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posted by usuitakumi77

Name :Hinata shintani

Age :16

Class :2-1

日付 of birth :?

Height :177cm

Weight :58kg

Special skills :eating and basket ball

Favourite hobby :eating

Hinata is a childhood friend of Misaki.When they were young Misaki helped him so much.He loved eating so he was a fat pig.But afterwards he became slim and not to mention he is a handsome guy.He is so childish.He is in 愛 with Misaki but after wards he got that Misaki is 芝居 like she hate Takumi but actually she 愛 him.He got this when he saw Misaki blushing when Takumi coverd her with his シャツ when she was wet.
posted by usuitakumi77

Name :Takumi usui

Age :17

Class :3-1

日付 of birth :april 27

Height :186cm

Weight :?

Blood type :O+ve

Special skills :cooking,violin,chess,table
etiquette and appearing out of
now where

Favourite hobby :observing people and staking

Meaning of 'Takumi':artisan

Takumi is the hottest and the coolest guy in seika high.Not to mention he is horrobly rich.
posted by usuitakumi77

Name :Misaki ayusawa

Age :16

Class :2-1

日付 of birth :september 29

Height :165cm

Weight :49kg

Blood type :B+ve

Special skills :aikido

お気に入り hobby :working hard

Meaning of 'misaki': beauty blood

Misaki is a high school student.She is not any high school student she is the student council president,as a part time job she is working as a 'maid'