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This is my 一覧 featuring my 20 favourite couples (canon/fanon) in DC Comics..

20.Gnarrk and Lilith

19.Aquaman and Mera

18.Deathstroke and Adeline Kane

17.Roy Harper and Cheshire

16.Jericho and Raven

15.Superboy and Wonder Girl

14.Deathstroke and Terra

13.Richard Grayson and Starfire

12.Jericho and Kole

11.Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Donna Troy

10.Green Lantern Hal Jordan and 星, つ星 Sapphire

9.Batman and Wonder Woman

8.Flash and Linda Park-West

7.Speedy and Aqualad

6.Green ARROW/アロー and Black Canary

5.Joker and Harley
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The first actor that played the Riddler was Frank Gorshin. The Riddler has been played によって various actors who were very talented, but I think that Mr. Gorshin is the best.

The Riddler was in the first couple episodes of the 1966 バットマン show. In those episodes Mr. Gorshin gave a scene stealing performance. His performance was so good that the Riddler ended up being the main antagonist of the first season. He actually showed up もっと見る than the Joker did in the first season. Joker and ペンギン both appeared in six episodes (three arcs that were all two episodes long), but the Riddler appeared in 8...
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@DC - The entire story of the Amazons is told in Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons! Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Phil Jimenez detail how their unprecedented history of アマゾン society was created...
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wonder woman historia: the amazons
@DC -Get ready for the greatest team in the Multiverse! In a new installment of DC Beyond the Panels, bestselling writer Joshua Williamson (Infinite Frontier, The Flash) delves into the 秒 arc of his Infinite Frontier saga!
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justice league incarnate
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