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If あなた order 5 もっと見る items in the same order, あなた will get Another Free Gift! For instance, if あなた order 12 items in an order, the 2 items with the lowest values will become your free gifts. If あなた order 18 items, the least valued...
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The crystal is transparent quartz crystalloid. To know about the crystal, we need to learn about the mineral of quartz first. Quartz is one of the minerals that distributes widely in the earth’s crust. Its chemical property is silica and the chemical formula is SiO2. The quartz has a large family, which can be divided into three categories: phanerocrystalline, cryptocrystalline and amorphous. The crystal belongs to the category of phanerocrystalline, which means the transparent quartz crystalloid.

The crystal is usually colorless and transparent, but when it contains the impurities of some...
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 cloisonne blue vintage pendent
cloisonne blue vintage pendent
Years 前 in China And 日本 the oriental art of Cloisonné began the word cloisonné is diverted from the French word Cloison meaning cell and boundary line that form an encompassing boarder when looking at your cloisonné pendent notice the inlaid デザイン of the fine metal that divides your pendent in to a brilliant multicolored enamel display the intricate of unusual cloisonné jewelry is recognized throughout the world. Your cloisonné pendent is a jewelry tradition complement casual または formal attire the delicate pendent was made expressly for Avon on the far east

Now haven 発言しました that the one I have is the one あなた see in the picture my is one of the oldest モデル due to the boarder lines of indented ゴールド

mine was made 1961-1967 and then later brought back 1982 -1986
 the one i own
the one i own
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Jewelry is the お気に入り for women. Different material of jewelry will shows the owner’s inward world, which あなた have to observe and taste gradually.
ゴールド jewelry; a woman wear ゴールド jewelry heavily is the kind of confident, kindly and outgoing. If she wear a little quantity of ゴールド jewelry, like a pair of earring, a ネックレス または just a golden watch, It means that she has a good taste of good thing but not too outgoing. These people pay attention to control themselves and their attitude are not random.
Silver jewelry: those who wearing silver jewelry always to be a orderly one. They like...
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