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  • Female, 20 years old
  • In a World of My Own
  • Favorite Movie: ディズニー 映画
    Favorite Musician: Kpop, Pop, ディズニー music, soundtrack
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Sparklefairy375 について発言しました ディズニープリンセス
Hello anyone? Long time no see, well maybe not too long :P
Real life keeps me busy, and also I feel like recently, there are no upcoming 映画 from ディズニー that I was really excited about, I heard the latest news about A Whole New World's remake version, and imo it ロスト its charm and magic to me, so I just 移動する out to the army fandom for a while xD
Btw did I miss something here? xD 投稿されました ·11 日前
wavesurf コメントしました…
^No. Erm. あなた really didn't miss too much. ディズニー just added Moana to the lineup without a coronation. lol. And Tiffany88 is organizing a new banner for the club contest over in the フォーラム area. Feel free to check that out. :) Other than that, nada. ·11 日前
disnerdtobe コメントしました…
Good to see あなた again! I was wondering where you've been. BB2010 put out some awesome new アンケー and we also have some new 記事 added to this club. ·11 日前
MissCinico コメントしました…
Hi, Sparklefairy! I’ve been taking a long break too, welcome back <3 ·5 日前
Lusamine がについて私にリスペクトを送りました my comments
If you're into TXT, mind joining the Beomgyu club? :)

link 投稿されました ·27 日前
disnerdtobe 発言しました …
Where've あなた been? I haven't seen あなた around the club for awhile. I feel like I haven't seen あなた since forever. Are あなた still alive lol? 投稿されました 1か月前