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 season 6
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This CSI:マイアミ 写真 contains 肖像画, ヘッドショット, クローズアップ, ポートレート, ヘッド ショット, and クローズ アップ.

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A Strange Way of Falling in 愛 Chapter Four
After sobering up I found out that I was going to have to go to court on two different counts. I had already told them about being blacked mailed to kidnap that woman. I also told them why I had ストール, 盗んだ the ボート and who was on there. They had no idea that Lola was on the boat. It had been hours since I had been arrested. She was still in the クーラー and still drunk as ever. I have never seen someone hold so much alcohol! Needless to say Horatio Caine was very upset with her. She was in one of the glass rooms with him and a cop. あなた could actually hear...
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A Strange Way to Fall in 愛 Chapter Three
I hopped onto a ランダム yacht. I had to run; it was only a matter of time before I got caught. First, I disobeyed によって parole officer, second, I am being blackmailed to kidnap some woman, and third, I was going to still a yacht. I am not scared of the law, I know the limits of it. I took a swig of whiskey and then started untying the yacht from the dock. All the sudden I heard the yacht motor being cranked up. It was way to late to jump.
I grabbed the bottle of whiskey and quietly snuck to kitchen. I grabbed a ナイフ and made my way to the captain's chair....
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