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posted by ana_tai_tadase
ep 69: Want Friends? Phelesmon, the Devil's Promise
相内美生 細田雅弘 細田雅弘 竹田欣弘

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Hello, fellow Digidestineds!

It's time for all of us to either cry または scream from happiness. It has indeed been confirmed that there will be a new Digimon Adventure Sequel. Yes, this is a fucking miracle. (Sorry for the language). I personally feel like this the best news I have heard so far this year. I mean, we have had Digimon's new season a long the years, great seasons, but I never thought there will be a new one with our お気に入り first digidestineds again.
Now to the information...

In August 1st, called Odaiba 日 によって many Digimon ファン because it was the 日 the first Digidestineds traveled...
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*7 Years ago* *11:56 PM* *California, USA*

"RRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!" A large roar comes from a giant beast outside from the Carmichael Residence. "What is that?!" Kaiden says as he runs to his bedroom window. There in front of his window, he sees a Garudumon, protecting the town from an evil Lillymon. "Wow..." He says in awe. He slips on his slippers and コート and races out the door. He runs as fast as his little 5 年 old legs can take him. Then there he his. Standing right in front of the battle. "Garuda wing!" Garudumon yells as it charges its attack. "Flower Cannon!" Lillymon yells....
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Plot: A new set of Digi-Destined must team up to defeat evil!

Name: Nick Yagami

Digimon: Kibamon

Evolution Line:

Minidramon (Fresh) - DemiKibamon (In Training) - Kibamon (Rookie) - Kibadramon (Champion) - MetalKibadramon (Ultimate) - WarKibadramon (Mega) - VictoryKibadramon (Super Mega)

Name: Terry Kagami

Digimon: Marinemon

Evolution Line:

Wavemon (Fresh) - Planktomon (In Training) - Marinemon (Rookie) - Marlinmon (Champion) - Sharkmon (Ultimate) - Great Sharkmon (Mega) - Megalo Sharkmon (Super Mega)

Name: Max Hatako

Digimon: ちび Kazemon

Evolution Line:

Sallymon (Fresh) - Gustmon (In Training) - Chibi...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Main 3:

Name: Nick Roy
Digimon: Kugamon
Kugamon Xros Modes:

Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Seadramon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Kotemon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Grademon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Fanglongmon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Reppamon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Tankmon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Drimogemon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Candlemon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Seasarmon)
Xros Up Kugamon (Kugamon and Agunimon)

Nick's Collection:


Name: Lotte May
Digimon: Katiemon
Katiemon's Xros...
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posted by Starwarschick18
 Leomon's quick and effective way of transporting Jeri from place to place
Leomon's quick and effective way of transporting Jeri from place to place

It had been six long years since Jeri had ロスト her beloved partner and since she and her フレンズ had defeated the D-Reaper.

Oh Leomon I'll always miss you. she thought sadly.

Jeri was now sixteen and missed her partner as badly as ever.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon and she was sitting in her bedroom thinking. Suddenly their was a knock on her door.

"Come on in!" Jeri 発言しました brightly.

The door opened, Rika Nonaka who was one of her best フレンズ along with her partner Renamon stood in the doorway.

Around two years 前 Takato one of Jeri's best フレンズ had now become her boyfriend.

A year...
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Nick Ryuki (Partner: Veemon)
Charlotte Chasity (Partner: Gatomon)
Clarke McKiddie (Partner: Hawkmon)
Damia Southway (Partner: Armadillomon)
Gerogia Chasity (Partner: Patamon)

Digivices: D6


Name: Veemon

Digi Egg of Courage: Flamedramon
Digi Egg of Friendship: Raidramon
Digi Egg of Love: Sethmon
Digi Egg of Sincerity: Yasyamon
Digi-Egg of Knowledge: Honeybeemon
Digi-Egg of Reliability: Depthmon
Digi-Egg of Hope: Sagittarimon
Digi-Egg of Light: Gargoylemon
Digi-Egg of Kindness: Kangarumon
Digi-Egg of Miracles: Magnamon
Digi-Egg of Destiny: GoldVeedramon
Champion: Veedramon
Ultimate: AeroVeedramon...
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Last time on, Digimon Soul Drive: Kaiden and his フレンズ are transported to a strange world called the Digital World, and meet new creatures called Digimon they all find their partner.

"Now that we have our digimon, what r we gonna do now?" Tyler says with Black Felimon on his head. "Well there has been this evil digimon partnered with a human terrorizing the East and South of the digital world!" Salamon says with sad tone. "And he's causing most Digimon to hate humans!" Electromon says. The humans have a surprised look on their face. "All humans?" Sasha asks. The yellow Felimon nods her head...
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Episode 3: Digi-Destined? (Part 3)

*Digital Lake*

Georgia: *Struggling to swim* I can't swim! Someone help me!!! *Suddenly passes out*

???: Hold on! *Grabs Georgia*

*Later, Digital Lake Shore*

Georgia: *Wakes up* Where am I??

Patamon: Your awake! Your in the Digital World, and I'm Patamon, a Digital Monster!

Georgia: *Looks at Patamon* Your so cuuuuute! *Gives Patamon a big hug*

Patamon: Oh...thanks...*blushes*

Georgia: Wait...where's Charlotte? Where's Nick?? Where's everyone!!!!! *Starts to cry*

Patamon: *Trying to calm her down* Please don't cry...

Georgia: *Crying louder and louder*

Patamon: Stop...
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Episode 2: Digi-Destined? (Part 2)

*Digimon Forest*

Clark: *Stretches* Daria, do あなた know where we are?

Daria: It does seem familiar...but it was a little odd that it snowed in San Diego...

Clark: Maybe were...*suddenly hears something*

Daria: What is it Clark?

Clark: I don't know...maybe it's an animal または something.

Daria: *Pulls a D6 out of her pocket* What's this?

Clark: Maybe it's like a cell phone...

???: It's called a Digi-Vice!

Clark: Huh? Who または what was that?

Hawkmon: *Appears from the bushes* I am Hawkmon, your Digimon partner.

Clark: Digimon? What's that?

Hawkmon: A Digimon is a Digital Monster....
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posted by Gabumon
I think digimon frontier was the worst of digimon. Kids turning into digimon? What the heck! Digimon are about kids taming digimon and saving the world with a digimon parnter. Now if あなた like this season its okay cause some people do. But this is just my opinion.

Now あなた know at the end of series 2 they all had kids? Those kids should of been in this series with there digimon. Season 3 digimon tamers was very good as well as digimon,digimon2. Now i guess what i am trying to say is digimon frontier wasnt the best digimon tv series. It made no sense at all either.

So well if あなた agree または disagree i would like to hear. Good bye.

Episode 1: Digi-Destined?

*Digital World*

Unimon: Run! The Digimon Empress is coming! *Running*

Digimon Empress: *Wearing dominatrix gear, large goggles, and has a whip*

Gatomon: *Running from a Purple Ring* I don't want to be your slave!!!!!!!!!!

*Real World, San Diego, The Beach*

Nick: *Has black hair, 星, つ星 shaped goggles, brown eyes, a red T-Shirt, and shorts* I 愛 the beach!

Charlotte: *Wearing a silky blue dress, has brown hair, blue eyes, and has an English accent*

Georgia: *Wearing shorts, a small shirt, has brown hair, blue eyes, and is carrying a teddy bear*

Charlotte: I'm so glad our parents...
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posted by jessaangelia
welcome back, it's me yagami hikari again.

u always searching my lips.
i knew who あなた are.
i knew
hhhhh. ok lah

my pao my pao she's eating it............my paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooo.
sick u.
v-v " 音楽 from sorry sorry"
and ha ha ha

he is eating my pao
my pao
what is that?
my paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooooo
that girl is really terrible, she is bla bla bla
i'm listening

i'm not
i'm not
not i'm
not i'm
Episode 4: Hope and Light

*Digital Forest Ruins*

Charlotte: こんにちは guys, should we go inside that temple? I think we might be able to go ホーム if we do!

Damia: あなた really think so?

Nick: I would hope so...let's check it out!

Veemon: *Nods* I'm really curious to know what's inside of that temple!

Hawkmon: Me too!

*Later, inside the temple*

Gatomon: *Ears perk up* Do あなた guys feel that?

Patamon: I can feel it too...

Georgia: *Sees a glowing light* It might be jewelry! *Runs toward it*

Charlotte: Georgia! *Runs after Georgia*

Gatomon: Wait for me! *Follows*

Nick: Hey! Wait for us!

*Suddenly, The Digimon Empress...
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"TAI IM GONNA KILL YOU" I 発言しました while I was running away from the drunk Matt all Tai was doing was laughing like a monkey im guessing your wondering how i ended up in this mess well let me tell you
i was just walking to Matt's house then i saw Tai and 発言しました "oh こんにちは Tai こんにちは whats that behind your back" i was trying to see what he was hiding but he kept hiding it even when i tried to go behind him he still manages to hide it "im not gonna tell あなた cause i know that you'll just ruin it like last time" Tai 発言しました while giving me an annoyed look haha that was so funny the last time he wanted...
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posted by jessaangelia
Hey, nice to meet you. my name is yagami hikari and i'm now 24 y.o. i'd like to share some story for あなた all. Its back when i was 18 y.o.

here the story

in real world, japan. tokyo. it's usually a peacefull day. we are ready to go to school.
but t.k is missing. i was looking for him but he couldn't reach for no more.
daisuke 発言しました no need to telephoning him, he is in france. my ハート, 心 suddenly like want to die. what is this?

"tk" my side
i was back to france because my grandfather 発言しました his soul would never back on earth again but i found out that he was lieing. He is laughing so loud and making me...
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posted by jessaangelia
"tk" my side
patamon i'm sorry but u must evolve into seraphimon and go back to digital world imaddiatly. pata pata will obey your words but don't throw me away. veemon and daisuke will together again about 50 years from now on but we are not. we are not. i;m different from daisuke. listen u must go. we will go to future. i'm understand. it is because of magna angemon power tk. i'm searching all 日 and night cracking my own data with tailmon data. and i found out that bxc5555 alfha diamond 90x is manual so it's clear and suceed.
i understand.

"???" my side
should あなた become a transfer student?...
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"Miyako" my side
hey hawkmon, we are adult now and i am different from daisuke. what's does his mean? that's mean miyako. do u think like that? i knew.

ok so, i'll replace hikari in this chapter.

i will tell a little story about this new girl who was a transfer student in our school. her name. eeeeerrrrr. i'm getting dizzy. do u know sex hawkmon? i know it. that's her introduction. psycho!. this girl is japanese but she looks like westerner? i don;t know. daisuke was talking soooooooooo loooooooong with bla bla that girl. and hikari only smile. u are gossiping. oh yes. this creastive girl miyako...
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Last Time on, Digimon Soul Drive: Kaiden and the gang met up with to other digidestined, Akimitsu, and Kieran. They are able to digivolve and stop Megakabuterimon. They are all now resting in their 木, ツリー house.

Everyone walks in to the 木, ツリー house and plops down. "So how where あなた guys able to digivolve your digimon?" Sasha asks. "It's easy. All we did was summon our DigiSouls." Kieran says. "DigiSouls?" They all question. "You know. The piece of your soul that's enhanced with your Digimon?" Akimitsu tries to explain. "Yeah, but how do u summon it?" Taisen asks. "You just have to look down deep inside yourself then your Digimon will digivolve to the 次 level." Kieran says.