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After I have done with the testing of characters' screen time in this episode, I decided to write an 記事 for this episode. In this episode, Ash was still disappointed that he had ロスト in the final round and didn't feel like doing anything but sitting on his ベッド and worrying about it. Then Misty came to him to cheer him up but Ash was still in denial that he pissed her off and they started fighting until ピカチュウ electrocuted them to stop fighting anymore. But the TV was suddenly turned on によって Pikachu's electricity which showed the announcer announcing the 次 round which Ash and his friends...
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After I have done with the testing of characters' screen time in this episode, I decided to write an 記事 for this episode. In this episode, Ash had promised Ritchie that they would have the "best" battle for ポケモン League, but he was late in coming to the league because of Team Rocket wanting to catch ピカチュウ with a trick they played on him is that Jessie called him on the phone with a "voice changer" device to pretend to be Ritchie and their trick worked when Ash reached the trap and saw "Ritchie" waiting for him, but suddenly they threw a net at him and ピカチュウ and he realized that...
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During this month, I decided to start this project since I haven't done a ポケモン related 記事 in a 年 as I have been very busy によって making 記事 for Maya the Bee and I have done so many screen time 記事 relating to that specific series, but for Pokémon, Ι won't make 記事 about all episodes from the original アニメ series but only some episodes that featured my お気に入り supporting/recurring characters. This is one of the episodes that happened during the Indigo League which is where Ash meets Ritchie and they immediately became very good フレンズ and together they had helped...
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 Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
I've been planning to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. Even though I 愛 the 表示する I'm not a ファン of the アニメーション style. So I don't find too many characters attractive. In fact the only male character I think is handsome is Ash. However there are some females I think are very pretty and some beautiful. So here's my list, please コメント telling me what あなた think but keep in mind this is just my opinion.


Even though she's one of the most brainless characters on the 表示する she's very pretty. Everytime I see her and she does something stupid I always say "It's a...
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I was bored and wanted to see if Cleverbot knew it. It did.

User: To protect the world from devastation.

Cleverbot: To unite all people within our nation.

User: To denounce the evil of truth and love.

Cleverbot: To extend our reach to the stars above.

User: Jessie!

Cleverbot: James!

User: Team Rocket Blast off at the speed of light!

Cleverbot: Surrender now または prepare to fight!

User: Meowth, that's right!

Cleverbot: ピカチュウ use thunderbolt.

User: Looks like team rocket's blasting off again!!

Cleverbot: Meowth.
While I was searching to find もっと見る about the マンガ adaptation of the Lugia movie, I have managed to find pictures of a Japanese book that is an adaptation of the Lugia episodes from the Johto series that I have found from this link which surprise me when I first saw it and I was very glad that Ritchie, Butch and Cassidy were presented in this adaptation unlike that adaptation from Ash & ピカチュウ マンガ that disappointed me because they didn't appeared in it at all. From what I have seen from the pictures, this look like a great adaptation to the original アニメ episodes and like the artwork...
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Here I will 一覧 off all the ポケモン Ash caught within the first 16 seasons of the anime, what season he caught them, what episode he caught them, where he caught them, and their original trainers (if they had a trainer before Ash). Here are the first 20.

Kanto (Original Series)

1. ピカチュウ (episode 1- Pokémon- I Choose You!)

Pikachu was Ash's starter ポケモン that he received from Professor Oak. He received ピカチュウ because he woke up late on the 日 he was supposed to start his ポケモン training. ピカチュウ didn't like Ash AT ALL when Ash first got him, and was very disobedient, refusing to help...
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Here's how I divided into 6 different announcer 移動する phases:

<insert phase here> によって <insert 移動する here>:
Shadow Force(KO): Complete destruction によって Shadow Force!
Seed Flare: Ripped into によって Seed Flare!
Magma Storm (KO): Incinerated によって Magma Storm!
Crush Grip: Smashed によって Crush Grip!
Spacial Rend: Torn apart によって Spacial Rend!
Roar of Time: Ripped によって Roar of Time!
Head Smash: Slammed によって Head Smash!
Wood Hammer: Pounded によって Wood Hammer!
Stone Edge: Sliced によって Stone Edge!
Rock Wrecker: Demolished によって Rock Wrecker!
Power Whip: Lashed によって Power Whip!
Leaf Storm: Torn up によって Leaf Storm.
Draco Meteor: Pounded...
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 Jirachi Wish Maker
Jirachi Wish Maker
(some sort of wind sound)
(music starts)

When daytime turns to night
When the moon shines bright

When you're tucked in tight
When everything's all right

Slip softly to that place
Where secret thoughts run free

There come face to face
With who あなた want to be, so...

Swim across the ocean blue
Fly a rocket to the moon

You can change your life
Or あなた can change the world

Take a chance, don't be afraid
Life is yours to live!

Take the chance and then the best has yet to come!

Make a wish!
It's up to you!

Find the strength inside
And watch your dreams come true!

You don't need a shooting star
The magic's right there in...
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**All of the proceeding Fake Mew Scams are courtesy of Team Rocket's Rockin' Glitch/Cosplay.... etc. site**

1.) From QuietLugia:
I've made up many different Mew cheats, but I'd like to have my favourite fake one on your site.

DO NOT TRY THIS IT IS 100% FAKE!!!!!!!!!!

1. How to get Mew on G/S/C (This requires R/B, NOT Yellow)
First, get a Mewtwo on Red または Blue.
Then raise it to lvl100. DON'T use any stat-raising Items, but do duplicate them using the Missingno. trick. あなた can raise Mewtwo using Rare Candies または Gameshark, it doesn't really matter.
Make sure he knows Psychic. If he doesn't, the cheat...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Ch 1: Georgia's Evil Plan

(The story begins when Ash and Serena are making out at the garden.)
Serena: Mmm! I'm so happy to be with you, Ash.
Ash: Same here. It gave me plenty of time from Pokemon battles and Team Rocket drama. (He chuckles evilly as he started to tickle Serena)
Serena: (laughing) Stop! That tickles, that tickles! (laughing)
Ash: How's that babe! Got ya got ya got ya!
(They didn't know when Iris' rival Georgia is watching)
Georgia: (thinking) Awww! What a cute couple! Too bad it won't last long though! (Laughs softly) It will take one phone call away to...
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posted by s542245mew1
 Mew left down a metronome before I step on it.
Mew left down a metronome before I step on it.
I was walking ホーム from school, I found a metronome and I stepped on it and it vanished. I knew that what it was. I was jumping in pain and saw a long ピンク tail poking a hole through my pants.

I grew ピンク ears who came out of my hair. I was starting to turn ピンク and my hands became Mew hands. My feet began to stretch and we're rabbit like feet.

My green eyes turned blue and I'm now a Mew. I shrunk down: 5 feet tall, 4 feet tall, 3 feet tall, 2 feet tall and I'm now 1 foot tall and 4 inches. I began to float and went out of my clothes and flew away.
 Me as a Mew
Me as a Mew
Hey, Pokemon fans.

I was wondering that I would like to see a Pokemon Black and White remakes in a possible future in around 5 years または so if it's gonna happen.

Now, what I want for the future Pokemon Black and White remakes is a new Unova Pokedex. So I was thinking about mixing all the UnovaDex Pokemon like Pansage and Ratatta and adding in extras that didn't make the cut like Pikachu. So without further ado, here's my ideas for the new BW remakes Pokedex.

Pokemon Black & White Remakes Unova Pokedex List
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 The Japanese name for Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction is The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie (Hakai no Mayu to Diancie)
The Japanese name for Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction is The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie (Hakai no Mayu to Diancie)
For those who don't know, Meteor シャワー at Dawn (夜明けの流星群 Yoake no Ryuuseigun and can also be translated as Dawn of the Meteor Shower, which in my opinion sounds a lot もっと見る epic) is the song for Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. あなた can listen to it link, but it's only in Japanese.
Of course Meteor シャワー at Dawn might not be the English name. Japanese ポケモン movie songs tend to be named after the first words in the song, and one of the first words is yoake (dawn). But as many of us know English songs aren't usually like that.


Yoake mae fukiareta kaze wa nanno maebure?...
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 Vivio's starter Pokemon, Sari the Torchic!
Vivio's starter Pokemon, Sari the Torchic!
Vivio:Hehe! I want a Pokemon like others too!

Einhart:Me too! Eh?! Did I hear someone shout over there?

May:It must be Prof. Birch!

Brendan:You two, I think you're must be very skilled, Go and rescue him, please!


(they race to the grasses and they see that Prof. Birch is been chased によって a Poochyena!)

Vivio:W...What is it? A dog half a hyena?!

Einhart:?....?? (Seeing a bag, inside it was a strange-looking balls.)

Asteion:Meow! (I think there's was something inside it!)

Vivio:Chris! What should we do?! Oh! Forget that he is sleeping!

Prof. Birch:Y..You two...
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 This is me as a pokemon trainer my name is Hatira
This is me as a pokemon trainer my name is Hatira
I had just gotten up and my mom came into my room.
"What is it mom?"I asked."Well,you arent going to school today..."she 発言しました excitedly."Why not?"I asked oddly."Because あなた are going to finally get a pokemon!"she 発言しました happily."Really!"I was just making sure this wasnt a dream によって asking."Yes,you are あなた know I wouldnt kid with あなた about this!"she said."Great!I'll get ready right now and go to Professor Juniper's lab!"I 発言しました excitedly.Then mom left my room.I put on my お気に入り T-shirt and my お気に入り Jeans.Then I walked to the pokemon lab."Hi Professor!"I said."Hi Hatira!Are あなた ready to get a...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
 May and Max in the car. (Picture May in her Sinnoh outfit.)
May and Max in the car. (Picture May in her Sinnoh outfit.)
"Alright everyone! Into the car to drop あなた two off for school!" Oh dad. Do あなた have to announce it like あなた just one the lottery? I clean my オレンジ and green outfit quickly with my hands. "Ok." I reply. My brother Max and I race each other to the maroon car but I lose. "Woo hoo! I beat-cha May!" Psshht. My brother is such a brag. "So what? あなた better make that win last because I'll beat あなた 次 time!" Max smiles deviously. "I'm sure あなた will May." The ガレージ door opens so the car can get out. My dad comes from the house door entrance. "Everyone. In the car." he tells us. I usually sit in...
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i was with my lugia in sevrel places, it always hated being around me. i later brung lugia to the dragons' デン during the time my rival was training his pokemon. when lugia was 次 to him, i spoke to lugia and it 発言しました lugia cheeks were rosy and there was a heart. i talked to lugia again and it hugged my rival. then lugia danced al happily. it was wierd. i left to the entrance of the dragons' デン and lugia started to not like me again. i did the same thing to ho-oh (who loves me) and ho-oh didnt like my rival like lugia did...
posted by Espeongirl360
1.tell him that his thing (you know what im talking about) is tiny.

2.tell his that Ketchum think's he is gay (me:yeah, Ash gets hurt)

3.steal his hair gel

4.tell his fangirls that Gary is no longer strait, but now gay.

5.tell him that his hair is lopsided

6.delete every piece of data from his research

7.steal his convertable

8.follow him chanting "Gary, Gary, he is lame. If あなた are lamer ...... wow i feel sorry for あなた than"

9.ditch him on a date

10.send a 愛 letter to Misty, signed Gary

11.watch Misty beating up Gary with her mallet

12.claim that あなた paid everybody to 愛 him (Me:poor Gary)

13.tell him that he has been replaced によって Paul

14. (if あなた are a girl) キッス him then say "well that was a huge let down"

15 ........ die his hair ライム green (Me: please do not ask, cuz i dont have an answer)

16. shave "YOU FAIL" in Gary's beautiful hair XD
Giovanni is one of my お気に入り villains in all of anime. For those that don't know, Giovanni is the villain of the ポケモン アニメ series. Actually, that's not entirely correct. In some ways, he's the main villain, but in other ways, he's just a supporting character. What do I mean によって that? That's what this 記事 is here to explain.

Giovanni is a character that quickly grabbed my attention as soon as he showed up. With his intimidating personality and mysterious presence, I quickly became intrigued によって the character. I wanted to learn もっと見る about him. Learning もっと見る about Giovanni hasn't been...
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