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if あなた 愛 お花 🌺 登録する my new club!
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good morning my Beautiful バイオレット darling!!❤️🌸
not to thanks my dear!!! all the best for あなた hun
same here I am waiting too awee!!!!!!!!!
but I will miss seungri too><❤️🌸
finally they come back from army yeah!!!!!!!!!!Party !!!!❤️🌸
GD oppa is perfection aweeeeeeeeeee
hes a perfect man OMG!!!!!!!!

aweee good to now Taemin is your bias =D
my bias is Key and Taemin Jonghyun is my bias wrecker!!!!!
miss him so much >< 投稿されました 1か月前
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thank あなた I am so happy あなた 愛 the Gd banner❤️🌸 1か月前
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nobody can survive Gd >< his swag his sweetness his style my ideal type aweeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
same here Gd(my 1st K-POP band!!!)~memories*-*

I am a huge ファン of shinee
I now he had yesterday bday aweeeeeeeeee!!!!!!
is tamin your bias?

I miss them too and I miss jonghyun so much(RIP ><Angel Boy!)

happy Weekend my sunshine Violet
take care of you
hugs 愛 and summervibes your Kat 投稿されました 1か月前
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あなた are sao welcome my sweet Violet
GD is my お気に入り rapper of all time(beside Ilhoon,Ravi,Yonguk,Zelo,Jongupand some other rappers
hes a legend,he is swagy hes the king of rap omg*-*
he is the reason I come into kpop
I 愛 him like hell awee
and I am so happy あなた 愛 him so much too

how are あなた my sunshine and whats new?
miss あなた hun 投稿されました ·2 か月前
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あなた mean if I am a ファン of Bigbang yes I am (V.I.P.)
have a sweet Monday
hugs ya Kat 投稿されました ·2 か月前
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thank あなた so much バイオレット my sunshine
Whats new ?
great to have あなた back here
hugs and 愛 your Kat 投稿されました ·2 か月前
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Life is good as it used to be, eh. Thanks. ·2 か月前
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awee good to hear あなた are doing great ·2 か月前
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🐻Just some teddy くま, クマ hugs your way🐻
❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️🐻❤️ 投稿されました ·2 か月前
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Aww ·2 か月前
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Returning after a month. Does anyone remember me? 投稿されました ·2 か月前
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yeah my sweet バイオレット how are あなた I have misswed あなた so much,today I am back from my holidays too,how are あなた hun? ·2 か月前
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missed<<< ·2 か月前
Lavendergolden コメントしました…
I am fine! Missed あなた all too ·2 か月前
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<3 ·2 か月前
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do あなた want to 登録する my clubs?
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💛This Monday is the beginning of your💙
💚 happy journey throughout the whole ❤️
🧡 week, so enjoy it. Every Monday is a 💛
❤️ chance to start a new life, so use it!! 💚
💚❤️💙💛💜🧡💚❤️💙💛💜🧡💚❤️💙 投稿されました ·3 か月前
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Aww, lovely ·3 か月前