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 Normal BBRae (Garfield Logan and Rachel Roth)
Beast Boy and Raven ガーフィールド Logan Rachel Roth
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This Beast Boy & Raven 写真 contains アニメ, 漫画, マンガ, and コミック.

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awww this is the cutest video 4 bb+rae :D
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beast boy was pacing back and forth in his room wandering how to tell the girl of his dreams he was MADLY in 愛 with her. beast boy:ill....ill...ill just come out and tell her NO wait i cant just....what if i...MAN THIS IS HARD!!!! cyborg:yo bb whats up? and for the 5 time today he came in beast boys room without knocking. beast boy:y cant u knock? cyborg:knockings overated...and its not as much fun. he 発言しました that with a michevious grin. beast boy:im the only 1 who gives those grins the goofy thing is MINE! cyborg:ya y do u look so stressed? beast boy:FROM U NOT KNOCKING! cyborg:oh...
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posted by ravenfan247
okay i just made the first ファン club site for raven. it is called "Ravens ファン club". it doesn't seem to come up under searches, i'm working on that, until then just go to my プロフィール page and go thru there. I really need ファン to 登録する to keep this site going, and i know あなた all like raven, so please join.
I'd also appreciate any kind of 壁紙 または 写真 または 動画 または anything that あなた think will make the site better. please, we all like raven... help me keep this going.

and now i'm just wasting 宇宙 'cause i need もっと見る freakin words...
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