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sfdmoment posted on Sep 30, 2010 at 09:48PM
I have several questions about Sesshoumaru

First, is it me or is it that in the final act, they just drew him not as dreamy as all the episodes previously done?????

(Spoiler if you have not seen it) Second, I just never understand why the Tenseiga couldn't save Kagura???

Third, Was Naraku really going to absorb Sesshoumaru's body into his in the episode Vanishing Point, Naraku Disappears?? I mean was Naraku strong enough then to really do that? or was it just Sesshoumaru has other ideas in his head and let Naraku do that? I mean when that was happening, Sesshoumaru looked pretty calm about it.

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1年以上前 sesshyswind said…
First, fire away!

Second, I'll answer:)

Question 1. It's not you, I've notices that myself. I think the quality in the way he's drawn began to slip following the fallout at Mt Hakurei. It seems the animators decided to make him look more like he does in the manga, rather than keep to the Dreamy way he was originally drawn for the anime. I read somewhere that the director said he wanted to try and keep things as close to the original work as possible, which is good for the series, but unfortunately probably not the best choice for Sess. But not only Sess, I've notices the same for other characters as well, Kagura, Kagome, Miroku, Inuyasha and at times Sango, the only character's I've noticed who's quality remained pretty much consistent throughout the series, and never found myself disappoinedt in the way they appeared were, Kohaku, Rin, Kikyo and Naraku.

Question #2 Why couldn't the Tenseiga save Kagura? I've asked and answered this question before, because yes, it just pissed me off. I mean why not? We learn from Sesshomaru's mother that the sword can only revive a person from the dead once, but does that mean a person can only be revived from death once in a single lifetime or can the sword only do it once. Does the sword know, is it consciously aware rather or not a person had been resurrected before or not? It is called the Sword of Heaven so maybe it is... who knows, this information is never given, but if it is than that would account for it. Kagura was once a demon that Naraku caught and absorbed, most likely he killed her in the process absorbed her body, heart and all and made her a part of him. When she was reborn as his incarnation, I guess you can say she was resurrected by him to be his slave. However there is also the issue that she was an incarnation, in the end of the series Byakuya who was also an Incarnation of Naraku stated in his death that he was, "but an incarnation of Narkau, and would have died with him anyway… so I have no regrets" So does this also apply to Kagura? Maybe, but Naraku did say that when he gave back her heart that she was free from him. Knowing Naraku this just could have been a cruel lie to give her a false sense of hope before running her through. So really it's up in the air, and it's too bad that this was never explained in the series, because it would have been so much cooler if Sesshomaru had saved her. It could have been my favorite episode T_T

Question #3 Was Naraku going to absorb Sesshomaru. Yes he was, or at least this was his intent. This was Naraku's strongest desire next to killing or winning over Kikyo and killing Inuyasha. He wanted Sesshomaru's Great Demon Power. But to answer the second part of your question, no I don't believe Naraku had the strength to absorb him. When Naraku seized him and bound Sess in his tentacles Sesshomaru was perfectly calm, that is because he knew Inuyasha had broken through and knowing Inuyasha all too well, Sess knew exactly the way he would attack "WIND SCAR!" Sesshomaru deliberately used naraku's own body as a shield against Inuyasha strike (probally because it was easier than taking the effort to brake out and jump away and risk getting hit) knowing the Tenseiga's barrier would protect him. That is why he was unharmed, when other demons would have at least been burned, dissolved (somewhat or entirely) or crushed to death. Not Sess though, he rules!:D He knew what was going to happen, and was fully confident that he could escape and break out any time he wanted to, which he did, apparently with minimal effort, much to Naraku's bitter frustration.HA!
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1年以上前 sfdmoment said…
oh Sesshyswind, I really enjoy your reply.

Well, what do you think about the relationship between Sesshoumaru and Rin.

I mean I know lots of people say that they are just father and daughter. I somehow want it the other way though!! blush blush. I want to know what you think :)
1年以上前 AleUnknown said…
Well, I'm not Sesshyswind but I think I can contribute to the question above… I mean I do own the Sesshomaru and Rin spot and I adore the pair.

There are two main ways people view the relationship between Sesshomarua and Rin: father-older brother/daughter-younger sister and romantic (older Rin of course). Now at first, I was stuck on Sesshomaru and Older RIn being together, but after discussing the different pros/cons/and other relations with Sesshyswind I'm kinda split. We have to look at Sesshomaru's continence… he is a great and powerful demon that is feared by many, he truly (at least at the beginning) despised all humans… and it's questionable whether that has truly changed. Of course, his heart softened for Rin but his indifference continued with all other humans, so he could be simply just protective of Rin which gives him a fatherly feel. He even dotes on her like a father would at the end of the series, giving her gifts and such.

However, it isn't impossible for it to become romantic. Rin is so very devoted to Sesshomaru, I'm sure she could fall in love with him, but it isn't really a smart thing on Sesshomaru's part. Sesshomaru and InuYasha's father died protecting his human love, so it doesn't seem like a very logical thing to do. Rin would become his weakness, a human is a dangerous weakness for a powerful demon like Sesshomaru. But perhaps he will be confident of his amazing power and take that chance. It really all depends on how much Rin really softened his heart. But I'm sure whether she is his lover or daughter, he will protect her no matter what, so she technically would be his weakness anyways…

Ehhh, I mean I prefer the notion of Sesshomaru and Rin together more than Kagura having been saved, because I don't really see Sesshomaru ever truly loving a demon… demon's aren't kind hearted and it was Rin that Sesshomaru needed in his life (and heart) not Kagura. But in all honesty I just truly respect and adore the relationship between Sesshomaru and Rin… whatever people see it as, I just see it as very close and loving. (: She definitely was the one that softened his heart.

(My opinion which definitely appears jumbled now, but I kinda am in a rush. >3>)
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1年以上前 sfdmoment said…

:) thanks for your reply. I enjoy your reply just as well :)

You know, the relationship between Sesshomaru/Rin is actually hard to define. I mean it wasn't clear cut like Inu/Kag. I guess that was exactly what made it much more interesting. And it actually what made the character Sesshomaru more interesting to me, because he would die or even give up his power protecting Rin, a human, which was what he hated!

I thank you so much for your reply. The way you said it, makes me think that you are a person who look into all sides of a story and definitely not one minded. Loved it. Thanks!
1年以上前 Yuki-onna-ice said…
answer to question 2 to revive somebody with tenseiga its only ,if a fatal wound had killed the death person however kagura was killed by some kind of poisen so if he revived kagura she would just die again from the poisen in her blood