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Have あなた seen the recording of the live performance of あなた Are Not Alone によって Michael Jackson during the HIStory Tour in Munich 1997? If あなた care for Michael Jackson あなた probably have. (Otherwise, あなた can find it on YouTube.) There is this girl with the Teddy くま, クマ who’s screaming her lungs out when the song starts. Suddenly, a man pulls her out of the crowd and they both run up to the stage. And there she literally jumps at Michael. She wraps her arms around him and hugs him close. She’s crying, screaming (we can’t hear her because it’s a playback). Then she falls to her knees and hugs...
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 I have never heared of this song untill I actually looked at the HIStory album.
I have never heared of this song untill I actually looked at the HIStory album.

This song is just spining around my head.repeating like 10 time per 日 since 2 weeks ago. for me this song has "something' on it. its like classic hymns. First time i heard the begining of this song is kindda creepey but when he start to sing,oh my its so beautiful. His magical voice WAS all out.

I got some information,the story that inspired him to write this song:

based on a true story...
In 1972, a little girl who was called Susie was murdered. Michael Jackson composed a song for her and published it in 1995.

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Susie. She was like...
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Ola Ray: “I met Jane Fonda at the studio while getting my makeup done and she asked me to take [Michael] a note and give him a キッス and a hug. When I told Michael about the キッス he said, ‘Well…!?’”

Frank Cascio on Karen Faye: “I called her によって the nickname Michael had 与えられた her – Turkle. Michael loved Turkle and messed with her all the time. If she was wearing a zippered jacket, he’d try to unzip it. If she was wearing a skirt, he’d lift it up.”

About Michael キス a ファン in 1981: How Michael Jackson, sexy lead singer of the Jacksons, surprised a female ファン who broke through...
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posted by MJisLove4life
Ok Since I Already Did An Artical On Text Art Im Going To Do An Artical With Michael Jackson Text Art....So Yeah. I Hope あなた Enjoy Them.

`*.¸.*´ Before あなた Judge Him..
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) Try Hard To 愛 Him.....
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• Look Within Your Heart....
Then Ask.. HaVe あなた See HiS CHiLDHooD ??!!

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I just read this amazing story and i cant stop crying! :'( I'm ハート, 心 broken I wish i was her. Please tell me what あなた think about this.

I want to tell あなた that i am one of the girls that went on stage with Michael Jackson back in 1993. I will skip details like how I bought the tickets, how I went to the stadium, how the atmosphere was…that’s not interesting and fades away when the real important moment comes. The moment that he reached his hand for me and I went on stage. I felt like everybody else disappeared, that me and Michael were the only persons alive, not only in that place,...
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posted by Whisperoflove7
It was nearly 1am on a cold November night and the 滑走路 at Luton airport was deserted. A private Jet just landed and taxied to a secluded spot near the perimeter fence. Two rented minibuses, their windows blocked out with white sheets, drove to the tail section where a narrow stairway was being lowered. Driving the first バン was bodygaurd Steve Tarling with one thing on his mind- to get Michael Jackson off the jet as quickly and as secretly as possible. Custom and Immigration officers boared the plane to check documents and Steve moved in. Nothing could have prepared him for the shock of...
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posted by NikkiLovesMJ
Age 12, 1970:

MJ: I like dey legs big and I like them with pretty big eyes (laughs) and uh, let me see what else do I like about girls?
Brother: How about their personality, Mike? (laughs)
MJ: Yeah, I like their personality. That’s one thing I like about them.

Questionaire Answered によって Michael, 1970

The Qualities I Look For In A Girl Are:
Eyes, legs, personality.


MJ: I haven’t really had any girlfriends yet, but I’ll tell あなた what I’d like to find in a girl. She has to have a good personality. I wouldn’t want to go out with a girl unless I had talked to her for a while, seen what she’s...
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posted by Whisperoflove7
 Neverland 'Giving Tree'
Neverland 'Giving Tree'
The “Giving Tree”, a 木, ツリー in which Michael Jackson gets inspiration to write his songs.

“I called it my giving 木, ツリー because it inspires me. I 愛 climbing trees in general but this 木, ツリー I loved the most because I climb up high and look down at its branches and I just 愛 it… So many ideas. I’ve written so many songs from this tree. I wrote “Heal the World” in this tree, “Will あなた be there”, “Black または White”, “Childhood”. I 愛 climbing trees. I think water balloon fights and climbing trees... those are two of my favorites.” – Michael Jackson

Shel Silverstein's...
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 Cover of the "Will あなた Be There" CD single.
Cover of the "Will You Be There" CD single.
Michael Jackson first revealed Will あなた Be There to the world when it featured as the eleventh song on his 1991 album release 'Dangerous'. Penned solely によって Michael at the height of his career, this initial 7 分 and 40 秒 version of the song became an instant favourite of ファン the world over.

The first time I heard Will あなた Be There, I was captivated によって the intensity of emotion conveyed によって Michael in both his voice and lyrics. I can still remember sitting at eight years old, engrossed in 書く out the lyrics over and over again in an attempt to decipher Michael's true intent behind...
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posted by cherl12345
 The 恋愛中
The Lovers
Maris' mind was made up, so she finally decided to purchase the house; in addition, to coming up with down payment with money she going to make from her photoshoot in Paris. Once her and Michael return to L.A. , Maris is going to look around for a prospective realtor, whomay help her purchase Sam Cooke's old house, located at 2048 Ames Steet in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Michael was on his way ホーム with the food, beverages and the key ライム pie for dessert; in addition, to making a right on Rodeo, which was a shortcut to his house.

As he was driving, Micheal pull out his cellphone and called Maris...
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All throughout dinner, Michael was continuing to think about his feelings for Janelle and how he should tell her.
'How am I gonna tell her? I'm so shy and nervous that she might not like me like that.' He thought.
He was staring off into 宇宙 and Janelle looked at him.
"Michael? Michael..." She asked, waving her hand in front of his face.
He didn't budge. So she tried another alternative. She held her hand up and snapped her fingers in front of his eyes. He quickly got back to reality.
"H-Huh?" He asked, a little shaken.
She rolled her eyes. "Michael, あなた were staring off into space."
"I was? Woops....
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posted by MJisLove4life
Here Are The Lyrics To I Am Loser. I Hope あなた Enjoy Them.

Michael Jackson - I Am A Loser (1998)

(Michael Jackson)
demo recording 3:54
0:00-0:52 verse #1

You laughed at me
you made me cry
You made a joke
then wonder why
(I am a loser)
(I am a loser)

I say hello
you say goodbye
I reach to you
you don't even try
(I am a loser)
(I am a loser)

If losing あなた makes me happy,
then why does it make me cry?
Losing あなた makes あなた a winner
Then how did our 愛 ever die?
0:53- 1:42 verse #2

I'm born to lose
You know it's true
And here I stand
I'm losing you
(I am a loser)
(I am a loser)...
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クリスマス is 次 月 and I can't believe that this is the last holiday that AJ and I will celebrate as a family of two because my son Prince Michael will be born in February. Things seemed to be going well between me and my siblings for a while and then my brothers got back into the habit of asking me for money. I of course told them that I couldn't または wouldn't give them any もっと見る money and they are giving me the silent treatment. Once again, with Janet busy with her 音楽 career the only one I can turn to is Latoya. She's been spending a lot of time at the ranch with AJ and I and we've been...
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Heaven Can Wait - Lyrics

Tell the 天使 no, I don't wanna leave my baby alone
I don't want nobody else to hold you
That's a chance I'll take
Baby I'll stay, Heaven can wait
No, if the 天使 took me from this earth
I would tell them bring me back to her
It's a chance I'll take, maybe I'll stay
Heaven can wait

You're beautiful,you're wonderful,incredible I 愛 あなた so
You beautiful
Each moment spent with あなた is simply wonderful
This 愛 I have for あなた girl it's incredible
And I don't know what I'd do, if I can't be with you
The world could not go on so every night I pray
If the Lord should come for me before...
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 A Successful Solo Artist
A Successful Solo Artist
I can't find the words to describe Michael Jackson, but there's one we all know pertaining to him is that was one the greatest entertainers who ever lived. Seeing how he's been apart of lives for so long, it's like considering him apart our family または a a longtime friend of ours. Sadly, media tends to focus on the negative aspect of his life rather than the positive aspects of his life as well, so I'm going to reflect on all the good things he's done over the years, his rise to success and his humanitarian work on behalf of children around the world.

Michael was the sweetest and kindest man anyone...
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back at the hospital michael waiting in the waiting room

Michael waiting for the doctors to tell him if jenifer is going to be alright. Mr.jackson we have some great news; what is it; well looks like jenifer is going to be alright. Thank あなた so much; your welcome; can i go see her;yes.Michael walking to jenifer's room;Jenifer! ;michael hi. Are あなた alright? yeah im a little soar but im ok.Im glad to hear that.As michael sat there staring at jenifer the doctor came in the room; um Mr. Jackson she's going to have to stay for the night so if あなた want to stay here with her if あなた want; yes ; alright...
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 Michael is really depressed...he doesnt want Diane to leave him </3
Michael is really depressed...he doesnt want Diane to leave him </3
[b] In the days and months that followed Michael tries desprately to get Diane to change her mind and explain what really happened, but she won't listen. Michael literaly becomes so depressed that he has begun to thinking about physical doing bodliy harm to himself. Before he knows it Jenna goes into labor and has a 7lb 9oz baby boy which she names .... Michael [b]

"mike just go to the hospital." frank pleaded. "No! I want to have nothing to do with that bitch." Michael 発言しました coldly. " Look I know what she did, and I know what happened that night and yea there's a strong chance that あなた are not...
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 John's Apartment Building
John's Apartment Building
The 次 日 Diane arrived at work as usual. When she got inside her office, she was shocked to see バラ on her desk. Diane walked over, and grabbed the card which was on 上, ページのトップへ of it, there wasnt a name on the card. Thinking michael might have left them Diane decided to give him a called. Diane took out her cellphone and dialed michael's number. After about 4 rings he picked up, "Hello?", "Hey Michael its me", "Hey Diane whats up?" Michael asked. "Hey honey did あなた happen to leave me some お花 in my office?" there was a brief slience. "Diane...i didnt leave あなた any roses." Michael replied....
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Girl, close your eyes
Let that rhythm, get into to you
Don't try to fight it
There ain't nothin' that あなた can do
Relax your mind
Lay back and groove with mine
You gotta feel the heat
And we can ride the boogie
Share that beat of love

I wanna rock with あなた (all night)
Dance あなた in the 日 (sunlight)
I wanna rock with あなた (all night)
We're gonna rock the night away

Out on the floor
There ain't nobody there but us
Girl, when あなた dance
There's a magic that must be love
Just take it slow
'Cause we got so far to go
When あなた feel that heat
And we gunna ride the boogie
Share that beat of love


And when the...
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You never asked yourself if Michael Jackson is an エンジェル who came the world to make a better place ??

1 - Can see the heaven in his eyes

I already asked myself, because simply, あなた see his face, あなた can see his magical, wonderful eyes, especially angelic!
Look that :

Am I wrong ? He hasn't angelic eyes ? He hasn't pure eyes ? We can't see the Heaven in his eyes ?

2 - His magical smile

あなた never laugh when Michael Jackson laughs ?
have あなた see this video ?? when Michael had a laugh crisis ??
I just don't manage to stop laugh x"D when he laugh, it's just magical!!
Who has a magical,...
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