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hey. I know this isn't a POM video, but I noticed that some people are feeling depressed and down and I didn't want to see the sorrow. I heard this song on the bus and it sounded encouraging and beautiful. here's "Cry out to jesus".
cry out to ジーザス
third 日
anti depression
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 Steve and the gang get trapped and meet Voltaire
Steve and the gang get trapped and meet Voltaire
Intermission ends. Lights go out. Circus calliope plays again. Curtain opens revealing the inside of Voltaire's Circus tent.
Cast enters while calling for Voltaire.
Steve: Voltaire!
Mrs. Travis: Voltaire!
Sherlock: Come out, come out, wherever あなた are!
Josh: Man, where could he be?
Mr. Travis: We know he's here somewhere, but he is no where in sight.
Steve: Oh look! There's that calliope.
Josh: Whoa! It's playing によって itself!
Sherlock: Must be one of those coin operated ones.
Steve: こんにちは guys! Look what else I've found!
Mr. Travis: It's an old switch. And it has a sign. (Reads sign) "Pull for assistance"...
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ok this doesn't have much to do with anything..... bbbuuuuttt i wanted to アップロード it anyway X3
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Skipper sings Billie Jean and does the moonwalk.
billie jean
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Emma's woke up slowly, thinking about her nightmare last night. She looked around the HQ, her mind in the clouds.

I know they're never are, but I wish my nightmares were wrong sometimes, it's a right pain knowing something bad is coming. She thought, feeling exasperated. She sighed irritably and hopped out of her bunk. Ashley was already up, along with Skipper and Rico. Emma couldn't help but smile. This was probably the least crowded the HQ would be for weeks, and so she had to enjoy it while it lasted.

"Morning sis." Skipper greeted, sipping his trademark 魚 coffee.

"Morning Skips." Emma...
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Emma took in the sights around her. They were in a pretty wood clearing, with soft green 草 coating the floors, millions of trees, of all shapes and sizes, and a small stream which lead down to what looked like a lake in the distance. There was a キャビン at one side of the clearing, and a willow 木, ツリー near the other. Small bunnies and squirrels scampered through the grass, and 蝶 fluttered around their heads. One landed on Emma's flipper and she smiled and looked at it. It had turquoise colored wings, and a dark blue body. A few 秒 later, it took off into the air.

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They hauled the Boomy Box out of the habitat, and Emma looked around suspiciously.

"Urm, where's Tom?" She wondered, feeling a little worried. She peeped over into the habitat, to see that the baboons were questioning him.

"Where did あなた take the box?" Darla asked, in her Texas accent.

"We don't like being robbed." One of the others said. Ashley looked at Emma in shock.

"But they just ストール, 盗んだ from the キツネザル lad, they should have known something like this would happen." He whispered to her. Emma nodded in response and kept watching.

"Now tell us, where is the box?" Darla ordered, a demanding look...
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Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama Adventure! We saw last time that Skipper made a 移動する on Crystal-for a brief moment. Will they become friends? Find out right here-right now!! On Total...Drama....Adventure!!!!

*opening sequence*

(Team Zoey in mansion)
Gwen: We're on a serious winning streak!
Kowalski: Pretty much, but we WON'T be if there's two COUPLES ON THIS TEAM!!!! AND MAYBE EVEN THREE!!
Gwen: I do NOT like Cody.
Kowalski: Still counts.
Gwen: Oh and あなた forgot Dawn!! She's always meditating! She's no good either!!
And let's not forget...
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(you could call this a tribute to all kowalski fangirls i guess. :3 )

Chapter One

The start of summer camp. The cool, summer breeze sent chills down the spines of children. This is no ordinary camp. This is the bravery camp. Where its haunted. あなた hear sounds at night, in the forest and silence. I work here. Into retirement to continue school 次 year. Trust me. Its not preety here. Pack of fresh meat ariving today. Better get ready for blood. 5 mins later, school bus arrives. I walked towards them. Twas silent as....well it was just silent. Then, the door opened. When it did, a particular penguin...
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Chapter eight: mech-skipper's POV
As I walked out of juliens room, I proceeded to willow an emmie's. I know willow is missing, but I didn't expect emmie to have dissapeared. Especially since skipper gave direct orders to stay in your room. In fact, nothing was in this room, but the suitcases on the bed. I don't know what, but something made me walk over to the window. I searched the 木, ツリー トランク in front of the view, then found what I think I was looking for. A small slit where, obviously, a ナイフ had been used. I was instantly filled with a soft tune, "are you, are you, comin to the tree, where...
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Dr. Damion was indeed in mixed feelings, he had captured almost all the recruits from the resistance, but ロスト captivity of Private and 6 other recruits. He then refocused his goals, it was time for a new plan. "I have an excellent idea," 発言しました Dr. Damion, getting up from his chair and heading to his security room. He entered the room and saw Johnston sitting in his chair of the security room, he spun it around so quickly that Johnston screamed. "Aaaahhh!!! Good afternoon Doctor!!" 発言しました Johnston surprised. "I'm going to leave for now Johnston to bring back the preserved minds of the もっと見る recent...
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1. His お気に入り Color Is Orange
2. He Loves Curly Fries
3. He Loves 宇宙 Suits, He Even Wore One For a Month. Good Thing It Wasn't Pressurized.
4. He Loves Video Games!
5. He Loves The Water.
6. He Was Born In Nome, Alaska But He Lives In Tennessee
7. He Pulls Pranks a Lot
8. He Likes Legos, But Does not Use Them Often
9. He Has a HydroBOB Witch Is Like a Mini Submarine.
10. He Loves Drinking Coca-Cola
11. He Hates Hot Days
12. He Loves The UK.as Much as The USA
13. He Loves Pizza
14. He Loves New Year's Parties
And Finally
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Okay, so this is a video involving the Fine Bros and at one point, they give a shout out to the fanguins (whom they've just found out about). Enjoy
shout out
fine time
pom and autism
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