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1st Ice - Black Gene
1st Natsuki - Oz
2nd Yuu - Art Cube
2nd Jekyll - Elm
3rd Riku - Chariots/Ex Phantasmagoria/Lin
3rd Toyha - Vistlip
3rd Hirari - Downer
4th Rara - Cube
5th Yosuke - Alsdead
5th あなた - Vice
6th 834 - Jackman
7th Rumina - Ex Deep Rave
7th Hibiki - Ribelio
8th Chikage - Megaromania
8th Shou - Awoi
8th Mizuki - Sadie
8th Suzune - Ex AND
8th Daisuke - Jupiter
9th Takeru - Depain
10th Iori - Ex Phantasmagoria
10th Mirai - Vexent
11th Junji Tokai – Kiryu
11th Atsuki - Pentagon
11th Haru - XaaXaa
12th Mizuki - Dog in the PWO
13th Tomo - Vistlip
13th Ayuki - Ex Nightingeil
14th Setsuna - La'veil Mizeria...
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音楽 video
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"WE ARE, WE ARE, WE ARE. WE ARE. WE ARE, WE ARE ............" It has been almost a week already since X took down Toronto Massey Hall with over 2000 passionate ファン on October 7. If あなた are one of the lucky ファン that night, probably あなた will still have that endless chanting running through your head. Yes!!!!!! "We are, we are, we are .... あなた are, あなた are, あなた are X!!!!!!!" ^^

A long ロスト dream was finally fulfilled. A コンサート that had been waited for years and years was at last come true! It was absolutely one of the most blessed moments in my life as I was standing right at the first row before...
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