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Ismira glanced at her mother, who pushed her forward. "it will never happen," she protested. Roran smiled. "fate has always taken an interest in our family.". Ismira glared at them but allowed herself to be pushed forwards along the other children.

This is ridiculous, she thought to herself as she tried to avoid the mobs sharp elbows. She winced as a particularly sharp extremity jabbed her in the back. With a few curses, Ismira allowed herself to be pushed up onstage with the others.

The line of glittering eggs awed her. Though she was less surprised, it helped when your uncle was a rider, than...
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1. Dauthdaert found p. 6 (name on p. 11)
2. Roran's close call p. 14
3. Treaty with Werecats p. 26
4. Captain Roran p. 85
5. Tharos the quick p. 150
6. Roran takes Aroughs p. 167-209
7. Carn dies p. 190
8. Glaedr speaks again p. 237
9. エラゴン bests Arya at last p. 240
10. Halls of Tosk p. 280
11. Nasuada captured p. 346
12. Torture begins p. 426
13. Murtagh explains his choices p. 452
14. Monster of the Deep p. 468
15. Murtagh helps Nasuada p. 490-495
16. Snalgli !! p. 513
17. True Names: Saphira p. 539, エラゴン p. 546
Glaedr p. 549, Arya p. 798
18. Eggs and Free Eldunari p. 558, 584
19. Confrontation with Galbatorix p. 654-670, 699-719 (719 is death)
20. A spell is broken p. 731
21. Murtagh leaves with Thorn p. 739
22. Nasuada and Orik's treaty p. 755
23. Firnen p. 785
24. エラゴン tells Roran, Katrina and Ismira goodbye p. 816
25. A new compact with ドラゴン p. 836
26. Ending p. 849
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1. Nasuada agrees to lead the varden p.19
2. Saphira's promise p.49
3. roran's proposal p. 132
4. ellesmera p. 167
5. Islanzadi p. 224
6. Roran's speech p. 249
7. Oromis & Glaedr p. 268
8. Verdict on stolen chickens (haha) p. 311
9. Eragon's back spasm p. 343
10. The ancient language of elves p.359
11. A "Fairth" for Arya p. 386
12. Unusual elves p. 461
13. Saphira's sculpture p. 465
14. New Abilities p. 468-473
15. cheap レース for Varden finances p. 528
16. sailing p. 565
17. riddles p. 572
18. Elva's choice p. 588
19. Pact with Urgals p. 609, 620
20. Roran and エラゴン reunited p. 635
21. Murtagh and Thorn p. 639
22. Lies and truths p. 652
23. End
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1. Roran tries to do magic p. 21-22
2. Comparing bruises p. 29
3. lethrblaka and children p. 41
4. Ra'zac's curse p. 65
5. Sloan's true name, sentence p. 79, p. 90
6.Trial of the Long Knives p. 95-119
7. Katrina described p. 121
8. Arya and エラゴン in a dangerous place p. 141
9. Nighthawks p. 167-169
10. Elf magicians p. 169
11. Magical Lily p. 201
12. spirits p. 211-217
13. Blodhgarm's female problem p. 225
14. Mysterious Mother/Daughter Blessed p. 254
15. Dwarf Knuckles for エラゴン p. 258
16. Elva Confronted again p. 267
17. Morzan/ Selena described p. 285
18. Helen excited at last p. 290
19. ファルシオン p. 297...
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New hope

17 years after エラゴン dethroned Galbatorixs, Ismira had grown. A dwarf rider named Jacob and his dragon Kiro came to the now rebuilt city of carvahall with a green and blue egg. One of the offspring’s of Saphire the Dragon of Eragon. All the kids in carvahall lined up. As Ismira daughter of Roran touched the egg it shook and the shell cracked. A beautiful young green and blue dragon slowly came out. Ismira was overjoyed. She was trying to talk to him when she was 与えられた a message. She went ホーム to tell all about it to her parents Sir Roran and, Lady Katrina. They were very happy...
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