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I was wondering what the lyrics were to Revolution so I googled it and all I could find about it was a yahoo answer. It's messy but it's the best there is:

So make way, to start the revolution. Make way, we're gonna have fun tonight!
Make way, to start the revolution, let loose and everything will be alright!
here we go, here we go again. The clock spins, and the roof is down tonight...

...Don't win? Don't regret in the shadow of hate and feel all retarted. Shine on, shine like あなた do. Watch out, cause I'me coming through. So haul fast and take the wheel it's your chance, gonna do what あなた do....
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" あなた are really going " I 発言しました to Noah  who was standing in front of me .
" sorry , Rex but I have to go I will soon return ". 
" what I will do without あなた ? Please Noah don't go " 
" I have to go  , it's okay there are enough people to keep あなた company"
" Who do あなた mean ? Six , Bobo?
I asked him " They are so boring to hangout with ".
A grin appeared on his face " I ment バン kliess "
"What? I screamed " Are あなた kidding me ? He would be the worst partner in entire planet ".
" He he I was just joking , Rex I think あなた should go now before six come here looking for あなた "
Then I went back to the...
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*random fits of insanse giggles*

WELL. We start off with Rex and Bobo on a mission of great importance. Sneak out of Providence and hit a タコス joint. Also, Rex mentions that it's the 'food of his people', so it's official that Rex is latino または hispanic または something along those lines. Anyway, after many unnecessary dodge rolls and jumping around corners, he and the monkey finally make it outside. They get the Boogie Pack ready to go when... Rex's phone rings.

Bobo: Don't answer it!

Gawd, I died at that part. Anyway, Rex 回答 the phone, automatically assuming that it's Six and starts to come...
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