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Crystal was alone in a medow looking up at the shining stars that blazed above her eventhough she didn't look behind her she knew someone was here."What do あなた want?"she asked,a quiet,male voice answered"I'm sorry am I disturbing you?"by the affection in his tone,she could tell it was Matthias.
"No not at all.did あなた want something?"She asked
"It's Snow again."Matthias 発言しました as he sat down beside her."She won't leave me alone."Crystal looked up at her warrior ansestors looking for their wisdom."I only deal with prophecies,why do あなた come to me with a realation problem?"She raised a eyebrow"Do...
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my x ryan broke my ハート, 心 and broke up with me.heres the story.......
ryan and I were at a party.then he saw this populer girl from school and she started to flirt with him.the 次 日 at school he broke up with bff lara the cat found me in the girl's bathroom.sobing in a stall."she asked me what's the matter" and I told her.that night my friend and I went for sushi to try to cheer me up and at the 表, テーブル 次 to us was that girl and ryan.the 日 after a local high scool student was found beat in her ベッド room...well gess who it was.I'll give あなた a hint it was もっと見る then one person.if u...
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