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Sam and Lucky Do あなた want Lusam back together, even without Greg in the role of Lucky?

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No, Lusam is Greg and Kelly's creation and JJ, sadly, cannot compare
 daughterofcokie posted 1年以上前
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daughterofcokie picked Yes:
Honestly I will take Lusam any way I can get them!
posted 1年以上前.
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oceansdust picked No, Lusam is Greg and Kelly's creation and JJ, sadly, cannot compare:
Loved Lusam when Greg was in the role but they would kind of creep me out now that Jonathan Jackson is Lucky because he can still pass for a teenager. Also Jonathan doesn't have the sex appeal that Greg does so Lusam probably wouldn't have the hotness that they used too.
posted 1年以上前.
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NO WAYYYYYYY!!!! Jonathan, Greg or whoever in the role doesn't matter cuz Lucky and SAM were not meant for each other!!!!
Sure they were hot, but no relationship depth at all!!!!!
I'm sorryyyyy JAson and Sam all the wayyyy!!!!!!!
I still don't understand how some ppl think that Lucky treated Sam so much better than Jason.... Lucky will always put Liz before Sam so I don't see how that relationship was so much better... besides she could never be herself with him.... boringggg!!!!
The minute Lucky was willing to cover the fact that Liz "might've" run Sam down the road was the minute I went from hating that couple to despising it!!!!!!!
At least JASAM had a real relationship... throughout their history u see actual LOVE for each other... it wasn't just about sex and how hot they look together... I'm sick of ppl saying that LUcky was a better match for Sam than Jason!!!
posted 1年以上前.