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I just wanted to write down the lyrics to all the songs in MLP: FiM, so here they are!

Theme Song

My Little Pony, My Little Pony
My Little Pony
I used to wonder what friendship could be
Until あなた all shared its magic with me!
Big adventure!
Tons of fun!
A beautiful heart
Faithful and strong
Sharing kindness
It's an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete!
My Little Pony
Did あなた know, あなた are my very best friends

Season 1~

Giggle at the Ghostie

When I was a little filly and the sun was going down
The darkness and the shadows, they would always make me frown
I'd hide under my 枕 from what I...
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Tears rolled down 虹 Dash's cheeks. AppleJack,Twilight,Pinkie and Rarity tried to comfort her but nothing helped.Finally Fluttershy spoke up "what if I got あなた a new pet" she offered."No" 虹 Dash told her."He was the best one."Rainbow Dash walked away sadly.


'Well justtwo もっと見る to go" 虹 Dash said.Suddenly she spied something asleep under one of the clouds.She flew down. the creature woke up and shook its face. "Hello there" 虹 Dash said.The creature smiled bright eyed."You got a name Buddy" she asked."Pikachu" it replied."Alright im 虹 Dash" she told him. Pikachu...
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I honestly do not think that Twilight is overrated または she is getting all of the attention. To prove this I will be going over each episode of season 4 individually and briefly going over seasons one to three. *I realize this is a bit of a touchy subject so while I don't mind コメント I expect that those who コメント will do so respectfully.*

Princess Twilight Sparkle (Part 1 and 2) - In this episode, Twilight does play a major part, but so does the rest of the mane six and Spike and Discord. So while the タイトル may have her name it is not solely about her. Also, it can be inferred from this episode...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
I created this fanfic last year. Many of the older users, such as TawnyJay, and Starwarsfan7 enjoyed it, and I hope あなた guys enjoy it too.

Aah クリスマス time. It only comes to us once a year, but when it does everyone has a good time. It was the 15th of December, and Sugarcube Corner was very busy. Mr, and Mrs Cake were making cakes like there was no tomorrow. Pound and かぼちゃ, カボチャ were learning how to walk, thanks to Pinkie Pie. Their first few attempts weren't so good, but it seemed like they were going to do it. "Come on," Pinkie said, "Everyone has to learn how to walk." Pound almost got it,...
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posted by Magicalgirl12
"It's ok Twilight" Princess Cadance 発言しました as she was so weak she fell and her magic that protected the Crystal Empire had faded away.

"Twili" Shining Armor 発言しました as he gave a frown. The Crystal Empire was no longer protected. And darkness and evil soon came around The Crystal Empire. King Sombra started to turn everything gray.

"This is not good" Shining Armor 発言しました while upset. Twilight knew she had to find the real crystal ハート, 心 before King Sombra destroys everything. She will not let everyone down. Even Princess Celestia. She was demanded to protect The Crystal Empire no matter what it took.

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Tear Drop was asleep in her ベッド she snuggled into her 枕 until she felt a nudge "Tear Drop time to wake up" she heard her older brother say as he kept nudging her to wake up "uhhh Nighty I don't wanna go to school" Tear Drop covered her face with her blanket Night 火災, 火 chuckled "come on now sis あなた haft to go to school!" Tear Drop sighed "but no ポニー likes me there" she sat up Night 火災, 火 smiled and hugged his little sister "don't worry I'm sure today will be もっと見る awesome beside i made your favourite down stairs" Tear Drop's ears went straight up as she heard that and zoomed down stairs...
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AUTHOR NOTE Hey everypony! Ive finally written the Grimdark story i promised you. There will be some カップケーキ shoutouts, so if あなた haven't read Cupcakes, please do. コメント will be very much appreciated!
Rainbow Dash's body was found in the Sugarcube Corner's basement によって the Cakes. Most of the organs were missing, the wings had been torn off, and the face and cutiemark had been cut off. The Royal Guards were alerted and Pinkie was caught and imprisoned. Even though Pinkie 発言しました she was sorry, her expression 発言しました a different story. A week after...
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posted by fuzzykitten123
I just found that I can relate to all the ponies! mostly Pinkie Pie, is あなた wanna see my 記事 for her fanclub:


Anyway, first, I'll start with Twilight Sparkle.
I can be sort of paranoid about things and nerdy. I also try to plan things out on occasions, instead of winging it. I read a lot and am very smart and stuff.

Fluttershy: I 愛 動物 and don't like things to be hurt. I can be sort of shy...but rarely.

Applejack: I (hardly ever) am a hard worker and I sometimes aim for the big things to clear away (Episode 8 - Look Before あなた Sleep). Plus, I 愛 APPLES! Also, I have a little sis....
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 Forever Wind, the first pegasus and the ancient Element of Air
Forever Wind, the first pegasus and the ancient Element of Air
Fiery waves – the ups and downs of Summer Pride

Chapter 5: The rise of the pegasi

“This is outrageous!” my borther Landslide exclaimed with the spark of fury peppering his tone. “Unicornia has existed for もっと見る than a thousand years and I will certainly not allow the kingdom to now break up into two parts!”

It has been two days since we received Forever Wind's disturbing letter about the foundation of the Pegasus Commonwealth. After hearing the news, my siblings immediately came to the 城 of First Magic to discuss this serious matter.

“How did we end up like this?” Whirling Abyss...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: August 19, 1958
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 8:01 AM
Railroad: Union Pacific

Jeff, and Hawkeye got back to the station. They uncoupled their engine from the train, and Stephanie continued on with Stylo in two diesels.

Hawkeye: *Walks into Pete's office* I suppose あなた heard about what happened.
Pete: Yes. How come あなた didn't listen to Jeff?
Hawkeye: I thought he was lying. Anyway he told me あなた might 火災, 火 him for crashing those three engines into the repairs.
Pete: Of course not. I know it was an accident, and I gave him a fair warning. Also, I did some serious thinking, and I'm gonna...
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posted by elsafan1010
Story Writers. To the MLP Club.
I think they should use ''FimFiction'' which is an MLP story 書く site. I was using fimFiction and my ユーザー名 is "Alsuisastar." I wrote a good story about Celestia there and if あなた want I can アップロード it to Fanpop.

Today's topic is Spike. Spike is Twilight's cute little assistant and Twilight does everything she says. Spike volunteers, but sometimes Twilight can be tough on him when he refuses Twilight's request.

The worst thing is that Twilight constantly wakes Spike up early and keeps him busy. Sometimes I pity this little dragon. Isn't Twilight overdoing it?...
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Theme Song
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Ahh ahh ahh ahhh…
(My Little Pony)
Twilight Sparkle: I used to wonder what friendship could be
(My Little Pony)
Until あなた all shared its magic with me
Rainbow Dash: Big adventure
Pinkie Pie: Tons of fun
Rarity: A beautiful heart
Applejack: Faithful and strong
Fluttershy: Sharing kindness,
Twilight Sparkle: It's an easy feat
And magic makes it all complete
You have my little ponies
Do あなた know you're all my very best friends?
Twilight Sparkle: When I was young I was too busy to make any friends.
Such silliness did not...
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posted by karinabrony
Lauren Faust
My Firefly, Inc.
10880 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 2100
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Tara Strong
Voicestarz, Inc.
10061 Riverside Dr.
Suite 899
Toluca Lake, CA 91602-2560

Cathy Weseluck
"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"
Hasbro Studios
2950 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA, 91505-1072

Ashleigh Ball
"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"
Hasbro Studios
2950 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA, 91505-1072

These were the only MLP ファン mail addresses I could find.
 The fun has been doubled!
The fun has been doubled!
These are some of the 名言・格言 I remember. Enjoy!

It needs to be about 20% cooler. -Rainbow Dash

Oh, it is ON! -Rarity

The fun has been doubled! -Luna

I'd like to be a tree... -Fluttershy

Aw, make sense? What fun is there in making sense? -Discord

Come on everypony. I want to see あなた smile! -Pinkie

I didn't put those in my bag! -Bon Bon

But I want it NOW! -Applebloom

What are you, a dictionary!? -Scootaloo

I hate library! -Pinkie

You're...GOING TO 愛 ME! -Fluttershy

What are you, a SNITCH? - Babs

Good boy, Angel. Mama's proud of you. -Fluttershy

What's soaking wet and clueless? YOUR FACE! -Fluttershy

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A while ago, I made a 一覧 on my cutest characters. Now I made a 一覧 on the prettiest.


This is pretty much my opinion on the prettiest characters. This 一覧 may または may not surprise you


10) Applejack

9) Rarity

8) Gilda

7) 虹 Dash

6) Twilight Sparkle

5) Trixie

4) Fluttershy

3) Princess Celesta

2) Zecora

1) Princess Luna
 Magical Mystery Cure
Magical Mystery Cure
So the controversial MLP:FIM season 3 finale Magical Mystery Cure has finally aired. I sure everyone is aware that this episode received mixed feelings. Many loved it, while others found the episode good, but 発言しました that it lacked the 回答 that ファン wanted to know most. In other words missed some details in plot. And then there are the ファン of the 表示する who just plain hated it. A big reason for this hate is that these ファン didn't like Twilight becoming a princess to begin with and already had negative feelings coming in to watch...
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Ponyville, September 10th, 2012 BCR.
Rainbow Dash's 雲, クラウド home.

Rainbow Dash was reading, like she did a lot these days. Twilight had 与えられた her the newest issue of Daring Do to her, but with the Gilda case, she didn't have had much time to read into the new exploits of the adventurous Pegasus. But now, with the Weekend, she had time enough.

After Celestia's sun graced Equestria once again, she awoke, ate her breakfast, and began 読書 into the story. Daring Do and The Quest for the Romanov's. 虹 had read a couple of lines in the intro already, but then Gilda came back into Ponyville, and...
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posted by DisneyFan333
How to Draw a Pegasus Pony:

Why hello there! :) Today, as あなた have hopefully seen in the title, I will be teaching あなた how to draw a pegasus. This was requested によって Rafen40k. I am sorry if my directions are hard to understand. Just take a look at the pictures below for step によって step instructions. If あなた pegasus doesn’t come out the way あなた want thats ok. It takes time to learn how to draw. Also yes there is a picture of AJ in the background in the photos. She is there because I am trying to reuse paper and not waste it. I had drawn her earlier but anyways... and yeah! The pictures are backwards...
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posted by missaqua88
 the toy
the toy
I hate Princess Skyla. This is a 記事 explaining why, please take the time to read and recognise my points. Thankyou.

If あなた are un-aware of Skyla's existence then run. Run away from this nightmare! If あなた are または メリダとおそろしの森 enough to be informed however, she is a toy that was released featuring a filly plushie, who, is rumoured to be Cadance and Shining's baby.

My first problem with her is the art on the side of her box is a re-colour of Sweetiebelle. Oh how original of あなた Hasbro! Original indeed.

The 秒 is she is a stealing criminal! I'm not kidding. She has the exact same crown as Celestia!...
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Chapter 1 - Is it a prank?:

The air was warm, the sun was shining, and everypony in Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded and busy ponies filled the streets. All the ポニー folk seemed to have somewhere specific to be. All except 虹 Dash; her place was in the sky. She tore freely through the air, speeding one way and the next, buzzing the 木, ツリー tops and racing the wind. The blue pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children, then climbed several...
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