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あなた are Katara,
A character in “Avatar”;
Conjured up によって your creators,
Brought to life によって animators,
With a soulful voice* to carry your heart;
So easily あなた became a part
Of teenage’s bubbly, conscious stream
But are あなた nothing もっと見る than a dream?

You are Katara;
How endearing あなた are:
A little winsome girl
Full of sweet spontaneity,
Caught in life’s emotional swirl,
Yet undying in simple purity….

You are Katara,
And あなた have come so far—
From little girl winsome,
To waterbender awesome:
From apprentice to master at age fourteen;
Yet how many lifetimes あなた must’ve seen!

You are Katara:-
Born of water,...
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What of the アバター of the future?
Is there anything left to bend here
Other than one’s mind—
The pinnacle of evolution
Woven from stringborne forces in revolution?
To leave one’s thoughts behind
In the ever-flowing stream of consciousness
And sink into the state of oneness
With the 情報源 indwelling,
Simultaneously upward-welling
By consent and surrender alone,
The will relinquish, the false self disown?


Gravity, electroweak and strong force set
Like the members of a string quartet,
Playing 音楽 of infinite diversity,
Yet blending in perfect harmony;...
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PersonalityBeing another protagonist of the show, Katara also receives a lot of attention from reviewers. She is described as "smart, capable; almost a generic アニメ heroine".[21] In addition to these features, she also is "kind, brave, and passionate."[22]

Katara is also very nurturing, 芝居 as デン mother for the group. She usually cooks their meals and washes their clothes. She takes responsibility for her brother, Sokka, and later Toph, and especially Aang (although initially she took a very mercenary attitude toward him, viewing him もっと見る as someone who could help her become a Waterbender...
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mr. brightside
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