over and picked up the book.
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posted by florasedge31
*Sorry I took so long. Me and my Mom's were planning for my bday. Which is TOMORROW JUNE 12th YAYYY!! heres what you've been waiting for*

~Winx and specialist~
"Ok what should we do?" Musa asked in a whisper.
"Ok heres what we think we should do. We knock out these guards, then we go and freeze those ladies that are working on Flora. Then after that we get Flora and put a amnesia spell on the ladies so they don't know what happened. Sound good?" Sky and Riven said.
Everyone nodded in agreement.
"Then let's do this." Sky said. He and Riven walked up to the two guards. (keep in mind they're still...
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