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posted by DarrenGruch
Ever since my family died down to be just me.... I`ve been alone since they died in a car accident. I got out fine (only with cuts and a migrane), but they died. I now live with my grandpa... but he doesn't get me..... I cut my self, dresss diffrently, and never really talk.

4 days after the funeral for my family.... I became Emo. But the 日 my Family died, something changed within me..... something good went rotten.
My Grandpa see's it, but ignores my pain and anger... only if that drunk driver that hit us was sober and never... spun out of control. Some 日 I hope his ハート, 心 gives out and he dies in jail.

Does any one feel the same?
posted by hot-emo-chick
Why do your life's have to be all despert and sad and hurtfull? フレンズ Sometimes don't help us または can't help us and we do what we do. When my mom died it was when I stared to cut my self I was 8 years old and I still do it sometimes I feel hurtful and guillty like it was my falt that she died I don't know why. I have so many 未回答 質問 and I don't know what to do why do ur lives have to be so confusing? Don't u ever wonder why?I have a friend that still has her parents and they just hit her and she got tired of it and tried to kill her self a way untill I stopped her and 発言しました " u can't do it I'm going to be all alone and u r the only one that understands me and I to u" it was true so she didn't do it and lives with her aunt now why fo we have so much bad luck why us and not the ones that r not emo?