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posted by TheFanSiteJob
Hello to all the hitters, hackers, grifters, thieves and masterminds out there. In March 2010 a momentous occasion occurred, the first ever Leverage convention was held in Portland, または at the Governor Hotel which was the setting for the 秒 season finale and now we have confirmation ConCon will be happening again. According to the Official Leverage ファン Site we all need to mark our calendars for a weekend of fun and excitement June 3-5.

What last 年 was like:
    On Thursday evening there was a little event called What The Heck which was an opportunity have a drink and...
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posted by missdisapper
Nate looked at Sophie and plopped back down into bed. He had heard her remark – the "oh bugger" – and he knew that this 日 was not about to get better. Add onto it that he had one of the worst headaches in his life and that they needed to get on a plane and he knew he was in Hell. Or, at least that it felt like Hell even though he was still on Earth. He sighed and closed his eyes, wondering if he could just restart the day. He knew that wasn't going to happen as he felt Sophie gently hit him with a pillow. "What?" He asked quietly as he didn't open his eyes.

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