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One Direction give Matt Cardle’s number to 7,000 people
Posted on January 23, 2011 によって Olly
Hello is that Matt Cardle? It is? YOU’RE SHIT *hangs up*

It’s lucky that One Direction’s Louis and Harry aren’t bad to look at because it appears that it’s not just One Direction they share, but one brain. On a twitcam earlier tonight (as in, moments ago) the boys decided to prank call X Factor winner and Miley Cyrus hater Matt Cardle. And then revealed his number to the whole world.
You see, Matt was too busy touching up someone’s paintwork and missed the call which went to his pop 星, つ星 voicemail....
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posted by Irish-Snowflake
Full Name: Zain Javadd Malik
Nick Names: Dj Malik, Zaynster, Bradford Bad Boi
Date and Time Of Birth: January 12, 1993, 10:00 AM
Place Of Birth: West Lane, Baildon, Bradford, England.
Age: 20 (2013)
Hometown: Bradford, England
Blood Type: O
Favourite Movie: Freedom Writers
Favourite T.V Shows: Family Guy
Favourite Restaurant: Nandos
Favourite Colour: Red
Fear: Heights
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favourite Drink: Red ブル (yeah buddy)
Pet: Dog named Boris & ネコ called Rolo and Tom
Shoe Size: 8 1/2
Fun Facts: He is known for stealing the boys clothes.

More Facts:
He says a bit romantic Really....
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One Direction’s “Midnight Memories” album is arriving in stores and online on November 25, 2013. Above is the official “Midnight Memories” album cover!

The guys also just announced the official “Midnight Memories” album track list! Below are the songs you’ll get to hear on the album.

1. Best Song Ever
2. Story Of My Life
3. Diana
4. Midnight Memories
5. あなた & I
6. Don’t Forget Where あなた Belong
7. Strong
8. Happily
9. Right Now
10. Little Black Dress
11. Through The Dark
12. Something Great
13. Little White Lies
14. Better Than Words
 Album cover <3
Album cover <3
 Album Traclklist <3
Album Traclklist <3
posted by 1dfan28716
hi its 1dfan here yah no one knows me so あなた can get to know me my name is stephanie but call me 1dfan and i like to read and blog about one direction. so lets get on with that. ok haylor is now broken up sorry for those that liked haylor. i dident like haylor i think it made harry happy so i dont care.
what do あなた think the other boys felt like when thay started dateing. do あなた think thay liked it または not i mean seventeen 発言しました harry had a crush on her but niall hasent goten to 日付 deim yet i wonder will be calling them i mean thay can date. its not like its forbition. i think louis and his girl friend are a cute cuple. and whats the deal with tumbler i just herd of it like a 月 前 so it cant be as as good as face book and tweeter. i mean one direction is on every thing im not saying thats bad i 愛 one direction.
こんにちは who knows when one direction made it big like when every one knew about them.well gtg ( that means got to go) bye ttyl
TEEN NOW MAG:WHAwhat kind of a boyfriend are you?LOUIS: im a bit of a joker. i can be romantic, but not too sickly- i like to keep it on a level. あなた have to get the banter in there, too, otherwise あなた scare the girl away.
TEEN NOW MAG: what would あなた wear on a date?
LOUIS: i hate wearing the same as everyone else, so i'd probably wear purple chinos- they sound digusting but they look cool- and a polo または t-shirt and a cardigan. i 愛 clothes, so i'd make sure i look nice.
TEEN NOW MAG: what would あなた like your 日付 to wear?
LOUIS: i'd like her to be dressed up, but to have her own style.
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posted by Alaa1999
I just gathered some facts from what i know and from YouTube and stuff , so if there is any mistakes please tell me :)

I hope this helps あなた to get to know the Lads better :) , that's if u don't already know all these stuff =D

Below are the rest of the members Facts ^_^


1. His full name is Niall James Horan.

2. He was born 13th september 1993.

3. His 星, つ星 sign is Virgo.

4. His official twitter ユーザー名 is @NiallOfficial.

5. His father is called Bobby, His mother is called Maura.

6. He is the only member of One Direction...
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Harry’s P.O.V:

We ran into the hospital.

“where’s leah?” I roared at the secretary.
“I would prefer if あなた talked to me in a もっと見る mannerly way young man.” The secretary 発言しました sternly.

“sorry ma’m, but could あなた please tell me when leah is?” I asked in my poshest ever voice.

“room 220. But あなた will have to wait as the doctors are in with her.” She said.
“ok thank you.” I 発言しました as me, louis and zayn headed towards room 220.

Leah was lying in the hospital bed, motionless. She had a load of tubes attached to her and was on a drip. Niall was sitting outside the room.

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~this absolutely sucks,maybe listen to A Drop In The Ocean によって Ron Pope to make it seem better? Haha~

You threw your head back,covering your eyes with the sleeves of your hoodie. あなた were trying so hard to not let the nasty tweets get to you. One tear made its way down your face,ruining some of your eyeliner. あなた started wiping instantly,fixing your makeup.

"What are あなた doing?" Niall walked in,taking your hands away from your watery eyes

You glanced into his bright eyes,looking away,"Nothing"

"Lemme see your laptop!" Niall shouted as he realized what might have...
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 A 情報源 says: "It was nothing personal — he just wants to keep things casual with Millie at the moment."
A source says: "It was nothing personal — he just wants to keep things casual with Millie at the moment."
We can't keep up with Harry Styles' 愛 life! First he's crushing on Jennifer Lawrence, and now he's making (and breaking!) dates with model Millie Brady.

Harry went on his first 日付 with Millie a couple weeks ago, after meeting at the BRIT Awards, and they totally hit it off.

They made plans for a 秒 日付 this past weekend. Millie was reportedly really looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to it and even traveled two hours from ロンドン to Cardiff to meet Harry at a club.

But, the One Direction 星, つ星 didn't 表示する up!

A 情報源 says: "It was nothing personal — he just wants to keep things casual with Millie at the moment."

Well, that's fine, but might he have 与えられた Millie a heads-up?

The 情報源 adds: “It’s not going to work out between them any time soon.”
posted by Styles_Smile_
*Sayna's POV*
I looked out of my car window to see my old house staring at me. The same house I had left suddenly a 年 ago. The same house which had been my safety net ever since I was little, the same house, same street, same number. We had to 移動する away to Australia a 年 a go. A whole 年 I'd been gone, it seemed to go so fast, yet everyday away from here seemed to drag on forever. I'd left everything behind, friends, family, a perfect boyfriend. I'd left it all, one 分 I was here, the 次 I was on a plane travelling so far away from everything and everyone I loved. A quick...
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posted by johncenaw85oi
I could hear her talking to somebody on the phone.
I pressed my ear against her bedroom door.
"I seriously think Jess and Louis are telling the truth Niall". she said."Yes but we need to let them tell us what is really going on". she said."You WHAT! あなた AND TRACY WHAT!!!" she shouted. "Ok Niall あなた dont even no if あなた and Jess are still together!".

After hearing that, Maryanne pushed open the door and i fell straight onto Eloise's bedroom floor, frightened of what Eloise ment by: あなた and Tracy did what.

"Uhh i'll call あなた back Niall" she said, putting the phone straight down.

"Hi as あなた know im...
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posted by MadisonFontenot
Aria POV:

We got off of school because of a snow storm. I was in my room when my phone started buzzing.

Unknown- Good choice!

I threw my phone at the ウォール and let out a grunt.
"Anger issues!" Ken 発言しました walking into my room. He is staying with me for a week または two, so his parents can go on there wedding anniversary vacation.
"I am just.... this week is not my week!" I covered my eyes with my hands.
"What?" He asked and I explained everything to him.
"It will be okay..." He kissed my head and left the room.

Niall POV:

"Guess what?! Guess what?!" I yelled running into the living room where all the...
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posted by gamergirltiger
A/N: punctuation is not right because if あなた complain I will ignore あなた because that is just plain mean :( feel sad have to do that but they are mean people in this world

<3 chapter one <3


IT'S OUR 2 年 ANNIVERSERY I yelled at my sorry excuse for a boyfriend he 発言しました not my problem he 発言しました sitting there like a total jerk I'm just going to pull tickets from my laptop I muttered since its to late to do anything bigger I went to Ticket central all the good bands are sold out...
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posted by lois4
Yesterday was an amazing 日 and a milestone in our One Direction calender. We had our first radio play today and it was an incredible experience for all of us. We waited so long for today and it finally arrived! A big thank あなた to Scott Mills for being an amazing host and putting us at ease, we were very very nervous this morning and Scott made it a very enjoyable interview for us. It was the most surreal experience of my life so a BIG thankyou Radio One, Scott and the team.

Lastly I want to say a huge thank あなた to all of あなた ファン for all your support and for being so patient whilst we made the record. Your support so far has been amazing and we wouldn’t be here without あなた so I hope あなた like the record! We can’t wait to get out there and perform it! A massive thanks to everyone for pre ordering :) and please keep spreading the word as there is lots もっと見る to come!!
Lots of 愛 Liam and the boys xxx
Carter awoke the 次 morning and turned over, only to be met によって a curly-haired creature lying beside her. She backed away a small bit before realising it was Harry. What was he doing here? She quickly checked underneath her covers to see if she had clothes on and luckily, she had.

She tried to climb out of ベッド but she was soon pulled back down. She looked at her wrist to find that she had been tied to Harry. She grunted and sat back on the bed. What did Harry think? That she was going to sneak out? Twat.

She pushed the covers off her and crossed her arms. She looked over at Harry and couldn’t...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
#1: “When Niall Met Justin Bieber”

The member Niall Horan is known for having the biggest celeb ‘crush’ on Justin Bieber. He adores him so much. Back when he was on xfactor he actually got to meet Justin! Niall felt like the luckiest boy in the world at that moment. He shyly waved at him.

#2: “Getting Naked All The Time”

While Harry Styles was on xfactor he got asked what his worst habit was. Harry chuckled while telling people that his worst habit was to walk around naked. The others in the house confirmed that this was in fact true. Harry did flash a couple of people while he lived...
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-So, before I start, let me just say I own none of this. All part of this interview is owned によって Seventeen magazine.-

With dimples あなた can dive into and constant goss about his busy dating life, Harry has earned a reputation as a killer flirt- and he's not denying a drop of it! 1D's Romeo finally spills about what he really wants in a girlfriend.

17: People see あなた as the girl-crazy one in the band. Is that accurate?

Harry Styles: I would say girl-crazy. because that makes me sound like a bit of a womanizer. That isn't really me. But I am quite flirty - maybe I'm too flirty. I'm an 18-year-old...
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User: Do あなた know who One Direction is?
Cleverbot: No. Do you?
User: I am absessed with One Direction.
Cleverbot: No あなた just think あなた are.
User: Hm?
Cleverbot: あなた have to answer all my questions.
User: Okay, ask me a question.
Cleverbot: Who made you?
User: God.
Cleverbot: Are あなた sure?
User: Absolutely. Technically my parents did too...
Cleverbot: Stay out of the light, cat.
User: I'm not a cat.
Cleverbot: What are あなた then?
User: I am a human girl.
Cleverbot: What's your name?
User: Abigail.
Cleverbot: Wow, あなた remembered.
User: Of course I remembered. Who doesn't remember their own name?
Cleverbot: No,...
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Why didn't they tell me? I ran out of the restaurant and went straight to my house. I walked through the door.
"HARRY! LOUIS! ARE あなた HOME?" I heard them walking down the stairs.
"We need to talk. Now." I 発言しました sternly.
They sat down on a ソファー, ソファ and I sat on the ソファー, ソファ on the other side of the room.
"So what happened to me when I was a baby and why didn't あなた tell me?" I asked, with an attitude.
They glanced at eachother, nervously.
"Well, when あなた were born... あなた couldn't breath, eat, pr do anything on your own. They had to put tubes in your mouth and feed あなた through them and...
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Part 3: Insecure Zayn!

Zayn’s P.O.V

I was lying on the ベッド then. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t . Everytime I closed my eyes, the 画像 of my grandfather and the girl I loved appeared. They were all so far away that I couldn’t touch . My life without them was meaningless and covered with the darkness. I even couldn’t feel または see anything. I took a blade nearby and pricked it through the skin of the palm of my hand. My hand began to bleed but I still couldn’t feel hurt. It was useless with me. Then I stood up and took some sleeping pills. Maybe I took 8 または 9 tablets. I just wanted...
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