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posted by Clau2009btr
Yo,My best friend best friend till the very end
Cause best フレンズ best フレンズ don't have to pretend
あなた need a hand and I'm right there beside you
あなた in the dark, I'll be the bright light to guide you
'Remember the time-time-times sneaking out the house
All of the time-time-times that あなた had your doubts
And don't forget all the trouble we got into
We got something あなた can't undo-do

Laughing so damn hard
Crashed your dads new car
All the scars we share
I promise, I swear

Both: Wherever あなた go just always remember
That あなた got a ホーム for now and forever
And if あなた get low just call me whenever...
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Don't Wanna Pick It Up
I'm So Scared
I'm Gonna Say Too Much
I Tip Toe Around Your Questions
Why あなた Gotta Dig So Deep?

Tears Fall
And The Glasses Break
Inside These Walls
The Floor Boards Shake
From Outside
It's Alright
Long As あなた Looking From Fifty Feet

I Been Trying Trying
Hold My Head Up High
I Been Lying Lying
Keeping It All Inside
Trying Not To Trust You, Yeah
Take Another Leaf, I'm broke Yeah Yeah

I'm Done, I Give Up
I Don't Wanna Pretend No More
That's It, So What
I've ロスト A Friend Before
Gonna Say It Like It Is
No もっと見る Wondering What If
That Ain't The Way あなた Oughta Live
Cause I Don't...
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posted by lois4
[Cher Lloyd]
Baby あなた the best
Cause あなた worked me out
I keep building walls up
But あなた tear 'em down
I'm fighting
I don't wanna like it
But あなた know I like it
But あなた know I like it
Like it
Like it
Used to always think
I was bulletproof
But あなた got an AK
And your blowing through
You don't even know it
I want あなた to know it
I want あなた to know it
Know it
Know it
All of them other boys
Can walk away
They ain't even
In the game
Cause they know
That あなた own it
You got this swag
You got this attitude
Wanna hear あなた say my name
Cause あなた got me
Flying, with ur 愛
Shining, with ur love...
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What about Chezza? Lloyd thinks the N-Dubz 星, つ星 is "brilliant"...

Cher Lloyd may find herself in the doghouse with her X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole after praising her replacement, Tulisa Contostavlos.

According to The Sun, the Swagger Jagger singer had a "subtle dig" at Chezza after telling the tabloid that she wishes she was on the 表示する this 年 - so she could work with the N-Dubz star.

Speaking to the newspaper, Lloyd revealed: "Tulisa's brilliant. I kind of wish I was on now so she could teach me a few things. She's really cool."

Meanwhile, Cheryl herself also appears to be a ファン of the Playing...
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The Swagger Jagger 星, つ星 will release With Ur 愛 次 month...

Cher Lloyd has announced her 次 single will be With Ur Love, featuring Mike Posner.

The X Factor star, who scored her first UK No.1 single with debut track Swagger Jagger, has also unveiled the artwork for her new song, which features Cher posing 次 to a giant red heart.

With Ur Love, which has been produced によって Max Martin - who has worked with the likes of アッシャー and Britney Spears - will be Cher's 秒 release from her debut LP and will be available on 30th October.

The 17-year old's as-yet-untitled album will follow the single release, hitting stores on 7th November.

Lloyd has previously spoken about With Your Love, describing the track as one where she "actually gets to sing instead of jumping around like an idiot".

As well as working with Posner, Cher has also teamed up with the likes of Busta Rhymes and Ghetts on tunes for her album.
愛 her または her loathe her, the Cher Lloyd bandwagon continues to roll on, to the point where she was trending worldwide this morning on Twitter. But can new single With UR 愛 hit the lows of Swagger Jagger?

“It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part.” That hopeless, condescending aphorism that rings in the ears of every chubby, asthmatic kid on school sports day. All designed to encourage a sense of camaraderie and team spirit, rather than the venal every-man-for-himself mentality that defines a true champion. Maybe that’s why we’re just not very good at winning in the UK. Perhaps...
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posted by Clau2009btr
We ain't ever gonna grow up, we just wanna get down,
tell the DJ turn it up real loud.
No we'll never grow up and if we had our way,
we would do this everyday.
Lets go!
I gotta flow that'll make あなた drop, I gotta flow that'll make あなた pop.
I gotta flow that'll make your mother and your father, call the cops
We're gonna make this thing go blow, we've got a system overload.
We're gonna be the generation, that makes everything explode.
And when I say explode I don't mean that we using bombs,
We doing stuff that we don't ever have to tell our moms.
愛 this life we got, we got it all up...
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Beyonce's latest video Countdown starts with Mrs カケス, ジェイ Z 歌う the intro to the song with a close-up of her colourful makeup. ビヨンセ is then shown imitating the hand movements of a clock using her arms.

The beat drops and the remainder of the video sees ビヨンセ in numerous outfits, dancing in yellow, purple and green. She is her usual playful self in スプリット, 分割 screen shots and she appears to have 'twins', as the artsy video includes multiple Beyonces.

Dancers and marching band players also accompany ビヨンセ in empty warehouse studio rooms.

Cher Lloyd and フレンズ giggle together, in Cher's new...
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Ey, ha ha, make a wish girl
あなた deserve it
Uh-huh, ha, ha, yeah

[Verse 1: Cher Lloyd]
Baby, I seen the chick you're with, wish that I never did
Freakin' perfect and five foot ten, just wanna パンチ her lip
'Cause I know I've been wasting time tryinna catch your eye
Yeah I know that I been so blind thinking that I'm your type

And now I'm at home, I'm all alone
'Bout to pick up the telephone
Got to call my genie so he knows, yeah

I wish I was tall, I wish I was fast
Wish I could ショップ with a bag full of cash
'Cause If I want you, I gotta have that
(Come, come キッス me boy)
I wish...
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What if daddy was right?
What if there's no forever?
Would あなた キッス me goodnight?
So that I could remember?

I'll keep あなた アナと雪の女王 in time
Like they do in the pictures
And if i close my eyes, would I still think of patience?

Stay with me, don't disappear
To tell the truth, I need あなた here
I'm afraid, I can barely breathe
I need your words, to comfort me
Say goodnight, would あなた say goodnight?

What if daddy was right?
And I knew all the answers?
They could give me the world
But that wouldn't matter
If the gates open wide, and made あなた an angel
Through tears in my eyes, I'd save you're シート, 座席 at the...
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Despite there being a wide range of memorabilia that is being marketed to ファン these days; from the cheap and tacky, to the outrageously expensive, I believe that I have stumbled upon, not only a niche product, but also one that is truly unique, and most importantly one that provides value for money.

I am conducting a market research program, and as such, I would like to ask your opinion as to whether あなた would think that an interior デザイン concept that I have developed, would be of any interest to fans, for me to 移動する on to the production stage.

Let me give あなた some background information.

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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
Cher Lloyd buys her first house

AND there was me thinking Cher Lloyd would splash out on her own bodyweight in Haribo when Swagger Jagger topped the charts.

But no, the X Factor singer has wisely gone for bricks and mortar instead and bought her first apartment.

My 情報源 tells me: “Cher’s been really clever with her money and bought a place in East ロンドン with her boyfriend, Craig Monk.”

No doubt the star, who looks about nine years old, will be able to add to her property ポートフォリオ when her new single, With Ur 愛 featuring Mike Posner, hits the charts.
 Cher <33
Cher <33
*These are not mine! Sorry if any of them are wrong!*

1. Cher’s full name is Cher Lloyd.

2. Cher was born on 28th July 1993. It was a wednesday.

3. Cher lives in Malvern, Worcestershire with her mom, dad, brother and two sisters.

4. Cher auditioned for The X Factor twice before.

5. Cher studied performing arts at Dyson Perrins CE Sports College in 2009.

6. Cher won the タイトル of “Best solo female artist” in 2008 at the Pop Idol’s competition in Worcestershire.

7. When Cher was little she was in a car crash, and got a tiny little scar on her forehead.

8. Cher is a huge ファン of Nicki Minaj....
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The singer has confirmed that she and hairstylist Craig Monk tied the knot.

It's official! Cher Lloyd is now a "Mrs." The 20-year-old British pop singer confirmed she married longtime beau Craig Monk on Monday.

The "Swagger Jagger" singer announced the news on her Instagram account, sharing with the world a black-and-white 写真 of the happy couple on their wedding day. The bride opted for a strapless ガウン covered in レース and wore her hair half down in loose curls with a long veil. Further details about their wedding 日 haven't been shared yet.

Lloyd and Monk, a hairstylist, began dating in 2011...
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The singer warned a Twitter user that he could go to jail, after threatening to “kill” her mum.

X Factor 星, つ星 Cher Lloyd has angrily retaliated after a user on social networking site Twitter threatened to “kill” her mum.

The Swagger Jagger singer, who competed in the 2010 series of the show, 投稿されました a message earlier today wishing her mum a happy birthday.

The 18-year-old said: “Its mamma lloyds birthday!!! 愛 あなた mum! Xxxx [sic].” A user calling himself Anthony then replied with a nasty message which read: "Shut the f*** up before I kill your mum in front of you."

The user’s...
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posted by Clau2009btr
Ooh Ooh

Ooh Ooh Ooh
I loved you, and loved you
With all that's in my power
I was used and abused
Til I was sweet and sour

I kissed you, and kissed you
And gave あなた all my sugar
あなた knew that I'd be useless
If I let あなた know what あなた were to me
I thought it would be okay
but あなた see i heard everything あなた say

And i knew it, i knew that あなた turned
out to be a sad case
あなた 発言しました あなた could save me
I'm doing the saving

Went to sleep a superhero
And he woke up a villain
Killing, killing my love
Oh what happened?
Oh no what happened
あなた got me fighting
Like wonder woman, woman

But I, I, I don't...
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We ain't ever gonna grow up
We just wanna get down
Tell the DJ turn it up real loud
No we'll never grow up
And if we had our way
We would do this everyday

I got a flow that'll make あなた drop
I got a flow that'll make あなた pop
I got a flow that'll make your mother and your father call the cops
We're gonna make this thing go blow, we're gonna system overload.
We're gonna be the generation that makes everything explode!

And I when I say explode I don't mean that we using bombs
We doing stuff that we don't ever have to tell our moms
Love the stuff we got it,
We got it all up in the room
Paper chasing, yeah we got...
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posted by lucaslover528
Cher Lloyd's eyes flash defiance, although a smile plays across her lips. "I didn't listen to Girls Aloud growing up, no way," she says scornfully. "Too cheesy, man! I listened to grime, garage, bashment." Then she bursts out laughing, one of the few times she seems to relax, knowing how ironic her コメント sound.

This time last year, Lloyd's name was known only to those residents of her ホーム town who had noticed the teenager with what she describes as the "quirky clothes and ever-changing hairstyle", as well as the producers and judges of The X Factor (including her soon-to-be mentor Cheryl...
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posted by vickytorita
Yo, my best friend, best friend til the very end
Cause best friends, best フレンズ don't have to pretend
You need a hand, and i'm right there right beside you
You in the dark, i'll be the bright light to guide you
'Member the times, times, times sneaking of the house
All of the times, times, times that あなた had the doubts
And don't forget all the trouble we got into
We got something あなた can't undo, do

Laughing so damn hard
Crashed your dad's new car
All the stars we shareI Promise, I swear

Wherever あなた go, just always remember
That あなた got a ホーム for now and forever
And if あなた get low, just call me whenever...
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posted by lucaslover528
音楽 Week's Stephen Jones talks to the X Factor 星, つ星 as she prepares for release of debut album.

AFTER あなた left X Factor last 年 how did things unfold in terms of knowing あなた wanted to get an album out and signing a deal with Syco 音楽 to make this album?

It was a great opportunity for me to get a deal with Syco. I always wanted to get my 音楽 out there and I have a label and team that believe in me. I get to have say in the 音楽 direction too which I think was really important for me.

There were rumours of あなた signing with all kinds of other labels at the time, did あなた have other options...
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